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January 24, 2006

HarryTho 1/24 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Updated)

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This evening I will entertain some of the latest media revelations. First, and foremost, I have to discuss the latest airing on the cable news networks that, for the first time, statements are being made that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students made contradictory statements to the Aruban authorities, FBI and on some of the cable news networks. Can anyone believe these revelations? After some eight months, someone on the cable news networks is bold enough to suggest that some of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students may have lied. I find this sudden emergence of courage remarkable.

To think for one minute that the cable news networks' bias for the Twitty- Holloway camp and Boycott Bob's lunacy may be crumbling in the face of reality is a phenomenon worthy of accreditation. A special cable news award should be created for such epiphanies of judgment. Here I was thinking that the cable news bimbos were incapable of rational thought beyond the evaluation of their ratings.

Is it true that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens made inconsistent statements? Of course, it is. It has been that way for the entire duration of Joran van der Sloot's incarceration. It has been that way since the beginning of the case. Was it a mere slip of the tongue? No, it was deliberate. Many observers commented on the blogs with great vigor. Yet, no one in authority paid any attention. The FBI just went to sleep, after they greeted a few of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students. The rest of Alabama commenced a lynch mob-like vigil against the three suspects and Aruba in general. The Alabama legislature ventured further into lunacy by concocting some ridiculous reason to boycott Aruba's tourism.

Why was such lying protected? Within a few weeks it was apparently clear that the current suspects did not harm Natalee Holloway. Within a few weeks, declarations came in that supported the appearance of Natalee Holloway within the area of the Holiday Inn well after Joran van der Sloot claimed to have left her on the Marriott Beach. Yet, Joran van der Sloot remained incarcerated. Why?

Within a month, I will speculate, the Aruban police had accumulated ample evidence that illegal activity abounded between the less respectable aspect of Aruban society and the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. Within that same time frame, the Aruban authorities arrived, more and more, to the realization that the Twitty-Holloway camp withheld much needed information from them. Yet, the Aruban authorities sustained their belief in the guilt of the current suspects.

By the time of Joran van der Sloot's release, there must have been overwhelming evidence that the scenario subscribed to by the Aruban police was erroneous. Even the Dutch Court penalized them with prejudicial adjudications. Yet, the Aruban authorities and the cable news media sustained their erroneous beliefs.

Why are the cable news networks suddenly flexing into a position with which they disregarded from the onset of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? What in fact is going on? It would be incredulous to contend that they suddenly discovered the inconsistencies of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students. The inconsistencies were so great and so many, some blogs carried testaments to these lies, affectionately referred to as "Beth's 22 lies," as doormats to their comment sections.

What is more, it was obvious to many observers, early on, that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids were coached in the cable news appearances. Not only were the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids lying, someone was assisting them in doing so. American audiences watched as the cable news networks adulterated their airings with this sham. Despite the obvious nature of the lying and deceit, Boycott Bob and his 27 state senators managed to delude themselves and declare a boycott against Aruba. Apparently, the elected officials will take the word of liars in order to press their convictions of lunacy. As for the Alabama FBI, they just went back to sleep. The adventure into lunacy evolved further as Boycott Bob wrote to all 49 other governors and urge them to join him a such deceitful enterprise.

What are we to think of all this? Obviously, the cable news networks contained people capable of critical thinking. Someone must have raised a flag of concern. We have to believe that those taping the coached sessions with the Kingdom of Mountain Brook liars suspected that they were being coached. Or, I suppose, a prerequisite for employment with the cable news networks is an ability to remain silent in presence of injustice and deceit. Is that into which our cable news media has evolved? You need to be a liar and a coward to host a cable news show.

To be absolutely fair in this Alabama investigation, the Aruban authorities should be able to interview all those employees of the cable news networks who filmed and edited the airings of the past eight months concerning the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. In this way, we can be certain of what the interviewees have declared under oath.

Truly, this despicable affair in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook is a harbinger of American integrity. I would restrict my reference to the state of Alabama; however, I fear Alabama ceased to exists as a reference on integrity early on this investigation.

Before I close, I received an email today suggesting that Natalee Holloway resides, willingly, in the Juan Mina Hotel in Barranquilla, Colombia with someone she met in Aruba named "JJ." Do any of our readers have any information on this person "JJ"?

Here is the source of this information: 63 Correct Lottery picks in 2005, and 96% of my dreams have come true. Ass seen on CNN, BBC, ABC, CBS an..


