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January 26, 2006

HarryTho 1/26 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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Despite some early promises of activity, the only buzz in the news was some remark by Dave Holloway that there would be fireworks at the end of January 2006 in Aruba. After some research, those words seem to have been attributed to Karin Janssen. Janssen has made outlandishly promising statements in the past, yet most, if not all, have fizzled out against her. I suspect this could just more of the same.

What I felt I would entertain, this evening, is the message coming from the cable news media. Although, CNN, MSNBC and Fox provide inputs to our ongoing saga, I believe, we can conclude that all these cable news sources have a track record of lying to us and promoting some Twitty-Holloway slanted agenda. With this deceit in mind, I will attempt to unearth some substantive meaning from last evening's telecasts.

For coverage, I intentionally skip Nancy Grace on CNN as un-newsworthy. Her reports and the opinions of her Council of Cacklers is more akin to hen-house ravings. John Abrams, I seldom cover, simply over conflict of air times.

Who I do cover are Rita Crosby on MSNBC and Greta of Fox News. Rita airs first in Hawaii, so I track her reports on the case first. Last evening, Rita interviewed Michelle Kosinski in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook, Jossy Mansur and John Q. Kelly. Her most important revelation was the four questions, allegedly being asked to the 21 female students by the Aruban authorities and the FBI.

Before I look over the four questions, I will discount Kosinski, the KIA Prison bimbo, and the rumor-monger Jossy Mansur. Both of these individuals have proven their discredit to news.

Let us look at the four questions:

1) Actions of the Alabama teens on 30 May 2005,
2) Aruban names are presented for recognition,
3) list of patrons at the bar of Carlos & Charlie's on 30 May 2005, and
4) photos of patrons at the bar in Carlos & Charlie's
None of the photos are of Deepak, Satish and Joran.

Clearly, these questions reveal an interest in the last evening's (30 May 2005) activity in Carlos & Chalrlie's. Some commentary, opinion only, indicated that the Aruban authorities were eliminating all other possible personnel in order to bring charges against the three (four) current suspects. Although this explanation does satisfy the curiosity of many, we must recall that MSNBC News has mislead us in the past.

To me the foregoing questions seem to be a negotiated release from a much large pool of questions. These questions are selected for release, because they do not convey any sense of guilt on the part of the Kingdom of Mountain brook teens. Obviously absent are questions concerning the consumption (all kinds) of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens at Carlos & Charlie's. Isn't this a more appropriate question for someone attempting to adduce whether or not the alleged victim was inebriated? Of course it is. Even the dullest intellect of MSNBC News could have surmised that question. Yet, it is absent from MSNBC News' list. Isn't that the very issue with which all the cable news bimbos and bozos advertised the reason for the Arubans investigators coming to Alabama? Once again, MSNBC News is slanting their telecast.

Greta of Fox News followed MSNBC News. Greta only aired an interview with Jug Twitty. Despite all his outcries against the suspects, last evening, Jug seemed more subdued and resigned to an endless life of his wife traveling around the country chasing photo opportunities. Although not advertised, I suspect that the upcoming Houston cocktail party was on his mind. He has been sentenced to a life of endless cocktail parties. His wife has abandoned her job, and he is left making ends meat on what is left to their cozy life in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook. Greta captures the inner spirit of Jug Twitty as: arrest the students ... arrest the suspects ... or close the case. I suspect that the true message of Greta's telecast, obviously not intended, was not Jug's dire situation, but, in fact, the overwhelming defeat of the arrogance of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook with the coming of the Aruban investigators, escorted by the FBI.

In short, last evening's airing on both MSNBC and Fox news were more of the same slanting of this entire case to the American people. Clearly, MSNBC and Fox news cannot be trusted to present any facts in any case in their airings.

The only saving grace in last evening's telecast was John Q. Kelly's immediate debunking of the nonsense reported by Kosinski and Mansur. Interestingly, this is precisely what he should be doing as an officer of the court. One could say that he is exercising his responsibility to insure the truth prevails. Regrettably, like our blog, John Q. Kelly finds himself in a lonely corner.

Rita of MSNBC News had nothing concerning Natalee Holloway.

Greta of Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty. Succintly, Beth Twitty's responses can be summed up with: "I don't know, Greta."

Greta asked about the ongoing interviews, content of the questions (despite advertising new information!), Carlos & Charlie patron photos, relation of photos to investigation and status of the Aruban investigation in America. Beth claimed that the last time she spoke with any of the Aruban authorities was in August 2005. She deflected the question to John Q. Kelly tells what I need to know. Beth mentions that she is glad that she hired John Q. Kelly. She had only hearsay on the cadaver dogs. Like I said in the beginning, Beth knew nothing about nothing!

Greta summoned her Council of Ted Williams, Bernie Grimm, Jim Hammer and Jeff Brown.

Jeff commenced expressing his opinion that the Aruban authorities were flashing photos of other patrons at Carlos & Charlie's, because they had new suspects in the case. Jim Hammer classified the latest Aruban investigations as fumbling around, because they were lost. He puts his hopes on Karin Janssen arresting someone at the end of January 2006. Ted discounts any idea of rape. He feels the Arubans are matching up the inconsistencies of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. Bernie states that he feels that the Aruban police cannot face Beth Twitty and tell her that they are done and have come up with nothing.

This evening's cable news airing were worthless.

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