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January 7, 2006

HarryTho 1/6 Natalee Holloway Commentary (delayed post)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

[I apologize to all of Harry's readers for not getting this up last night - my son's been taking a break from Iraq and goes back again tomorow, so have been spending some extra time with him.]

As a reminder, we will be relaxing over the weekend. Our next editorial will be Monday Evening 9 January 2006.

This evening, I thought we should go through a list of disparities from what has been supplied to our blog by Aruban posters as compared to the sensationalism of the cable news media and the Twitty-Holloway camp.

Twitty-Holloway Camp Version of their Expenses:

There are three "FindNatalee Funds": One is for reward money while another covers the expenses of Beth & Jug Twitty. Both of these accounts are held within Amsouth Bank in Birmingham, AL. The other account is Meridian, MS and is for the expenses of Dave & Robin Holloway. The understanding released by the Twitty-Holloway camp is that funds donated to the finding of Natalee Holloway are to be used for expenses incurred while searching for Natalee Hollloway. I admit that some unforeseen expenses can arise where the trustees of the accounts can disburse with some discretion. I believe everyone understands situations like that might arise.

Donations have been coming in via Internet advertisements, posters, prayer functions, auctions, door-to-door campaigning, generous benefactors, work swapping, leave granting, sale of bracelets, etc. In other words, an array of activities have been ongoing for some seven or more months, intended to raise funds for Natalee Holloway.

On one or more occasions, members of the Twitty-Holloway camp provided examples of their expenditures: medivac jets, taxis, meals, travel to and from Aruba, etc. However, it seem to go without mentioning that expenses such as lodging in Aruba were also included as debits from the Finding Natalee funds. I believe most Americans bought into this scheme for the use of the funds that they donated to any of the FindNatalee Funds.

The Aruban version: The Twitty-Holloway camp were lodged in Five-Star resorts at the expense of the Aruban government. All meals and other necessities were paid by the Aruban government. In addition, donations were requested by members of the Twitty-Holloway camp, on site in Aruba from Arubans. Some Aruban entities gave generously. Ruben Trapenberg, Spokesperson for the Aruban government, early on, made an emphasis of this fact. He was chastised by George Jug Twitty for such a statement in which Jug Twitty retorted, in a demeaning manner, that he (Jug) had to cough up plenty in expensive taxi bills. At the time, I felt that Jug Twitty was merely laughing off Ruben Trapenberg's idea that the Government of Aruba was picking up any of the tab on anything, with the possible exception of some complementary refreshments. I never realized that the Aruban government was, in fact, paying all their tabs.

Funds, that I felt were being used as I believed, were being lavishly tossed around in the casinos and resort bars. If this be the case, then the Twitty-Holloway camp has collected a considerable amount of donations beyond that with which the Aruban community expended.

As an example of the amount that these donations may have accumulated, here is a link to "just" a list of donors for Texas EquuSearch in Aruba alone:

Texas EquuSearch - Donors supporting the Natalee Holloway Search

On cable news - Rita seems enthralled with the Cruise Boat killing and her new pet project: teachers "petting" their underage, male students. Natalee Holloway seems to have faded off MSNBC News.

Greta is "Off the Record" for Natalee Holloway. Greta, once again, embarked on a forensic adventure into the Cruise Boat killing (six months after the fact!).

So much for this evening. If I get more time to write, I will add on.

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at January 7, 2006 11:28 AM

My very best wishes for your son's safety and his speedy eventual return to the United States, Harry.

What he is contributing is even more poignant when viewed in the context of the conduct of these MB parasites.

Posted by: Dayo Gould at January 7, 2006 3:03 PM

I concur, best wishes for your son's safety and safe return. What a contribution for one's country. I have no son's so I can't imagine the heart wrenching of saying goodbye. Blessings. Moey

Posted by: MOEY at January 7, 2006 3:10 PM

It's a shame, a dang shame how the Twitts et al robbed Aruba. A glamourous 5-star vacay without having to pay a red cent! Not to mention what the American companies and general public gave out of pity. Where has Beth set Natalee up? Natalee is going to University out of the country for sure.

I wonder if Albert could elaborate further on this following....the fact that funds are not there for the school children due to the fact the Twitts et al partied well on it in Aruba. It's true isn't it? The Twitts, Skeeters, Phil, Greta, boyox lips Rita and related MB crew should be looking through bars right now! They are a sick, disgusting bunch of leeches of society.

Posted by: laced at January 7, 2006 3:13 PM

Richard, prayers for your son on his return to Iraq, for his safety and that of his comrades.

Posted by: laced at January 7, 2006 3:16 PM

To All:

Just for clarificaton, it is Richard's son that serves overseas and honors us all.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 7, 2006 3:27 PM

Hi Harry and Richard,
Richard, thank your son for his service to our great country. We are all very, very grateful for his contribution. Please give him an extra hug and kiss for us! Please also, tell him he will be in our prayers always.
Harry, I would venture to guess when this whole situation began you never thought that your resesarch and writing would lead you to where it has led. Character and morality are two of the "biggies" of life! Those who possess them and feel they are integral to a satisfying life are always shocked when others don't share this view.

