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January 5, 2006

Hollywood Warms to Terrorists

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Yesterday Richard noted that Hollywood may be Warming To Faith Films.

Unfortunately, the film industry is also becoming a marketing agent for terrorists by their "cause" in a smypathetic light and their motives as misunderstood. The American government is cast by screenwriters in a negative light:

... moviegoers can anticipate before the opening credits that those characters who work for the American government or are at war with terrorists will likely be portrayed as criminals, incompetents or people existing on the same moral plane as killers.
more here.

Hollywood just doesn't get it - we are at war, and this war is for real. Their naiveté and liberal agenda falls right into the hands of the jihadists, and in fact does their bidding for them - side by side as participants, acting in concert with an Islamic 5th column in America, serving and giving aid to the enemies that want to destroy us.

What Hollywood fails to "get" is that militant Islamism is merely the latest incarnation of the evil of tyranny and fascism. The radicals seek to enslave us all under their barbaric version of Islamic tyranny, which is only fascism by another name. We have fought it and beat it, before. We will fight it and beat it, again. For the flame of liberty and freedom burns bright in every American soul. Those who don't feel it's righteous call should get, gratis, a one way ticket to the 'Stan of their choice.

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Posted by tim at January 5, 2006 3:30 AM

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