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January 26, 2006

On Chirac, the bomb and terrorism - A Call For Action

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Last week French President Jacques Chirac stated that France was prepared to launch a nuclear strike against any country that sponsors a terrorist attack against French interests. The glove is not veiled, Chirac's targets include Iran, as well as Arab countries in the Middle East. It is there that the wellspring of Islamic terrorism and the Terrorist-In-Chief, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, along with his handlers - the mullahs of Iran, reside. It is there that the principle nuclear threat to the Free World stems.

As we are reminded today by Allan Topol in his excellent commentary at The Washington Times:

In his speech, Mr. Chirac bluntly declared, "In numerous countries, radical ideas are spreading, advocating a confrontation of civilizations." Mr. Chirac now understands the problem. The jihadists are attempting to capture town by town, areas within Western Europe. As one French government official put it, "This is more than a clash of civilizations. It is a cancer within our country that if unchecked will destroy all of France."

With his statements, Mr. Chirac is warning Iran and the Arab countries to desist in supporting and encouraging residents of France who launched last year's attacks and are undoubtedly planning to do far worse. His approach is to cut off terror at the source. This resembles the policy being pursued by the U.S. government, although it is hard to imagine how great the public outcry would be if President Bush threatened to use nuclear weapons.

Mr Topos says in his piece that the time has come to act in Washington. Yes, we can forget about the (un-united) United Nations, they will be of no help. Russia and China will veto any U.N. resolution calling for action. So, s Topol sucggests, we have to sit down with our European allies, including our seldom ally - Mr. Chirac, who may now be more agreeable to a hardline approach. We probably have newly elected Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany and Prime Minster Tony Blair, also in our camp. The time has come to immediately develop a "consensus for an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities even if it means a reduction in Iranian oil with a significant impact on Western economies."

As Topol puts it, "We have to act before the lunatics in Tehran have nuclear weapons." We need to realize that these people (the Iranian regeme) are absolutely willing to use them, because they believe that Allah wants them to. And Israel, with the help of those 10 militant Islamic groups - is Iran's first target.

Be sure to read all of Topol has to say. It's a call to action for the rest of us - our politicians need a little encouragement.

By the way, the first steps may already be in process - back on January 18, the United States and France rejected Iran's request for more negotiations on the Islamic republic's nuclear program, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice saying Wednesday "there's not much to talk about" after Iran resumed some atomic activities.

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Posted by Richard at January 26, 2006 1:34 PM

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