Posted by: Little Bo Peep at January 7, 2006 5:02 PM

To all:

Another interesting fact emerging from Mountain Brook is that it appears McWane is related to the Twitty's. Interesting to note that seems to be a fact they have kept hidden. Wonder why? At least it explains how they were able to get the McWane jet to initially fly them to Aruba, but very interesting they haven't told of the family connection. The best I can gather right now is the family connection comes from Jug's ex wife, as the McWane girls refer to her as Aunt Wendy and to Jug as Uncle George, and to Beth as simply Beth. This was discovered by the McWane girls online diaries, and once they saw their diaries were posted on the web they immediately deleted them. Meaning of course they are reading the blogs and attempting to keep covered up what they want covered up. Also then interesting to know that McWane is a big political contributor, so makes it clearer as to why the Governor is doing what they ask of him. This is just one little Mountain Brook secret, now imagine how many others secrets are out there. Slowly they are coming to surface though.

Richard, God bless your son for his service to our country.

Posted by: therose at January 7, 2006 6:37 PM

Harry, again thanks for posting and Richard, again thanks for hosting! Please do fully enjoy the time you have with your close ones, Richard!

Posted by: Kienstail Author Profile Page at January 7, 2006 6:49 PM

Well very good post tonite Harry - and good luck to your son Richard - as an American we share our pride in him!

I do not think Greta will ever get off the record on Bethie - is she can sink so low this week to let her read aloud then she is never ever going to get off of Bethie!

If you don't mind my adding Roger has begun posting the written word of ole Skeet and Deepak - it is very interesting reading!!!

Posted by: Jan at January 7, 2006 7:58 PM

To the rose:

It was McWane's president, G. Ruffner Page's daughter, Virginia, that partied at C&C that last night in Aruba with Natalee Holloway. The McWane jet was sent to Aruba to retrieve Virginia. Beth took a lift on that jet.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 7, 2006 9:41 PM

Monsieur Harry,
this is some other little services that I think the Twitt/Holloways forgot about,
I hope Richard's son will be back soon.

Posted by: antoinette at January 7, 2006 10:12 PM

On one or more occasions, members of the Twitty-Holloway camp provided examples of their expenditures: medivac jets, taxis, meals, travel to and from Aruba, etc.

I belive it's time for the American authorities to start a criminal cas against whoever is behind all this. The Twittie's spend many weeks in the Holiday Inn at expenses of the followings:
The Aruban Government, The Aruban Tourism Authorities, many business organiszations like carrentals, restaurants and even a huge donations by a local bank. By Monday I will go the my friends of Aruba Today and Bon Dia Aruba to look in the documentations where the Chamber Of Commerce and The Aruban Trade and Tourism Association is requesting the Aruban communityt to be cooperative with the Twitties in all sense of words. I wiil also copy this article and send it to many business people I kne for sure was involved in providing financial support to Beth and Jug. I was once at a German Cafe where many business people go for breakfast and there was Beth with a local courier. She was introduced to a potencial wholesaler in Aruba and receive a check at that very moment. I will also bring this article to mr. Dompig where he can investigate further where and when funds was donated to Beth. Specially Beth was on thew run in Aruba. She went so far to visit a school in Aruba and try to sell her "grief" to some local childrens. Teachers at that school didn't like when she was telling stories of who Natalee was and how she dissapeared on our island. I firmly believe that this Natalee funding stuff is nothing else than a criminal manner of ripping off Americans that felt a little of sympathy for Beth. The story is goig further. Our local telecommunication company was instructed by the government to provide all the necessary technology at the Holiday Inn. All this to confort Beth during her press conferences. Many restaurants open their doors where free meals were provided to the Beth gang. Many relatives of Beth and Jug arrived in Aruba and was treated with the utmost respect. None of our local residents ever thought that there time, donations, prayers and whatever they could have give to this family, was going to be paid back with such resentments. We were suggested by many local governmental officials to go easy with whatever we say or write in order not to insult this grieving family.....We decline to following this suggestions once we found out that Beth and the clan was partying at the Heineken Concert and fancy cocktail parties at a golfcourse designed by Robert Trend Jr. Wawww!

Posted by: Albert at January 7, 2006 11:47 PM

Richard: Please give my thanks to your son for his service to our country. Will say a prayer for his safe return.


Posted by: Max at January 8, 2006 1:43 AM

I can't help but wonder how this case would be different if Natalee hadn't disappeared on that last night in Aruba. People get assaulted on vacation, they get drunk, they do drugs. However, I can't recall reading that many disappear completely. If there are any that disappear, I can't imagine that the circumstances are the least bit similar. I'm thinking children that disappear in South American dictatorships. There parents continute to search for years, and may never find out what happened to their children. How might this case be different if those last seen with Natalee went immediately to law enforcement and told the truth? I believe their actions started this circus. Just my humble opinion.

Posted by: iwabwu at January 8, 2006 6:18 AM

I beg to differ! Beth and her Bamy posse, along with the MSM started the circus!

Posted by: laced at January 8, 2006 11:36 AM

Albert According to my memory they search the complete Island????
Is it possible, that I forgot one chapter from Greta??

Posted by: antoinette at January 8, 2006 1:00 PM

Harry --- is it true - according to the Mountain Brook forum - they are saying that Aruba has officially closed the case

have no idea if this report is true - thought maybe Harry could check it out!

Posted by: Jan at January 8, 2006 3:02 PM

Dear Jan:

What you just posted about the Aruban law enforcement closing the case on Natalee's disappearance would be privileged information that the Arubans confided in Beth's attorney. I know nothing of this, but I have been predicting this for some time.

