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January 25, 2006

HarryTho 1/25 Natalee Holloway Commentary

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I believe the best discussion we can offer this evening is to debunk some spectacular news that hit Dan Riehl's blog. Yesterday, a poster, identified as "Susan S" announced on RWV that a 19-year-old student had confessed to the murder of Natalee Holloway just prior to being interviewed by the Aruban investigators and FBI.

The alleged confession was supported by an active link to Channel 13 news in Birmingham, AL. Yet, once the link appeared on screen, the article with the confession was absent.

A check of the list of classmates for the graduating class of 2005 from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook did not reveal the alleged confessor's name. Accordingly, I felt the report may have been a red herring, designed to mislead Dan's audience. Apparently, the audience of Dan's blog must have felt otherwise. The alleged confession spread rapidly, inundating newsroom with inquiries.

Today, NBC13 News prints this clarification:

Internet Hoaxter Posts News Of Confession In Holloway Case

POSTED: 1:24 pm CST January 25, 2006. UPDATED: 4:56 pm CST January 25, 2006

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- False information on an Internet blog has caused a stir among those following the Natalee Holloway case.

E-mails were sent to NBC 13 asking for confirmation of information posted on another site's Internet blog about the Natalee Holloway case.

The false information was posted on a blog and claimed it came from the NBC 13's Web site. The false information alleged that a teen had confessed to the murder of Natalee Holloway.

NBC 13 has not reported this information and is working toward dispelling the hoax.

Fortunately, this hoax was quickly dispelled; however, the ease with which such hoaxters penetrate blog discussions should be cause for alarm. How many hoaxters slipped ridiculous leads into the case discussions when the investigative activities were restricted to Aruba. To my knowledge, the Aruban media has not taken an active stance on dispelling vile rumors.
Aruba Truth soon formed with the specific purpose of dispelling rumors, mostly those propagated by the Twitty-Holloway camp via the cable news media. However, from the audacity of NBC13 News hoaxter, many more rumors may have originated that were not the doing of the Twitty-Holloway camp.

For example, the infamous crab trap seemed to develop a life of its own. Tim Miller and Art Wood still believe it and are acting upon the rumor. Despite the best efforts of the Aruban police, the crab trap theory maintains a stronghold on many blogs. One can imagine other ridiculous theories that have imbedded themselves into the case. What about "No body, No crime"? Despite denials by the alleged author of that phrase himself, the phrase is believed as gospel and has been the prime mover of the negative view cast upon a respectable member of the Dutch court. Fact is: Paulus van der Sloot never utter those words.

Clearly, despite the best efforts of our blog to dispel such nonsense, the hoaxters have sustained the upper hand. In some case, it just seems more beneficial to believe in the hoax than to grapple with reality. A prime example here is the actions of the Alabama legislature. The legislators voted unanimously to support an illegal boycott, despite ample references to their contradiction. They were aware that their actions affronted the US Constitution, but they simply did not care. They have been overcome with a pseudo-religious frenzy that guides their actions in a manner reminiscent of Brian's predictions, posted in yesterday's editorial. The Alabama legislature discarded reality in order to make a last stand to save their political careers. Like the Billy Joel song "Saigon": "... we'll all go down together...," the Alabama legislators rally around Boycott Bob.

In an another discouraging sense, it is precisely these hoaxes that seem to keep the cable news networks active and enchanting to their naive audiences. One can almost hypothesize that if it were not for hoaxes, the cable news bimbos and bozos would be out of work.

On cable news:

Rita of MSNBC News interviewed Michelle Kosinski, Jossy Mansur and John Q. Kelly.

Michelle is a MSNBC News reporter who caused the ruckus in KIA Prison with the unauthorized filming of Joran van der Sloot. Also, Michelle was the one fabricating the flooding report in New England ... the canoe in 4 inches of water where the firemen walking between the MSNBC News camera and Michelle in the canoe. Nevertheless, Michelle apparently has been resurrected. She was in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook interviewing people in the community. She aired one parent of a student who accompanied Natalee Holloway to Aruba: Lisa Andersen. Lisa felt that closure to this case was needed.

Michelle revealed that it was one of Natalee classmates that triggered the lead to the lighthouse area. She stated that the word is that cadaver dogs will search the area soon. With respect to tips, Michelle mentioned that some 100 leads come in per day; however, only about 10% prove to be interesting.

Rita then aired some of the questions being asked to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students:

1) Actions of the Alabama teens on 30 May 2005,
2) Aruban names are presented for recognition,
3) list of patrons at the bar of Carlos & Charlie's on 30 May 2005, and
4) photos of patrons at the bar in Carlos & Charlie's
None of the photos are of Deepak, Satish and Joran.

Jossy Mansur came on next with his insights into the Aruban investigation. He claims the lighthouse lead came from one of Joran's friends. He said that questions are being asked about the night before in the Excelsior Casino. Also, Karin Janssen will reveal some important items at the end of the month, according to Jossy.

John Q. Kelly felt that the questions above were intended to eliminate other possible suspects in the case. He believes that the three suspects are guilty, and doesn't believe that any of the current activity is a result of new leads. He stated that the Aruban investigators were planning the sand dune search and the Alabama interviews months ago. Also, the sand dunes are being turned over in order to enable the cadaver dogs to have a been chance to scent something under the dunes. John said that an Aruban helicopter is hovering above the sand dunes in order to better turn over the sand. He expects the cadaver dogs in within a week. Also, it was obvious to me that John is doing his part to debunk the allegations of Josie and Michelle.

Greta of Fox News interviewed Jug Twitty.

To say the least, Jug had difficulty with this interview. He often repeated how much he supported Beth. His position is that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids would cooperate and answer every question without hesitation. He states that neither he nor Beth has talked to any of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids, after that had been interviewed by the Aruban authorities or the FBI. He feels strongly that these interviews should have been held shortly after Natalee disappeared. He claims the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids would have flown to Aruba in order to assist in the investigation. However, when Greta asked him if any of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids traveled to Aruba to participate in any of the searches, Jug responded with a definite "No."

Jug was quick to polarize the responses of Joran, Deepak, Satish and Paulus as compared to the open, willing-to-cooperate responses of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. He feels the Aruban investigations is in fact a good faith effort.

In response to how Beth and he cope with all this tragedy, he said that he supports Beth totally, and that Beth and he pray together. Jug desires a quick resolve to the case. He wants the Arubans to finish their investigations in the USA, then to go back and resolve the case with an arrest of the students, an arrest of the suspects or close the case.

Greta closed with an estimation that Jug is experiencing indescribable pain over these new investigations.

And that's Aloha for tonight.

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