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January 29, 2006

Palestinian crisis - signs of civil war?

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror

Hamas Glory Record.gif
Hamas has proved the victor in the recent Palestinian elections but it is a victory that is coming at a very steep price. Already the Western nations have warned Hamas that they either drop their violent plans against Israel or face losing all funding.

However, the Fatah "freedom fighters" (really really sic) have sparked what might be the first crisis of many to come by storming the parliament.

Hamas, terrorist thugs that they are, have long been threatening violence against Israel and they have constantly disrupted the peace process. Hamas does not want peace. Hamas wants to take Israel and to possess this land as their own.

The fact that the Fatah movement has already taken strong action could be a sign of what is to happen in the near future. Matters could be at the initial stages of spiraling out of hand - and an escalation of strife that could lead to civil war in this region may not be far off.


Hamas Operations - "The Glory Record"
The Palestinian Authority - Hamas Collusion
Substantive and Operative Characteristics of Hamas Terrorist Activity

Hamas and Islamic Jihad in 2005:

Hamas was intensively involved in terrorist actions throughout 2005 despite the "tahdia". Hamas was responsible for the suicide bombing at the Beersheba bus station on 28 August 2005 in which two security guards were seriously wounded. In September 2005, Hamas terrorists abducted and murdered Jerusalem businessman Sasson Nuriel.

While refraining from publicly claiming responsibility for terror attacks, maintaining the outward semblance of abiding by the "tahdia", or declared calm, Hamas assisted other terrorist groups in carrying out attacks against Israel.

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