First, we have the 60-day ultimatum from the Aruban attorney general to the lead prosecutor. Second, we have the lack of evidence that any wrongdoing even took place. Third, we have the alleged letter from Natalee Holloway which was supposed to be authenticated by 6 January 2006 (two days ago).

In my opinion, Natalee is alive, as we predicted, and she has not implicated the suspects or anyone else in any wrongdoing to her.

Besides, if Beth Twitty concedes that the case is closed, then, in this instance, I believe that we can trust her words.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 8, 2006 3:35 PM

Considering the source of this info regarding Aruba's decision to officialy close the case, Beth Twitty's mouth, I don't believe it. I'll believe it when I see it from a more reliable source.

If in fact the Aruban's DO close this case, it will in fact be Beth Twitty's fault. I think the ALE and the Island of Aruba have put up with much much more than they should have for the last 7 months or more.

I for one am hoping this is true for it's painfully obvious that the ALE has done it's work and can go no further with it. Why in the world should they have to continue to endure what Beth Twitty is putting them through?

The case be re-opened with new evidence and if the ALE is really going to close this thing up for now, I think it's in the hopes that Beth's personal hatred and degradation will stop. Unfortunately though, Beth Twitty will never stop. In fact, if the case does become closed, I think this will just refuel the American media, as well as Beth, and we will just witness more flying garbage for months to come.

There's only one way to stop this mess. Beth Twitty needs to be stopped.

I really do hope though that what was said is true. Closing this case will put the cap on the fact that Aruba is running this investigation and no-one else.

Posted by: Jim Hanson at January 8, 2006 5:05 PM

Dear friends,

Jossy Mansur (American media's Aruba guru). wawwww what a title for someone that has his visa revoked to enter the US by the US Immigration station in Aruba and by the US Embassy station in Caracas, Venezuela. Conspirarcy to moneylaundry was the main reason. Two familymemebrs of the Mansur were extradicted to San Juan Puerto Rico and jailed for many months. This is the type of people you believe is a "guru"? Yes he is, specially in manipulating all informations in order to attack the judicial system of the Dutch Kingdom. Everybody in Aruba knows that Jossie is nothing else a chancetaker. He did that in the Natalee case. He saw a opportunity to allied himself with Beth and Jug. He was introduced in Aruba to Greta and some CNN producer so he could appear on Nancy Grace shows. He managed to get in contact thru Beth with some officials in the US and recieved a type of dispensation so he can enter the US last year under excuses of medical treatment. Jossie was the one that created the gardener, the jogger and the so called fishingcannaster of the size of Natalee. Cannaster is made by chicken wires and thrown in the sea to catch fishes. Jossie's reporters created the helicopter story that took off while Natalee was screaming for help and it is Jossie's reporters that created the car chase story when Natalee was being moved from one place to the other by her kidnapper, Do you americans really believe he is a guru or a big clown that makes the crowd believe in his tricks. You are better off reading the Book of Harry Potter then listen to Jossie...believe me folks.
Diario and Jossie was part of the most spectacular news during the Natalee case, and they are the ones that helped jeopardise most of the investigation too together with Beth and Jug. As an Aruban I feel very sad for the ones that believe in Jossie's stories. A criminal case can never be closed till after twelve years. If the investgation team was narrowed down I can herewith confirm you that. No case can be close before it's experation date settled by the law. Ask Beth to come to Aruba and you will hear again for sure if the case is closed or not.


Posted by: Albert at January 8, 2006 6:53 PM

Aruban Deputy Police Chief Gerold Dompig said he had heard from Miller about EquuSearch's plans and wished them well, but that the government was unlikely to provide official support since the nonprofit group joined in an American call for a boycott of the island.

Our input to provide any confidential inormations to any search groups ceased to exist. Equusearch is more then welcome as a tourist group and nevr can be considered to part of the investigation. Equusearch misused all trust and funds given to them. Arubans are nice people but we also can say "enough is enough". We can never cater someone or organization that stands besides Beth or the Governor of Alabama to call for a boycott. For us Tim Miller does not exist. ILike awrote in a previous comment. Tim Miller is NOT a profesional to be trust. If the Equusearch wants to come to work they will have to apply for a working visa just like everywhere around the world. If they manage to get in I will move all aruban media's to present a joined protest against Equusearch...I do have the potential to do that. An I am sure that many of you will agree with me.


Posted by: Albert at January 8, 2006 7:01 PM

I like that Harry, that in this instance we can trust Beth's words - might be the first time!!

Posted by: Jan at January 8, 2006 7:09 PM

Yes Jim.
When the 2-years period is over, Joran and friends are no longer considered suspects and their name is cleared for ever. Only real new evidence will reopen this case and eventually new/old suspects can be charged.
For Natalee's mother/father it is then also possible to do an official request and read the complete investigation file on this matter. Only read, no copies or whatever! Not many families(NL) do such a request, they just like to forget and it is very emotional to read all those statements, lab reports and other investigation facts you maybe do not now and do not like to now.
I think the Twittys now very well how the law works in Aruba.

Posted by: letstalk at January 8, 2006 7:16 PM

My last: do not now and do not like to now to read: do not know and do not like to know.

