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January 30, 2006

HarryTho 1/30 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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This evening, despite much promise from the media, a status of silence has been sustained for the past few weeks. Today was a supposed to be a day of fireworks in Aruba. Yet, not even a fizzle from a firecracker occurred. Also, Paulus van der Sloot's suit for damages resumed today. As expected, the proceedings remained private. Whether or not, John Q. Kelly was authorized access to the proceedings is unknown. Quite frankly, the entire day and weekend have been quiet.

Checking the blogs revealed some news from the Freedom of Blog.

This news is not supported, as yet, by any published, English version of the Aruban news media; however, the poster has proven to be reliable in the past. With that in mind, what the poster reveals is that Paulus van der Sloot is claiming damages for 15 years of government service which has been damaged or ruined by the actions of the unwarranted arrest and incarceration. The amount of damages awarded is up to the judge. The judge has indicated that he would review the claims and give his decision in four weeks. No mention of the defendant's (prosecution ... Karin Janssen) opposition statements were provided. Likewise, there was no mention as to whether or not John Q. Kelly was provided access to the proceedings.

With the absence of fireworks from the prosecutor's office, I can only conclude that the interviews continue in the United States. No information, other than the paltry uttering of Beth Twitty, has been forthcoming. Apparently, the news must be embarrassing to our cable news networks in order for such silence to continue. No one, not even the most ardent blogs, has released anything.

Concerning some relation with Sunday's editorial on the tripartite coalition on oil, Citgo, an American acquisition of Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (government oil company of Venezuela) is offering 40% discounts on heating oil to low-income, American communities.

Discounted oil marks Chavez's latest bid to win over U.S. opinion:

Those brokering a deal with Citgo in the United States have been predominantly Democrats, riding a wave of antagonism between President Bush and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Despite the Democratic Party connection, the State Department welcomes the gesture and classifies it as "corporate philanthropy."

"... Alvarez, the ambassador, said Venezuela needed to address the American public directly because the media have distorted developments in his country.

The Citgo deals are 'a way of addressing the issue that some people want to present the Venezuelan government as an anti-American government,' he said. 'It's a clear way of showing there is nothing against the U.S. people.'"

More an more, oil is becoming a currency between our major political parties. The Democratic Party, perhaps embarrassed from their past performance ... outright ineptitude ... in the energy sector, seems to feel comfortable courting a left-leaning dictator in order to counter the aggressive and positive moves accomplished by the current Republican administration.

One has to wonder at such an alliance. Hugo Chavez has been successful at implanting left-leaning leaders in a number of Latin American countries. He has strengthened ties with Cuba and initiated a Latin broadcasting station in order to bring ... in his opinion ... a Latin view to Latin America. To date, it seems that some one-half of South American countries have aligned with this broadcasting station: Telesur. Our blog introduced Telesur last August 2005:

A channel of resistance: Hollywood Joins America's Enemies - Again "International News - Hyscience"

Telesur Tested by Chávez - Video

Latin America gets its own CNN ... or al-Jazeera?

USC Center on Public Diplomacy-WorldCasting

Here comes Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who blames Washington for Latin America's economic problems, and is starting his own regional satellite TV news channel called Telsur (Television of the South). Within a few weeks he is expected to have his TV satellite channel ready to beam news and documentaries throughout the Southern Hemisphere to combat U.S. influence in the area.

Telsur is said to be modeled after the controversial Middle East satellite channel al Jazeera, started on a whim by the emir of Qatar, the tiny Gulf state that now commands world attention through al Jazeera.

Many of our readers may have wondered why I wandered onto this slant of the Natalee Holloway case. Well, it could be that all the ado over distracting the American public's attention over the last eight months with an insignificant affair in Aruba has born some sour fruit with the alliance of some rather radical Democrats with the likes of someone who admires the pro-Islamic ramblings of the al Jazeera newsroom: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Despite the 40% oil discounts mentioned above, we must recall that it was Hugo Chavez who nationalized all American oil interest in Venezuela and created an anit-American broadcast station over those last eight months. Regrettably, our cable news networks were more concerned over a missing Alabama teenager than covering the buildup of this anti-American sentiment. Why?

Chavez screamed that the United States was planning an invasion of Venezuela. One of America's outspoken ministers called for the assassination of President Hugo Chavez. Was Chavez correct or just paranoid? I believe the jury remains in deliberation on the issue. Whatever the case, we should be concerned about radical Democrats aligning with Hugo Chavez. Accordingly, if the tripartite coalition unearthed in Sunday's editorial proves to have merit in the Aruba fiasco, then some unwanted and undesirable side effects have merged to haunt them. Can we even imagine that overwhelming success by the Republican leadership could result in a defection of some Democrats to a left-leaning dictatorship in order to insure their political survival?

On cable, Rita of MSNBC News interviewed Beth Twitty and Tim Miller with an excerpt of one of Jossy Mansur's tales.

Beth Twitty considers everything in Aruba underhanded. She has no idea why the Aruban authorities called off the cadaver dog search of the sand dunes. It was reported that the FBI backed off sending the cadaver dogs. Beth feels that someone may have come forward for the $250,000.00 reward and that may have trigger the call off of the FBI cadaver dogs.

Beth reveals that John Q. Kelly met with the police chief and the prosecutor today; however, he was not permitted to attend the hearing with which Paulus van der Sloot plead for damages. Beth expressed outrage at the calling off of the cadaver dogs.

Rita aired a Jossy tale about one of Joran's friends tipping off the sand dunes as suspicious location to search.

Tim Miller claims that he is unconcerned with FBI cadaver. He states that he has cadaver dogs and radar that can search the sand dunes in a couple of days. He says that he is offer to search the dunes and the underwater trench remains open. Texas EquuSearch will return to Aruba in two weeks.

Beth closed with the comment that everything with this case makes no sense.

Comment: It seems more likely that the call off the cadaver dogs came from information obtained during the interview of the Kingdom of Mountain brook teens in the United States.

Greta of Fox news seems enthralled with the Cruise ship murder and the recent Massachusetts murder. There was nothing on Natalee Holloway. For Rita to air at length and Greta to be silent, I suspect that something undesirable to the Twitty-Holloway camp has gone down.


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