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January 29, 2006

North Korea's Plutonium Attracts Iran

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If this report is accurate, there is more evidence that Iran is working on a fast-track to a nuclear bomb - and all it's pretense of talking with Russia, the EU, or anyone else about a solution to the world's nuclear crisis brought on by Iran's radical Islamic regime is exactly what most analysts and the majority of people on the street believe it is - more lying while they cheat.

As this report points out, although making a plutonium bomb can be more complicated than making a uranium bomb, Iran and North Korea work well together on military science, and the U.S. believes that Iran is sharing data on missile tests with North Korea in exchange for nuclear technology. So why shouldn't Iran take the next step - negotiate with Korea to acquire plutonium from Korea's newly enlarged (and growing) stockpile!

And of course they will do just that. We can't count on talks with Iran to go anywhere except down-hill, and then only after Iran has followed the North Korean model of cheat and deceit up to and including the successful development of nuclear weapons - after all, it's worked for the North Koreans, and has so far, worked for the Iranians.

Thereafter, it will be exactly the same situation that presently exists with North Korea ; all talk, no action, and continued diversions from truth or resolution of the crisis until it ends with a terrorist regime and their terrorist friends having nuclear weapons that they will indeed use.

The world stood idly by while North Korea developed it's program. It was only last year that America learned that while engaging in disarmament talks, North Korea had made enough plutonium to amass a stockpile of about 43 kilograms, perhaps as much as 53kg. For the first time since the nuclear crisis began in 1994 it has sufficient fissile material to sell some to its ally while retaining enough for its own purposes.

Now, the world is doing the same thing with Iran. The United Nations has been a dismal failure in stopping the spread of nuclear weapons to radical regimes, which are now reaching the hands of the world's most dangerous kind - Islamic radical regimes.

With North Korea we already have a nutcase leader with nuclear technology. With Iran we have nutcase leaders - the mullahs - that are insane enough to use it, believing that "Allah" wants them to kill all the "infidels," even if they die with us.

If we fail to act militarily now, it will be too late for all of us. Radical Islamists have no problem ending the world as we know it. None of us in the West want more war on top of the War against Terrorism and Islamofascism that we already have, but unfortunately, whether we want it or not, we already have it being forced upon us.

Posted by Richard at January 29, 2006 6:51 AM

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