Posted by: letstalk at January 8, 2006 7:35 PM


I figured that out about Jossy Mansur a long time ago, but am glad it is re confirmed by you. Regarding Texas Equusearch, I can only say you go Aruba. I would be happy to see Aruba not let him in to begin with. But if you do, I would be happy to know that all of Aruba will not provide him with any more free comps, such as Hotels, Food, or any information regarding the investigation, plus doing his dirty laundry. He has done nothing but bad mouth Aruba, and join in the boycott as well, he certainly is no friend to Aruba, and should not be rewarded with free comps. I for one, know Arubans are nice people and have been patient far above and beyond the call of duty where this Twitty/Holloway Circus is concerned, and by far more generous than I ever would have been. Once they appeared at the Van Der Sloot house with camera and Beth yelling to Paulus "I see you hiding behind the bush" that is all it took for me. From that day on I had no use for that family, and ascertained that they were more putting on a show for the Amreican Public rather than searching for their "Supposed Missing Daughter" I knew from there that it was going to be nothing but a media circus, and that the family was being nothing but bully's. Again thanks so much for your confirmation of what I believed had happened all along, it gives me the assurance that my feelings about what was going on with this family were not misdirected.


Thanks for the reminder also about the Virginia Page connection with McWane. So then with that connection and also with the McWane daughters Laura and Katie being related to the Twitty's makes double reasons for all this circus. The diaries of those girls provided some very intersting information into what the lives are like for those MB teens. And better yet, it is from their own mouths. It appears they are all about designer clothes, parties, booze and more booze. The Fab 7 which is what Jug and his crew are referred to which includes McWane, seems to be a bunch of adults who forgot that they are no longer teenagers, and that bullying, harassing and bad manners is their way of life and from the daughters diaries, it seems to appear that it is a trait that has been passed on to their off spring. Meaning the Mountain Brook teens. How much Natalee fit into this life style is yet to be determined, as all traces of any diary she may have put out have of course been deleted, as have Larua and Katies, once they appeared online, they were swiftly removed. Something indeed in rotten in Mountain Brook and they are doing their utmost to keep it covered up. I guess that is why they think everyone else covers things up because they are the masters of cover up.

Of course we are all waiting patiently for the results of the letter to be announced.

I am with all of Aruba, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...

Posted by: therose at January 8, 2006 8:44 PM

IMO this is the needle that broke the balloon. Beth was in the news on Saturday.
Beth (same as Jug) doesn’t have any type of education:

Posted by: antoinette at January 8, 2006 9:14 PM

Beth and Jug will stay in the US and try to get back on t.v. as much as they can. For us living in Aruba that's no problem at all. The problem will start if they come back to Aruba. They will be brought from the airport to the police station in order to finalize to intervieuw. Local authorities are waiting for this. But on the other hand they are coming alon. They will bring in the media circuss in order to confuse everybody (aqgain) with the side of the medal. We this will happen IF one day they get back to Aruba. I am busy reconfirming the news that came in that the local lawyer mrs. LEjuez decided NOT to be Beth lawyer as per last thursday.

Posted by: Albert at January 8, 2006 9:29 PM

"Jossy Mansur is the owner and chief editor of the biggest newspaper on the island, "Diario". ""When I read an article in Diario, I know what will be the next action of the government","says Hendrik Croes, adding that the Mansurs create a climate of fear and intimidation on Aruba. Their newspapers force others off the market. Furthermore, ""their annual income is bigger than the yearly budget of the government. And you may guess how they make that kind of money”."""Jossy Mansur is not impressed claiming that accusing people of drug trafficking and money laundering ""has become a political tool to discredit them”." (75) Jossy Mansur acts as the family's mouthpiece, Ruben and the elder Alex are the patriarchs, and Elias 'Don' Mansur is the family's whizz-kid. Elias graduated at Notre Dame University, and was Minister of Economic Affairs in Eman's first cabinet. As representative for the Free Trade Zone entrepreneurs in a mixed Dutch-Aruban commission he has to recommend measures to tighten regulations in the FTZ to prevent money laundering and contraband, together with Dutch government officials. (76)

More and more the name Mansur turns up in money laundering cases. Alex and Eric Mansur were indicted in Puerto Rico in August 1994. (77) President Clinton specifically mentioned the Mansur's when he put Aruba on the list of Major Illicit Drug-transit Countries in December 1996. Although no member of the family was actually indicted in the La Costa case, the name Mansur is frequently is found in the files which were seized at Habibe's home on Aruba."......

Tom Blickman - TNI Researcher
Transnational Organized Crime Vol. 3, No. 2, Summer 1997

No comments!!! Jossie (Diario) is the Aruban friend of Beth and Jug...correspondent for Rita , Nancy Grace and Greta van Susteren. Amazing people of 2005!

Posted by: Albert at January 8, 2006 10:08 PM

Twitty narrated a slide show as she recounted her daring and determined search for information into her daughter's disappearance.

Three Aruban teens were taken into custody, but none of them has been charged or investigated, Twitty said.

This is what I call "weird stories". The three kids were arrested, interogated, and brought to several interogation teams including the FBI and the Dutch Experts. How dare Beth make a statement that they had not been investigated? I hope you can understand why we shut down on Beth and Jug....

Posted by: Albert at January 8, 2006 10:29 PM

IMO this is the needle that broke the balloon. Beth was in the news on Saturday.
Beth (same as Jug) doesn’t have any type of education:

Posted by: antoinette at January 8, 2006 09:14 PM

antoinette - I think both Beth and Jug do have a formal college education. Beth is a speech pathologist and typically in US that requires a 4 yr college degree to teach in public schools.

