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January 23, 2006

HarryTho 1/23 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Updated)

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Getting back on track, I thought I would toss a hot potato into the mix this evening. In the past few editorials, last week, as well as in the comment sections of our editorials, I entertained the topic of the ease of access with which the blue-eyed Dutch boy met with a number of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens at the Holiday Inn. After some reflection on the matter, I concluded that the blue-eyed Dutch boy had to have been protected in order to operate so openly.

Furthermore, it is conceivable that the blue-eyed Dutch boy had an accomplice in the state of Alabama. Perhaps it was someone who met with the blue-eyed Dutch boy from a prior graduating class of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook. Our readers should recall that this was not the first such graduation trip to Aruba. In fact, it was the seventh trip in a row.

Another topic of discussion lately is the alleged letter that Natalee Holloway sent to Paulus van der Sloot, Beth Twitty and the FBI. Another blog, previously identified in our comment section, claims that Dave Holloway has responded to a series of their questions. One of the questions requested the status of the Natalee's alleged letter. In response (allegedly from Dave Holloway), the site posted that the letter was a hoax, since it only contained DNA from Paulus van der Sloot.

Given the timing and the days past the published authentication date of 10 January 2006, I would have to conclude, based upon the past modus operandi of the Aruban authorities, that the letter was in fact a hoax. Interestingly, the responder to the other blog's questions added a significant item of interest: The letter only contained Paulus van der Sloot's DNA.

Clearly, the three suspects: Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers do not possess the capability of orchestrating such a letter and then cleansing it of all extraneous DNA. When you think of it, cleansing a letter of all remnants of DNA is a difficult task. Could the police force supervising the Kingdom of Mountain Brook perform such a task with complete assurance of cleanliness? I suspect probably not. So, who could have sent such a letter? The Aruban authorities, perhaps? I doubt it. They have to send all their potential evidence to the Dutch Forensic Institute (DFI) for evaluation. Certainly, any DNA testing would be required to be appraised in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Clearly, this eliminates a number of authors, now doesn't it? What is more, everyone knows that the FBI will check this letter. The FBI's forensic laboratory is the best in the world. So, who sent the letter?

Before I expose my notion of the author of the letter, I want to revisit the possible connection between the blue-eyed Dutch boy and a possible accomplice in Alabama. As narrated in our blog's comment sections, this was the seventh graduation trip to Aruba. I postulated that prior graduating classes made connections and may have recommended these connections to each successive graduating classes. This is no big deal. One prior graduate passes along the phone number of a good hook-up in Aruba. I suspect we can all envision such a scenario.

What if the connection became much more lucrative than a few chance hook-ups? Aruba had been known in the past as a major transshipment point for drugs of every nature. Venezuela and Colombia are a mere one hour or so fastboat-ride away. What if the connection was real good and extended, permanently, way into Alabama?

In support of this possible scenario, we should recall that police, via Visibility Teams, patrol the hotel area constantly. How could the blue-eyed Dutch boy, summoned by phone calls from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens residing at the Holiday Inn, ease his way past all this security and meet with the students, many times? He must have had some form of protection. The Visibility Team leaders (possibly Aruban police) must have known him and were aware of his intentions. If they knew what the blue-eyed Dutch boy was doing, then it seems logical to conclude that many knew of the blue-eyed Dutch boy's intentions. One might even conclude that the blue-eyed Dutch boy' courier-ing made the graduation trip that more appealing to each success class. Catering to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook graduates may have been his business. And, everyone in the hotel area (well, at least, the Holiday Inn) knew it. These services may have been how the Holiday Inn assured repeat business.

What does this have to do with Natalee's letter? The FBI sent the perfectly-cleansed letter. Why? The FBI, in collusion with the Aruban authorities, wanted to rustle the bushes to scare the snakes (so to speak). The letter would get people talking. First, it would confirm the accuracy of the DFI. Second, it would alert any activity within the police community of Aruba that may have been involved in Natalee's disappearance. Third, it would spook the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens who may have been involved in her disappearance. Fourth, it may have verified a connection between Aruba and Alabama concerning the possibilities that I am suggesting. Remember, if someone did, in fact, abduct Natalee, then those personnel not in contact with the current whereabouts of Natalee would be nervous over such a letter. Also, those knowledgeable of Natalee's demise would be unaffected, now wouldn't they? But, they would certainly communicate with others in cahoots with them for the humor in the letter.

In concluding, I suspect that the Aruban authorities and the FBI have acquired a clear picture of the ongoings on the night that Natalee disappeared.

This trip to Alabama may just be formality in order to explore just how deep the "graduation trip conveniences" extended.

On cable tonight, Rita Crosby of MSNBC News interviewed Steve Cohen (in person) and Dave Holloway (over the phone).

Steve explained that the Aruban authorities are coming to America in order to interview the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. The FBI will conduct the investigations and the Arubans will observe. This arrangement was negotiated in Barbados. Basically, the way Steve describes it, the intent is to get a feel for Natalee's state of mind and physical state on the night in question.

Dave Holloway came on and revealed that when he spoke with Paulus van der Sloot early on in the case, Paulus directed Dave back to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids. Dave has never mentioned this before! Then, Dave mentioned some confusing statements made by the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids. One comment seems to be important. One witness claims Natalee was with the group leaving Carlos & Charlie's, then , for some reason, she went back into Carlos & Charlie's. Some 15 minutes later, she came back outside with Deepak holding her arm. The other witnesses from the same group claim she emerged with Jotran van der Sloot. When Natalee was with all the Kingdom of Mountain Brook kids, they claim she was fine.

Rita returned to Steve Cohen who reported that the interviews will take place primarily in the Kingdom of Mountain Brook. However, there is a list of students who will be interviewed at the universities that they currently attend. As for the sand dunes, Steve reported that it is merely a re-look at the scene. Right now, all searches at the sand dunes have been suspended. Steve explains that they are awaiting some specialized dogs in order to continue the search. Also, the Aruban authorities are sifting through what they have collected so far from the sand dune area.

On Greta, Bernie Grimm stated that Natalee's friends claim that Natalee was not drunk when she left Carlos & Charlie's. So, this statement contradicts just about all the accusations claimed by Beth Twitty. Bernie was commenting that the entire case needs to re-thought with this statement by Natalee's friends.

The last comment was by Bernie that Beth Twitty has tremendous resolve.

The caption under Greta's airing was that the Aruban authorities were coming to America to interview the Kingdom of Mountain Brook students.

Update: Dan at RWV is also covering the story on Aruban authorities coming to America to interview the MB students, and has a link to the FoxNews coverage of their forthcoming trip.

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