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January 12, 2006

On That Crash Of Iranian Military Plane - Tragic Accident Or 'Something Other'

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Do you remember that plane crash in Iran a few days ago that killed the head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards ground forces and at least 10 other officers? A Revolutionary Guards' spokesman said that the plane "crashed near the airport due to bad weather, lack of visibility and failure in both engines." Wow, what a coincidence - both engines, and all!

"The IRGC Air Force Falcon, a two-engine jet, piloted by the Commander of the IRGC's Qadr Air Base, Brigadier General Karvandi was heading for Orumiyeh from Tehran on a mission, when near Orumiyeh Airport he informed the control tower that the plane's wheels would not open."

"The plane's pilot then asked the control tower permission for return and before getting far from the airport he contacted the control tower again to inform that the plane's both engines, too, had gone off."

"That was the last dialogue between the crashed plane and the control tower, after which the IRGC Falcon crashed in a garden."

This was Iran's second military plane accident in two months. Both planes were attempting to make "emergency landings" when they crashed.

So we have on board the plane Ahmed Kazemi, the commander of the Revolutionary Guards ground forces and one of the Guard's most powerful commanders after its commander-in-chief. He was recently appointed to the post by Iran's new president - the already infamous Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Fars news agency, known for having close links to the Revolutionary Guards, said a number of other top commanders, including an intelligence chief, were also on board.

Well, what do you think? Was it an accident or is someone or some group not happy with "motor mouth" Mahmoud?

As to an answer, Debbie at In The Bullpen writes of foul play...

And let's remember that all might not be well in Ahmadinejad's world of Oz!

From "A Daily Briefing On Iran":

The Air Crash... Sabotage?

Mehran Riazaty reported that the air crash could be an inside job. Photos suggest a possible internal explosion brought down the aircraft. Before and after photos. (More Photos.)

Stratfor published an analysis of the air crash saying it could indicate foul play aimed at undermining Ahmadinejad's power base and influence.

Eli Lake, of The New York Sun, reported that the eleven top Iranian Revolutionary Guard commanders died yesterday in a plane crash came as tensions among the ruling mullahs are rising.

Iranian Student News Agency published photos of the military commanders that died in yesterdays air crash. Plus reports by Ken Timmerman and Dan Darling.

The Regime Prepares for a confrontation.

Iran Press News reported that 0il revenues to be taken out of foreign banks and transferred back to Iran, in anticipation of possible freezing of Iran's assets in foreign banks.

Iran Focus reported that Rafsanjani said: "Our enemies are poised to take advantage of the situation inside the country to begin another mischief against Iran, but we don't know where this mischief will begin."

And there's more...

What does this all mean? My bet is "something other" than an accident killed the general, intelligence chief, and others!

With a little luck, Ahmadinejad's regime could very well implode before he can begin nuclear mischief, but unfortunately, that's not likely to happen soon enough to prevent the Islamodevil from having a nuclear bomb and handing some out to his terrorist friends.

Posted by Richard at January 12, 2006 10:55 AM

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