However, what concerns me about the tone and statements in this article, is it appears that Beth is going around Aruba bashing. It said that the three suspects were never investigated and will not be reinterviewed. I wonder if the schools who are letting her in will ever figure out that she is painting a false picture of what happened following Natalee's disappearance. It is fine for her to advise people to have buddy systems and such (isn't that true in the US also?), and hopefully she is talking against teen alcohol and drug use. But the rest .....

Posted by: shonane at January 8, 2006 11:03 PM

To All:

BBC announces Murder Capital of the World: Jamaica!

"The murder capital designation was made earlier last week by the BBC, which said Jamaica has now been classed the murder capital of the world, after 2005 saw more than 1,600 people killed; a tally of at least five people murdered a day."

Wasn't Jamaica one of the preferred vacation destinations recommended by Boycott Bob and his looney legislature? I believe I can understand why: no one from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook has been reported missing in Jamaica. With the murder figures above, do American insurance companies deny coverage for anyone even stepping on Jamaican soil? Here I was thinking that Caracas, Venezuela's 83 murders per month was extreme!

Aruba sounds like a sanctuary from Caracas and Jamaica!

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 8, 2006 11:05 PM

@shonane I think both Beth and Jug do have a formal college education. Beth is a speech pathologist and typically in US that requires a 4 yr college degree to teach in public schools.
The fact that they went to school does not mean anything, I think I did not wanted to be rude; they do not have any class, arrogant, no respect for the people, incapables to think like a human.
I know exactly what she means, “that the three suspects were never investigated and will not be re-interviewed.”, is not 116 days enough for interrogation? 7 to 11pm without a lawyer???, besides that the people from Aruba discriminated them??? And keep on calling for a boycott???
I hope the investigation is in MB, and they will make them accountable for every thing she has done and said.
Besides that I do not think is the best person to give to the kids any kind of speeches, before she needs to get a long and intensive psychiatric treatment.

Posted by: antoinette at January 8, 2006 11:25 PM

Some of our US cities have high crime rates too. Out of curiosity, I did a lookup for LA, California. They claim to have the largest sheriff's dept in the world. The 2006 graph said one person had been murdered every 24 hours as of 6 days into the year. Last year it was one person murdered every 20 hours. This would not include missing people though. Washington DC is really bad too.

Posted by: shonane at January 8, 2006 11:33 PM

antoinette - I agree with you.

Posted by: shonane at January 8, 2006 11:35 PM

I guess we can reasonably expect the papparazzi to get us a nice shot of Natalee and her love child. If not, maybe we should reconsider all this 'Natalee is alive' nonsense. Can we all agree if that if we have no word of her in say, ten years, that these theories were completely bogus ? I hear the case is closed. It's about time we all move on. I have no plans to visit Aruba. I'm sorry for Beth, but I don't think it is something that warrants getting out the fleet.

Posted by: david r at January 9, 2006 12:00 AM

Dear david r:

Maybe the correct avenue of resolution is to consider all this Natalee Missing fiasco as nonsense. All evidence seems to suggest such a resolution. This way, the Twitty-Holloway camp could return all the donations that they received for having everyone wasted everyone's time.

If Natalee wants to be rid of her mother, then, by all means, let her be granted her wish.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 12:18 AM

Harry: Is it true or untrue that the Aruban authorities have closed this case? There seems to be conflicting reports and I haven't seen any report by anyone with any authority stating so. Curious to know what you have heard.

Thanks. Moey

Posted by: MOEY at January 9, 2006 8:45 AM

Albert - Glad to hear EquuSearch will not be allowed back on the island unless they follow the proper procedures.

I can only hope they stop hiring companies from AL in the future as well.

Posted by: Lisa11011 at January 9, 2006 9:04 AM

Please don't assume all Alabama peopel are like Beth and the Twitty Gang. Also don't judge us on our stupid governor. I live in Alabama and we are not all like Beth and our governor certainly doesn't represent many of us in the state.
SO please don't bash Alabama just because of the idiots you have seen on TV or read about in the news.
I have to say I am getting very tired of Alabama bashing by others who do not know my state nor do they know the people who live in it other than the idiots they have on TV or in the news.
I am to the point if Natalee is dead then that is her own fault for not using good judgement and getting herself into a bad situation(I know I know she didn't ask to be killed but any person who was supposedly as travel savy as she was should have known better or anyone who was as good a girl as her mom depicted should have never drank in excess or got into bed or cars with strangers). If she is alive then I wish she would come forward and stop all this nonsense her parents have created.
I keep hoping that something will eventually blow this case open but as the days go by I think this will end up being a cold case.

Posted by: Belle at January 9, 2006 10:20 AM

Is it true or untrue that the Aruban authorities have closed this case? There seems to be conflicting reports and I haven't seen any report by anyone with any authority stating so. Curious to know what you have heard.

The answer is NO! No case can be closed against the proper stipulation by the law. This case has a timespan of 12 years to work on. So don't believe anything you hear from the side of Beth of Jug. Our judicial system works now for more then 300 years and it will not be change just for Beth and Jug. It is true that the investigators team has been reduced to the normal amount. Hundreds of police officers and detectives can not stick to one case!


Posted by: Albert at January 9, 2006 10:24 AM

SO please don't bash Alabama just because of the idiots you have seen on TV or read about in the news.

