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January 27, 2006

Huge Tunnel Found Across Mexican Border Into San Diego

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Mexican tunnel.jpg

S.F. Gate headlines the story with, "Two Tons of Pot Found in Border Tunnel," and headlines it, "US finds drug-smuggling tunnel." But the headlines could have easily been, "Al-Qaeda smuggles in nuclear bomb through huge tunnel from Mexico - Attacks Los Angeles - kills millions."

The tunnel had a pulley system on the Mexican side, a cement floor, lighting, ventilation, a pumping system to drain groundwater, and began near the Tijuana airport - ending in a warehouse on the U.S. side.

(...) "Whether the tunnel was used for smuggling aliens, smuggling narcotics or a worst case scenario, some sort of weapon, we don't know," Michael Unzueta, special agent in charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Diego, said at a news conference.

(...) Federal authorities, who uncovered the 731m tunnel on Wednesday, brought in a forensic team to look for fingerprints and DNA, and to sample the air and walls, so they could determine how long the tunnel had been in use and what it was used for

And we don't even know whether the tunnel was used for "smuggling aliens, smuggling narcotics or a worst case scenario, some sort of weapon"?

Is it only me, or does anyone else also wonder, just why we aren't making border security a major priority in this country? So far, the Bush administration has failed miserably to protect our borders, allowing illegal aliens to continue to flood the country like an uncontrollable plague. And for us not to know about a 2,400-foot long tunnel from the Tijuana airport to a warehouse in San Diego is deplorable control of our border - an unexcusable threat to our national security. A drug tunnel, maybe. But it could just have easily been a tunnel used by terrorists - with weapons. To make matters even worse, this isn't the only tunnel that's been found.

Think about it: "If it's so simple for an uneducated, impoverished laborer (and drugs) to come across the border, think about how much easier it is for a highly trained, well financed terrorist (with a nuclear suitcase bomb - and more)."

On a visit to the Arizona border, Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo got a firsthand look at smuggling routes.

"We've found copies of the Koran, we have found prayer rugs, we have found a lot of stuff written in Arabic, so it's not just people from Mexico coming across that border," Tancredo, a Republican, explains.

And after shutting down more than 30 drug tunnels under the Mexican border, authorities recently discovered the first ever under the Canadian border.

"That tunnel could be used to smuggle aliens into the U.S., it can be used to smuggle equipment for those that can do harm to the United States," Leigh Winchell with Immigration and Customs Enforcement says.

Bonner concludes, "I mean, I don't want people to stay up at night and not sleep, but I want them to wake up to the fact that our borders are wide open."

America's enemies know it.

But don't contemplate too long, before writing and calling your political representatives in the House and Senate.

Posted by Richard at January 27, 2006 7:07 AM

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