We think we have found Natalie!!! She was spotted outside Motel El Faraon here in Columbia, a friend called her name, she then glanced at us and ran away. It appears that she may be staying in the hotel.


note: I have been unable to verify this

Brian >>> PUBLICAR

A particular comment made by Angela Munzenhofer caught my eye:

I read your post back in the beginning of June about Nate in Hawaii don't let her go to this party. I know the party, the island is Aruba and the three boys are innocent. Please contact me I want peace for the island of Aruba and Hope I can send your family here for one week in paradise for all your hard work.
Thank you Angela Munzenhofer

Update: On cable news, Rita on MSNBC news interviewed a Birmingham reporter (Mike Reyer?), Beth Twitty, Clint van Zandt and Pat Brosnan.The Birmingham reporter outlined that the Aruban investigators will travel to four universities: Auburn, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa), University of Tennessee and UAB. They will interview 18-20 students over a 10-day to 2-week period. The reporter aired comments form the Kingdom of Mountain Brook residents that it was "about time" that the investigation came to Alabama. They stressed that they have arrived at nothing in Aruba, so the investigation has to come to Alabama.

Beth Twitty came on next with her usual lines of sexual assault and the Aruban authorities have all the information that they need to press charges against current suspects. She travels down a path highlighting Joran befriending of the entire Kingdom of Mountain Brook group and robbed them of something valuable. Beth continued with the statement that the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens have always been willing to come forward and provide whatever assistance the investigation needed. To that, she claims, there has been no question.

When Rita probed Beth about her contacts with the students, Beth avoided the question and spun her response into her usual default settings. When it appeared she was cornered, she resorted to Congressman Bacchus' optimism of the investigations.

Pat Brosnan felt that the interviews were extremely valuable. He feels the Aruban authorities should take the students along a detailed chronological timeline from the time they set foot on Aruba until they left. He feels that insights will come from their insignificant detail. Pat lauds the face-to-face encounters. He believes that both the Aruban authorities and the FBI will be able to discern much from the facial expressions of the students, as they respond to their questions. In closing, Pat concludes that the benefit from these face-to-face interviews outweighs the trauma to the students.

Clint van Zandt appears next and repeats Beth's statement that the Aruban authorities have already interviewed all these students. He feels the Arubans should do what they need to do in order to press charges against the three suspects. Also, Clint feels that the Aruban investigators are getting more latitude than the FBI received in Aruba.

Comment: Apparently, the interviews will confront a select group of Kingdom of Mountain Brook students. Chaperones were not names as interviewees. From what has been reported, the main focus is the last night outside Carlos & Charlie's.

Greta of fox News interviewed John Q. Kelly and Dave Holloway. John Q. Kelly was not optimistic about the interviews in Alabama. He stated that 21 girls who accompanied Natalee to Aruba would be interviewed. I got the impression from John that he rates the investigation as worthless. He feels his relationship with Karin Janssen is productive. He does not have a good feeling about a resolution in the case. He says optimistically it should a 50-50 proposition. On the question of correct actions by the Aruban authorities, John avoids a direct answer and slips into the fact that they are doing correct things now.

Greta and John exchanged ideas on Paulus van der Sloot's damage case, set for hearing on 20 January 2006. John explained that his letter, requesting admission to the hearing, has been forwarded by the three judges to whom he wrote it to another judge for a response. John is not hopeful that he will be allowed to attend. However, he does allude to allowing some sunshine in in order to bring some credibility to the Dutch legal system. I suspect, he would want those allusions retracted.

While waiting for Dave Holloway to be interviewed, Greta re-aired an interview at the wall in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook with three of Natalee' classmates (girls). None of the girls made derogatory statements about Joran's behavior around them at the Excelsior Casino or Carlos & Charlie's. The girls were emphatically positive that Natalee was not intoxicated.

Dave Holloway comes on with reports that he spoke with some of the guys from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students. He relayed the same story of Natalee exiting Carlos & Charlie's with the group, then she re-entered the club for some 15 minutes upon which time she exited again with Deepak Kalpoe. Dave told Greta that the investigators discussed a drug known as GHB (prevalent in Aruba) that gets put in drinks and has an activation time of 15 minutes. However, Dave stressed that only speculation exists that GHB was placed in one of Natalee's drinks. Dave favors the investigation in Alabama. Dave was not that optimistic over a resolution on the investigation.

Greta held her Council of Ted Williams, Jeff Brown, Bernie Grimm and Jim Hammer. Ted commended the re-checks; however, he felt the less optimistic about any resolution. Jim traveled down some possible sexual assault scenario based upon statements, attributed to Joran, that Joran never made. He needs to settle into the orbit of this investigation. Jeff Brown was not optimistic at all. He feels that no matter what the investigators confirm from the girls, there exists no proof of wrongdoing. Lastly, Bernie Grimm followed the same erroneous thinking as Jim Hammer.

Comment: For a group clamoring for progress in the investigation, it seems odd that they now degrade the efforts of the Aruban authorities to bring clarity to the case. I can only speculate that this group interprets progress in the investigation as prosecution of the suspects whatever the evidence.

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