Aruba has been bashed, harrased and even boycott for about 7 months now! And our people has been insulted and misused with no considerations. Stae your comments to your governor and your people!

Posted by: Albert at January 9, 2006 10:27 AM

Albert, how long does Beth have to wait to have Natalee declared dead? Is it the 12 years that the case can be considered open?

Also, is the case considered "open" for 12 years, or is it that it can be "re-opened" for 12 years? Would new evidence be reason to re-open it, no matter how long it had been?

Thank you. Please keep posting!

Posted by: np at January 9, 2006 12:15 PM

Fiasco or Fraud?

Posted by: Friend at January 9, 2006 1:49 PM

Dear np:

Our blog researched this statute of limitation on declaring a person dead in Aruba. We came up with 5 years from the date the person is reported missing a declaratory decree for death can be requested.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 2:35 PM


Depends on the crime committed. Sample: For murder is recently changed in NL and no longer a maximum period, open forever.
Up to 2 years for any crime the case is active and suspect(s) stay suspect(s), after this period their name is cleared. This is why the father of Johan started an official procedure. He would not be allowed to work for the government for at least 2 years if he had not done so. The Aruban administration(Oduber/Croes) was going to, only to please the local business, the US and its Media. Like they did with Joran for 3 month and no evidence. This is disgusting and in the NL no one understood this. But if there is criticism from the NL they start shouting: We are independent!

Some cases(crimes) do have a maximum period to be open.
If a body is found and forensics determine that there is a crime committed like murder-manslaughter etc., the case is open forever. But for stealing a car and by accident run over a pedestrian with this car, it is not.
So, what crime is committed here? Kissing and bumping(sorry) on the beach at night between one minor(J) and one adult(N)? Leaving an adult person behind on an otherwise very peacefull beach? Hardly!
For the law, keep in mind that the island Aruba is always behind in improving the law compared to the NL. They are independent in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but with a little help from the NL they keep up to the standard with some delay.

Amazing how little people know about something they are talking about for 8 month on the internet.(not you np)

Please, visit the link and click 'About the Public Prosecution Service' for info on NL(Aruban) law. It's in English!

Posted by: letstalk at January 9, 2006 2:37 PM

Dear belle:

The argument for the boycott and abuse of Aruba entailed the reasoning that since the Arubans elected their leaders, then they should all suffer the consequences. Well, Alabama, and all her residents, should be treated accordingly.

Please do not ask compassion of Arubans (or us) what your Christian leaders refused to consider.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 2:42 PM

Albert, how long does Beth have to wait to have Natalee declared dead? Is it the 12 years that the case can be considered open?

To be honest with you, it depends on your laws back in Alabama too. Bear in mind that Natalee is an US citizen and does not necesary needs to be declare death in Aruba. She was not born in Aruba. What I did understand that Beth was pressing to receive a declaration of death from the local authorities. I wonder why. I will check it out for you and let you know a.s.a.p. The case will never be closed. The only thing that I might be confused about is the fact that the suspects and or accused can not be prosecuted after 12 years. Some laws in the Dutch Kingdom can caused confusion reason why I am busy consulting our P.A. office representatives. Not easy....Coming back in the case of Declaration of Death....When did they report that Natalee is missing back in the US. If I am not mistaken it took the FBI over 5 months to put Natalee on their list of missing person. Correct me if I am wrong. I don't want to cause any misinformations. Let me double check.


Posted by: Albert at January 9, 2006 3:01 PM

To All:

Some information on the 1,200 Dutch troops being discussed for deployment to the Persian Theater:

Apparently, a US Ambassador is pleading with the Kingdom of the Netherlands to send them. Maybe the Governors of Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia can can submit letters of encouragement, given their fair handling of, and respect for, the interests of our Dutch allies.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 3:11 PM

By Albert:
The only thing that I might be confused about is the fact that the suspects and or accused can not be prosecuted after 12 years.

Albert, this depends on what crime is committed. Cases are closed in the NL/Aruba.
Cases closed or no one can be charged no more. This is different and that is what everybody is talking about.
For some crimes no one can be charged after a certain period, even if there is new evidence found that the person(s) committed the crime. Case closed forever.
The answer to Natalee to be declared death is given by Harry. 5 Years and a court decision, at least in NL/Aruba for official inhabitants only and not for Natalee. The location where the person(s) disappeared and officially reported missing is not relevant for the procedure in NL/Aruba.

Posted by: letstalk at January 9, 2006 3:34 PM

To Albert, letstalk and np:

The statute of limitations in the USA for declaration of death is 7 years, provided that there exists no reason for the person not to desire to return. If there exists a reason why a person would not desire to return or be found (as in Natalee's case with the letter), then no limitation exists. If Natalee's letter can be authenticated and/or sufficient declarations exists that Natalee ran away, then she can never be declared dead under US laws (without a body).

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 3:46 PM

No Harry,

It is not an American ambassador but a former...and he is not pleading but threatening the Netherlands with economic sanctions if they decide not to join the Afghan war in the SouthWest part of this country. They are already present in Afgh. And all in the name of democracy and the stars and stripes.
But at least, some action. This is how we do know our American friends. Mask off, firm language, humiliating your friends if they do not respond in a way as you are demanding.
In the NL, the public and political opinion about the USA is changing fast. Are these our friends? Never have been and only pretend after all these years(1945)? Questions, questions....?

