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January 17, 2006

Iran Showdown Drawing Ever Closer

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As the world's press weigh's the Iranian nuclear standoff, conflict with Iran is growing ever closer, and it doesn't look like either the U.S. or Iran is going to back down.

Iran believes that it holds all the power necessary to prevent U.S. action, if it gets to that (Ahmadinejad seems to be referring to possible use of the Iranian oil weapon). And with Russia, the Europeans, the IAEA, and the U.S. very close to agreement on the Iran problem, March 6 is looming as an important date - the day that ElBaradei has threatened to declare that the IAEA's inspection has reached a dead end.

And FINALLY (it's about time), Saudi Arabia broke its silence yesterday in the growing row between the West and Iran by warning Tehran that its nuclear ambitions could bring disaster to the region.

However, as most readers will agree, there's no easy solution to the Iran crisis, and although the military option is not one that anyone wants, it appears that a military strike to slow down Iran's nuclear ambitions may be the ONLY option, should the international community fail to reach agreement on the issue, and more importantly - on that works. As for sanctions - they worked wonders against Saddam, NOT!

Iran urges new nuclear talks (Why not, the last slew of talks lasted two years and gained them the time they needed to lie and cheat, lie and cheat, etc.)

Russia cautions on Iran sanctions, China urges 'diplomacy'

Posted by Richard at January 17, 2006 10:20 AM

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