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January 27, 2006

HarryTho 1/27 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Given the paucity of the news concerning the Natalee Holloway disappearance, this evening, I felt I would revisit our old friend Hushang Ansary. We should note that the HarryTho coverage will vacation over the weekend, unless some startling news develops. Next update should be Monday evening 29 January 2006.

In a prior editorial, we discussed the oil and financial industry resume of Hushang Ansary. We mentioned Ansary's Parman Capital Corporation of Houston, TX bought controlling interest in the Banco de Carib, a US $500 Million asset bank, in the Netherlands Antilles. We outlined Ansary's recent acquisitions and mergers that provided him controlling interest in the most advanced oil drilling equipment manufacturing company and the largest oil company in the world. Additionally, we pointed out a prize oil refinery on Curacao. Though this refinery was not included in any publication as an interests to Ansary, we sweetened the narrative with reasons why the Isla Refinery on Curacao would be an attractive acquisition.

A review of our three editorials from 27-29 December 2005 may be helpful in order to reacquaint oneself with activities of Hushang Ansary.

HarryTho 12/29 Natalee Holloway Commentary

HarryTho 12/28 Natalee Holloway Commentary

HarryTho 12/27 Natalee Holloway Commentary #comments

Much to our surprise, the Aruban government, seemingly unconnected to any of Ansary's intentions, suddenly and clandestinely, created a government oil company in parliament. Many elected officials in parliament were stunned by the sudden tabling of such a proposition. Yet, in one session, Aruba became from devoid of any oil interests into a country awarding concessions for oil and gas exploration. And, in parliament, it was revealed, for the first time, that some seven "secret" inquiries were in hand, requesting oil and gas exploration permits off the shores of Aruba.

Search for oil and gas resumed

ARUBA - The Parliament had authorized the government to found the Aruban oil company, Compania Arubiano di Petroleo (CAP). The idea is that this public enterprise negotiates with companies that want a concession for the search for oil and gas in the Aruban territorial waters. "Seven companies have already shown interest in the search for oil and gas in the past four years", told Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) the Parliament.

"Oduber didn't want to reveal the names of the companies. What a nonsense; we are talking about the Parliament here. I wonder why we didn't get any information on the plans", said Mike de Meza, AVP parliament-member and owner of an engineering company that works for Valero. He asked questions about the involvement of the Netherlands in the founding of CAP. "The Netherlands has a lot of experience in the field of oil and gas. Not only that; our seas concern the Kingdom. What happens if we find oil and gas? We will immediately be in conflict with Venezuela. A few years ago Colombia found a gas deposit on the Venezuelan border, which immediately caused a conflict, and the gas deposit was never exploited. There are rumours about us having a treaty with Venezuela, but I doubt that this would fix an anticipated conflict. And what if we get entangled in a war problem? We will have to depend on the Netherlands then. I think that we have to plan ahead."

Geologist Armando Curet of the DOW will be appointed acting manager of CAP. The government had promised to recruit personnel from existing public servants for CAP. The government will need to ask the Parliament permission for decisions on concessions and for the expenditure of money. There were searches for oil and gas around Aruba in the past, but the conclusion was then that the composition of the sea-bed is very good, but too young. Nowadays there is better equipment to take more accurate measurements.

Today, Aruba has Compania Arubiano di Petroleo or CAP and is filling the executive positions, as you read this editorial, with personnel from other departments. And, not 30 days from Ansary's take over of the controlling interests (51%) of Banco di Carib, Aruba finds itself with a rich, oil expert right next door in Curacao. What is really interesting is that all this activity took place within the same time frame as the search for Natalee Holloway. Had the international media and the audiences of Aruba, USA and neighboring countries not been so preoccupied with Natalee Holloway, some interested parties may have stumbled onto this sudden interests in the waters of Aruba by the leading oil experts in the world.

Just as a brainstorming exercise, allow me to juxtapose all these facts:

Hushang Ansary, republican, strong Texas Republican party donator ($100,000.00 and up), controlling interests in state-of-the-art oil drilling equipment, controlling interests in largest oil company in the world, former Minster for Finance of Iran, former head of the National Iranian Oil Company and philanthropist extraordinary (where George Bush is concerned). He lives and headquarters his companies in Houston, TX.

Boycott Bob, republican.

Secretary of State Rice, republican from Birmingham, AL, former senior oil company executive with Halliburton.

George W. Bush, republican, oil company owner and senior executive with same company as Secretary of State Rice ... Halliburton.

Headquarters of Halliburton:

5 Houston Center
1401 McKinney, Suite 2400
Houston, TX 77010-4008

Perhaps, we can expect more than cadaver dog trainers at the M Bar in Houston, TX for cocktails with Beth Twitty.

With Aloha,

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Posted by Richard at January 27, 2006 11:12 PM

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