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January 21, 2006

HarryTho 1/20 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Posted on 1/21)

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As a reminder, the next Natalee Holloway update will be Monday Evening 23 January 2006.

This evening, I will juxtapose a number of pieces of information about the Natalee Holloway case that, for whatever reason, have been overlooked. First, let me begin with a review of some past editorial comments. In a distant editorial, I elaborated upon Mickey John's unfortunate entrainment into this entire affair. The poor security guard was nabbed by mistake by Aruban authorities, as a result of misinformation provided by three of the current suspects.

During Mickey John's arrest at his home, we discovered soon that he had no alibi from midnight to 6:00 AM on the morning in question. From 9:30 PM to midnight, he was at the Holiday Inn seeing a friend. Also, it was reported that some items (cameras), belonging to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens, were discovered in his room. During his initial contact with the Aruban police arresting him, he informed the police why he was being arrested, before the police informed him of the reason. Later, he would explain that he saw Greta and thought she was Karin Janssen. Regrettably, Mickey John and his partner in security guarding were incarcerated for some ten days.

While in custody, a number of women, all blonde, made statements that Mickey John had approached them while they were alone in Aruba. Comments ranged from pleasant greetings to implicit suggestions of sex. Some men even mentioned how friendly Mickey John was to American tourists at the hotel where they stayed. Clearly, Mickey John was a friendly and helpful employee wherever he was working. From what I can gather, the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens came to his aid when he was falsely arrested. Other than the blondes who made comments about some of his sensuous remarks, the impression conveyed was that he was wonderful fellow to get to know. All indications pointed in the direction that he was innocent of whatever charges were filed against him. The Aruban police must have reasoned, likewise, since they never interrogated the two security guards during their entire incarceration for ten days.

During the end of that ten day period, they were joined by the three current suspects. For some reason, Mickey and his partner were separated and placed in holding cells adjacent two of the current suspects. They initiated conversation with the two of the current suspects and reported the content of those conversations to the Aruban authorities. Though, in the suspects failed story to the Aruban police, they never fingered the two security guards in custody, one of the suspects apologized to the security guards for getting them arrested. With this "confession" from one of the three suspects, the two security guards were released; whereas, the current three suspects remained incarcerated.

Upon release, exuberance spilled out everywhere from the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens and Twitty-Holloway camp. To most Americans, including me, I felt justice had been served. The three suspects were breaking down and a confession was imminent.

Greta of Fox News, gloating with glee, interviewed Mickey John at his residence. Mickey John made clear what I wrote above; however, Greta avoided any mention of the items belonging to the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens. During the middle of her interview, Greta asked Mickey what should be done with the Aruban police that falsely arrested him. Mickey elaborated, in elementary rhetoric, that they should all be poured into a volcano fire pit and be dissolved forever. Succinctly, he was referring to cremation in order to rid ant trace of their presence from our world.

As the summer wore on and the investigation and interrogations seem to bog down, many posters provided theories. I concocted a few myself (smiling). During one of the discussions, an Aruban poster mailed our blog with some startling news that the Aruban authorities arrested Mickey and his partner in order to spook the current suspects. I found this to be a strange tactics, and, at the time, I just blew it off as nonsense. After all, police do not just arrest someone for no reason just to get others to break. Yet, as time went on, the Aruban police did just that to Paulus van der Sloot in order to get Joran van der Sloot to confess.

When the summer turned into autumn, the three suspects were released. Time had run out on the Aruban police. They had no confessions and no evidence. Everything went wild. Alabama soon resolved to boycott Aruba (illegally). Yet, nothing has changed. The three suspects are as adamant of their innocence now as they were when they were first arrested. My question: How could three island boys outwit some of the best interrogators in the world? That would be impossible. They must be innocent.

So, in reflection, I reviewed why the Aruban police had arrested the two security guards. With some help from Aruban emailers, I focused on the manner in which the police handled the two security guards. They were arrested, incarcerated, never interrogated, then placed in cells alongside two of the current three suspects, initiated conversations with the two suspects and reported all their conversations with the two suspects to the Aruban police. Simply, they were informants. The reason that they were never interrogated is that they were working for the police. How long? I have no idea. Maybe it was some arrangement negotiated between their attorney and the police: squeal on the current suspects, and we let you free. It is a plausible arrangement. I can buy into that story.

Now, this day comes a post on the Freedom Bog:

From the Aruban Media - General Discussion Posted: Fri Jan 20th, 2006 02:26 am

This part might have been posted early on, but today it was in the media.

An American doctor who visits Aruba on a regular basis and stays at Holiday In, stayed there the same time when the MB students were there. The family was here on the island and they had a male friend that came along. He friend is a drugaddict and bought drugs from a black male outside the Holiday Inn.

One time the friend did not pay the seller the full amount and he pointed at a lady who were also staying with them at the hotel and told the seller that she has to pay him. She was staying in a room in front of the room in which Natalee Holloway was supposed to be staying.

One night the seller (I won't call him a dealer since some would spread it as a Casino worker or maybe they had already) came back for the lady and threatened her that if she did not pay up, something will happen to her. The same thing happened again the next night, but this time an younger white guy was with the black guy and threatened her again for the money. The lady talked to the friend and the friend promised to pay the sellers the next morning.

However the friend, took off the island the next morning, and the lady also decided to go back before her scheduled departure because she was scared. So, the sellers were never paid. Back in the States, when she saw the news of Natalee's disappearance the lady immediately recognize one of the security guard as the seller.

The family came back in July and were interviewed by the police. And the F.B.I. also have the information. When they talked to Beth Twitty, she insisted that it was Joran who killed Natalee. They could not understand why this information has never come forward. The lady has a perfect resemblance to Natalee Holloway. -- MF

As John Q. Kelly would phrase it: "Disturbing!" I pray our readers can discern who the black guy is in the narrative above by MF. Question now becomes: who the white guy could be?

Albert, another Aruban poster, reported that a blue-eyed Dutch boy often came to the Holiday Inn in order to meet with an number of the Kingdom of Mountain Brook teens (mostly females), including Natalee Holloway. I wonder why he came so often!

In recap, the two security guards were police informants. One, according to the Freedom Blog post above, was involved in the drug trade. Mickey John was in the Holiday Inn from 9:30 PM to Midnight on the night that Natalee Holloway disappeared. He has no alibi from midnight to 6:00 AM. Presumably, Mickey John was outside the Holiday Inn, in the surrounding area, when Joran left Natalee Holloway on the Marriott Beach. Natalee Holloway would have had to walk from the Marriott Beach to the Holiday Inn. Mickey John was a police informant who provided the only plausible method of making Natalee Holloway disappear: cremation (volcano fire) ... the island's molten foundry. It was Mickey John who first uttered "No body, no crime." Those words come from a police dialect and not from a judge or lawyer.

I will let the Aruban police sort this out.

More news will be posted over the weekend, as it is received.

With Aloha,

Posted by Richard at January 21, 2006 5:01 AM

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