For the article a link. Sorry, Dutch.

Posted by: letstalk at January 9, 2006 4:02 PM


Do you think, as some suspect, that the DOJ is involved in an investigation, not only of the MB students/families, but activities surrounding the collection and disbursement of funds collected in this matter? Thanks. Moey

Posted by: MOEY at January 9, 2006 4:16 PM


I probably shouldn't even ask this as I have not done any homework regarding this fund and have no knowledge of it other than what I've read here. From the sound of it though it seems like its set up as a "donation to the families type" fund rather than a charitable entity. If that's the case wouldn't the IRS be the only govt. agency interested in this and only as far as it being income or a gift that is taxable rather than charitable funds being used illegally? As much as everyone wishes it otherwise I don't see any type of fraud here.

Posted by: dithers at January 9, 2006 4:43 PM


I personally don't know how the funds were set up and what status they have filed for the IRS. No matter which they were set up under, there are strict rules for both donations and the use of the money and how it is to be accounted. I assume 'donations to family' is much looser than a fund set up specifically to search for a person. I've never worked in that particular branch of law, but from discussions with others I know there are strict rules. MO Moey

Posted by: MOEY at January 9, 2006 4:52 PM

Beth Twittys claim that he Aruban lawyer told her the case was over might just be a promo for her upcoming "journal reading" tonight on Grta va lack of substance. She is protected from being called a liar by claiming an Aruban told her the story.

The final aim of this is continuation of story up to Feb 6th National Governors Conference where Beth will make an appearance as guest of Bob Riley to make a plea for boycott.That is Rileys stated plan.

Interestingly enough Amigoe ststes that a Panama City Florida Deep Sea Search Team is making preparations to search for bodies in ocean around Aruba. Dompig does not want Equesearch back because they support boycott. Does not sound like a closed case.

Mary Landrieu - Senator form Louisianna - is having a very publisized meeting with Dutch about building below sea level. Bet Louisiana bocotts ?

Much more important things are occupying Spencer Bachus and Bob Riley these days. They took Abramoff's money. Riley got more than $600000 indirectly through the RNC. Two of his opponents in governors race are already raising the question about this.

Posted by: paul at January 9, 2006 5:11 PM

Dear Moey & dithers:

I have no idea what kind of trust account was set up by AmSouth Bank on behalf of Beth & Jug Twitty. As I understood from a comment by Jug Twitty, early on in the case, the trustess of the account were Beth and him. Some guy named Crow manages the account.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 6:41 PM


Have you gotten confirmation that Helen L. is no longer on the Twitty lawyer team, and if so was it her choice or Beth Twitties? Also, is Vinda De S. still Dave's lawyer? Thanks so much for all your input, I can't thank you enough.


Your Governor has already rung the boycott bell, so your State of Alabama will continue to be under scrutiny from all of the people who feel Aruba has been unjustly crucified by the Twitty/Holloway family as well as the Alabama Governor. If you are unhappy about the heat your State is taking then, please all of you from Alabama let your Governor know he does not speak for you. I suggest you should ban together and do some protesting about it. If you don't then all of us who support Aruba will assume that all Alabama goes along with this boycott thing, and equally as well we will continue to give Alabama and the other states the heat they deserve for such an uncalled for boycott. REMEMBER ONCE A BELL HAS BEEN RUNG, IT CANNOT BE UNRUNG, unless you the citizens step up to the plate and do something about it. Posting it on a blog is not unringing the bell, you have to stand up and be heard through a protest. That is the only way all of the people who support Aruba will know you are sincere.

Believe me, I am from Missouri, and if our State here takes any action of sounds of a boycott towards this good Island, we have people on the ready to protest it.

Whatever happened to Natalee is not Aruba's fault. If she got drunk and aided in her demise, it is not Aruba's fault, if she ran away from her Hitler of a Mother, that is not Aruba's fault. It is plain to see for people who can freely think and reason that Aruba has done far more than what would have been done here in the US for a missing person. Where, here is the US does a missing person get f-16's search an area for anyone. What is the point of the massive amounts of money to continue a search of the Ocean when one does not even know if indeed Natalee is dead or alive. Start thinking with reason and not on the emotions of the moment. Stop thinking on the media hype, and use your brain and realize there is no Evidence that a crime was even committed, much less a murder, rape, kidnapping.

The main focus now needs to be on Mountain Brook, the parents, and the kids there. A thorough investigation needs to be placed on the Natalee Holloway Trust Fund and to exactly what it is being spent for, since the family have received so many freebies, what have they used the Trust fund for? Yet it continues to build. People who cannot think for themselves keep sending in the money, without question as to just what it is being used for. I find that shocking and incredible.

The Twitty/Holloways can be educated and have a few bucks in their pockets, but there is an old saying in small town USA, and that is "YOU CAN'T MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOWS EAR". All the money in the world cannot make a person possess the class and dignity that clearly the Twitty/Holloways lack. Now this is my personal opinion and I fully stand by it, and I find it reprehensible that the Twitty/Holloways go on tv and say all Americans agree with them, because nothing can be further from the truth. It is only the ROBOT people who cannot think for themselves that go along with the Twitty/Holloways and the media and believe what they are fed. Sorry Belle, but you get no sympathy from me unless you and any Alabam people who feel like you do make yourselves heard by your Governor.

