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January 31, 2006

HarryTho 1/31 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening I would like to explore a little bit of information that was revealed in an article in today's Amigoe newspaper.

A remorseful courier will have to spend 15 months in jail. The woman tried to smuggle about a kilo-and a half of heroin (link inserted by Hyscience) to New York. Because she was remorseful, the judge lowered the Public Prosecutor's (OM) demand from 17 to 15 months.

Zaida Santiago Baker (46) was caught with 1362.2 grams of heroin at the airport of Aruba. During her interrogation, she told the police that a woman with the initials R.W. had asked her to smuggle the drug to New York and she will pay her 5000 dollars. As Baker has financial problems, she consented. She told the police that this was her first time. The public prosecutor didn't believe Baker's story. Her papers showed that she has traveled to Aruba six times within one year. While in Aruba, she never stayed in the same hotel and her hotel bill was always cancelled by other people. When she traveled to Aruba, she was always accompanied by people that traveled under a false name. It also appeared that W. deposited money in Baker's account or the other way around and always under a different name. This proves that she is a courier and even is part of a bigger organization.

he OM said that the punishment for heroin trafficking is 20 percent higher than for trafficking cocaine. Baker was a drug addict and is now clean. She needed money and therefore agreed to smuggle the heroin. She was supposed to get 20 month in prison due to the weight of the drugs she was carrying.

The area of my concern will focus on this one sentence: "While in Aruba, she never stayed in the same hotel and her hotel bill was always cancelled by other people." What caught my attention was the statement that regardless of the hotel, "other people" were capable of canceling the bill. To me this insight informs us that drug traffickers in Aruba are well-connected to the management personnel inside most, if not all, the hotels. If the bills for drug couriers can be extinguished, then one has to wonder at how easy it would be to arrange other alterations of hotel data.

Referring to some past editorials in which I discussed the activities of a blue-eyed Dutch boy making numerous rendezvous with female students of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook, I proposed that his recurrent activities within the Holiday In were known and appreciated by the hotel staff.

HarryTho 1/20 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Posted on 1/21) :: Natalee Holloway :: Hyscience

HarryTho 1/23 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Updated) :: Natalee Holloway :: Hyscience

Even though such a conclusion seems to find rational acceptance, it nonetheless shed disturbing light upon the credibility of the investigation. In other words, if the Holiday In staff knew what the drug courier was doing, then how come there has been so much silence surrounding his participation? Also, if the Holiday Inn staff knew of this guy, how come the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens escaped inquiry for so long? A known drug courier comes to the Holiday Inn, meets and does business with the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens, including Natalee Holloway, and no one seems, specially the American media, to place any significance to it. Now, how can that be?

I suspect that either via information relied upon from the management of the Holiday Inn or the local Visibility Team leader, the Aruban investigators were persuaded to abandon further inquiry into any possible connection between the drug courier and the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens at the Holiday Inn. Now, if it happened to be the management of the Holiday Inn who provided declarations to the Aruban authorities concerning the activities of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook residents, then this article today about a regular heroine trafficker casts a shadow over the credibility of all the hotel managerial personnel on Aruba.

One can visualize the Holiday Inn staff, under management direction, covering up a mishap to an teenager overdosing on drugs or any other unpleasant demise that would reveal abuse of drugs on the premises of the Holiday Inn. One can even imagine a conspiracy to hide the actual room where the mishap occurred. With the hotel management staff implicated in a cover up, the culprits would have all the facilities and cooperation of affiliates to the drug trafficking industry at their disposal. It would have been easy to transport a lifeless body within a Holiday Inn official vehicle to a clandestine fastboat en route back to Columbia, Curacao or Venezuela where disposal could be accomplished, properly, in international waters ... beyond three miles from land.

To me, the fact that has been revealed that a heroine trafficker was able to reside at Aruban hotels, for free, under the oversight of the hotel managerial staff is indicative of widespread penetration of the hotel industry by drug traffickers. It also reveals, quite convincingly, that had Natalee Holloway fell victim to a drug related incident that the means was readily available to dispose of her body without a trace.

Regrettably, if this scenario proves to have merit, then some members of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook graduating class were privy to such a demise. Since only two of the members of the graduating call made any attempt to search for Natalee Holloway in the months that followed, it seems clear that they knew of Natalee Holloway's fate.


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