Aruba, what can we do to help you? You have been unjustly criticized, and have put up with a lot of nasty American behavior that despite what Beth Twitty says, many Americanc do not approve of. Thanks all.

Posted by: therose at January 9, 2006 6:43 PM

Dear letstalk:

First, if you achieve the rank of Ambassador in the diplomatic corps, then you are henceforth an Ambassador and addressed as Your Excellency for life. As I understand, His Excellency in question, was a former Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Second, pleading in the diplomatic world does not always occur with sleight-of-hand techniques. The more crude forms of pleading require instances where the obvious is tabled.

Having said the foregoing, it does makes me wonder whether or not the fiasco in Aruba was a harbinger of displeasure that the United States would employ in order to encourage the Dutch to increase their participation in the Persian Theater.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at January 9, 2006 6:51 PM

The Netherlands is the home of the International Courthouse and Netherlands is also one of the largest supporters of the NATO forces. Threathening the Netherlands with economic sanctions will be in the disadvantage of the US for many reasons. Bear in mind that the Netherlands is also the maingate for the rest of the European countries thru is harbour in Rotterdam. All connections thru other European Countries NEEDS to pass thru Rotterdam. Can you imaging yourself how many dollars the US will lose on daily basis if the Netherlands accept not to let one single US ship to go thru this harbour. I believe that many US ciizens and diplomats are trying to sit in Presidents Bush chair without studying the consequences. Go easy dear American friends....

Posted by: Albert at January 9, 2006 9:47 PM

Dear Harry,

Aruba was the largest fuel supllier for the US during the WWII. Never ever should Americans forgett that this tiny winny island was the foundation of the liberation of the world from the Nazi distruction. Aruba was the only island in the Caribbean and out of the warzone to be attacked by the Germans because of the presence of the Lago Oil And transport Company Ltd. a division of the Exxon of the US. American troops were station in Aruba and the first airstrip of the island was named Dakota thanks to the Dakota aircrafts that was flying in men and goods to supply the US forces in Europe and around the world. What a friend do we have in the US.
Today the Forward Operation Location of the US is station in Aruba in order to fight international drugs and moneylaundry out of the South American countries. Many milions are being spend on FOl and so far the Netherlands and Aruba is giving the utmost cooperation in this matter.

Posted by: Albert at January 9, 2006 9:56 PM

SNIP: Maybe the Governors of Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia can can submit letters of encouragement, given their fair handling of, and respect for, the interests of our Dutch allies.

LOL. Good on you, Harry

Posted by: Max at January 9, 2006 10:12 PM

Dear belle:

The argument for the boycott and abuse of Aruba entailed the reasoning that since the Arubans elected their leaders, then they should all suffer the consequences. Well, Alabama, and all her residents, should be treated accordingly.


Some Alabamians have already suffered by having to accept Riley as their Governor. Some in Alabama are still not convinced they did elect this Governor.

On the night of the election, all went to bed with an official announcement that the incumbent had won (not the contender - Riley.) They woke up to a revised announcements - Riley had won after all. Low and behold, Baldwin County, that had official closed out their votes the night before, discovered thousands of votes for Riley as Alabamians slept. (Forgot how many, but was perhaps 40,000, too long ago to remember so the @ is not accurate.) All votes were on Baldwin County's computer records which had no paper trail and in the end there was no way to actually check the accuracy of the Baldwin county vote. A big fiasco ensued, with Riley flying around the state and securing all the records of votes and forbidding county election officials to do a recount, and the Republican Attorney General ruling against a recount, was just crazy. I finally stopped reading about it, so don't remember all the details. In the end Riley was declared Governor and the incumbent began pursuing measures to appeal, but in the interest of sanity and the state just let it go and conceded.

It is just as well, since the incumbent was later/recently convicted of something. (Didn't keep up with the details, was a crime politicians typically get in trouble for - bribes related to an HMO I think.)

My point being - - It may well be that folks in Alabama didn't even chose this governor.

Posted by: shonane at January 9, 2006 11:37 PM

Mary Landrieu - Senator form Louisianna - is having a very publisized meeting with Dutch about building below sea level. Bet Louisiana bocotts ?

Posted by: paul
Mary Landrieu, a Congressional representative from Louisiana, is very much a Democrat and it is highly unlikely that she will jump on a bandwagon with Republican Governors for anything. Unlikely this meeting has anything to do with Natalee's case or the boycott.

The Dutch have been helping Louisiana/New Orleans with their post Katrina recovery effort, specifically the work to rebuild the levees. From what I have heard, the State of Louisiana is most appreciate and grateful to the Netherlands for their valued skills and technical assistance in this regard.

Posted by: shonane at January 9, 2006 11:55 PM

Thank you Max for pointing out the truth. A lot of people will never realize how politically as well as religiously corrupted our state is and even if we vote for one candidate the other more saintly one wins.
In the case of the lesser of two evils I chose the incumbent because at least he was trying to bring ways to our state to help with our schools. Riley in my opinion is nothing but a bible banger who thinks money will fall from the sky courtesy of the lord(I am a christian but not a religious fanatic like some in Alabama).
Believe me we have voiced our opinions in Alabama but unfortuantly people like me are the minority since for one I am not a Southern Baptist(I am a methodist) and 2 I don't like Riley and never will like him. I plan to vote against him in the next election.

Posted by: Belle at January 10, 2006 4:44 PM

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