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January 17, 2006

HarryTho 1/17 Natalee Holloway Commentary (Updated)

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This evening I thought I would do a recap of the latest news out of Aruba from last evening through today. First, the sand dune search has turned up nothing, despite rumors of a bloody sneaker discovered late yesterday.

More than 50 police officers began searching a 1-square-mile area on Monday, said Gerold Dompig, Aruba's chief of police. But the search was suspended Tuesday because the force could not continue to devote so many officers to the undertaking.

"We can't pull 55 people from the Aruba police force since the island only has about 250 police," Dompig said. "We do need that many people to do the search."

The zone being searched is roughly the size of 8 soccer fields, or 1 square mile (2.59 sq. kilometers), Dompig said, adding that almost half the area was searched on Monday.

Authorities might resume the search as early as Thursday, police said. They intended to search the area one more time after that.
In a supplemental article from the Caribbean News briefs, we discover that the search was postponed, after a 3-soccer-fields size area was probed.
"We covered about 3 soccer fields today," Dompig said Monday.
By the way, other Aruban sources on other blogs are beginning to breathe hints about the two Aruban investigative team agents that flew to Barbados. This could be a real lead and not some prank! Authorities have not found Holloway's body. Police said they were using photos and maps to comb through the sand dunes, which they have considered a place of interest since the investigation began.

The dunes had been searched at least once before, Dompig said.

Authorities said they ordered the new search as part of a review of the initial investigation.From the Bon Dia Newspaper and my limited translation ability, we have a repeat story (page 3 top) of Antonio Carlo motioning the appellate court for a declaratory judgment in order to acquire a copy of the report from the Dutch Forensic Institute concerning the manipulated Dr. Phil Show tapes aired against Deepak Kalpoe. I could not discern if a decision had been reached. I got the impression from the article that Bon Dia was awaiting the decision of the court. Also, no information has been released about the amount of monetary damages awarded Paulus van der Sloot for wrongful incarceration.

The Bon Dia Newspaper offered two other articles of interest. One article covered Dave Holloway's promotion of Corruption in Aruba (page 3 bottom). Bon Dia questioned the timing of Dave Holloway's book on Corruption in Aruba just after the Public affairs Minister announces that Natalee Holloway could be dead. From my limited translation ability, the Bon Dia suggests that a "made-for-TV" movie might be in the works that would shed a negative light upon Aruba.

A second article announces a negotiation taking place amongst, Aruba's Tiara Air, Air Canada and the Boeing Corporation (page 10). From what I can discern, Aruba's Tiara Air will service Air Canada passenger jets traveling between Vancouver and Maracaibo, Venezuela and Santa Matha, Colombia. Reads like more passenger air travel to Aruba is in the works. Apparently, the Alabama boycott has not made much of an impact in Canada or with Boeing. I believe it goes without saying that the boycott has had no effect on Colombia and Venezuela.

From the Amigoe Newspaper, we have media clash reported: Attorney General (AG) Theresa Croes-Fernandes Perna clashed with the media yesterday. She held a press conference about the work of the Public Prosecution (OM), but refused to answer questions. The Amigoe did not provide any other details.

From Dan at Riehl World View: Natalee Holloway - Aruba Boycott Update displays the Georgia Chamber of Commerce's ability to think for themselves and act upon their convictions.

And in this link of Dan's we have a link to an article that contradicts what appears to actually be occurring in Aruba. Police Chief Dompig wants nothing to do with Tim Miller. Although I'm a little unsure of what Dan is getting at here, it does offer another side. I believe that our info comes from Arubans with connections as to how Police Chief Dompig actually feels about all this media show, but Dan's post offers a perspective to consider.

From Expatica, we revisit the Dutch troop deployment to Afghanistan:

Expatica's Dutch news in English: Dutch public divided on Afghan deployment

Eight out of 10 Dutch people support peace missions to aid reconstruction in a country such as Afghanistan.

But only 46 percent of the 1,200 people polled for news programme Netwerk believe sending troops to the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan will help. The Netherlands ready has 600 soldiers in other parts of the country.

Netwerk reported on Monday night 47 percent are against new mission to Afghanistan and 37 percent are in favour. The other 16 percent had no opinion.

The number of people opposed to contributing 1.200 to a 6,000-strong Nato force is roughly equal to the figure in the Maurice de Hond poll last week.

A large number (56
percent) are against a new deployment of Dutch forces if it is mainly to support the US in the "war on terror". A similar number don't believe the mission to Uruzgan will help in that regard. A quarter of those polled think it will.

About half believe it is right to have a long debate on the pros and cons of the Uruzgan deployment. But two thirds feel politicians in The Hague have handled the issue badly and only 4 percent of the respondents think the performance of MPs and ministers on the issue has been good.

The Netwerk poll shows a real divide on the question of potential military casualties: 45 percent of the people are not prepared to accept casualties, while 42 percent are.

From this article, the deployment of the Dutch troops to Afghanistan is not that fruitless a notion by the Dutch Parliament.

Update: On cable news last night:

Greta of Fox News interviewed Julia Renfro, via telephone. Julia reviewed the sand dune search and confirmed all that we have posted on the subject. She stated that all persons associated, or whoever may have met, with any of the suspects, Natalee Holloway, the Twittys, Holloways and press have been interviewed a few times. Julia admitted being interviewed three times for about 45 minutes by Aruban investigators.

Julia informed Greta that Paulus van der Sloot was sworn in as a lawyer today. He will work for the law firm of Antonio Carlo, Joran's attorney. Julia explained that Paulus was studying for his Aruban law exam as well as a judgeship. While in Aruba, Paulus taught law at the university. He actually has never practiced law in Aruba. He practiced law in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Lastly, Julia confirmed that Aruban investigators are hurrying to another Caribbean island. A tip came in yesterday afternoon that Natalee Holloway was alive and on this other Caribbean island.

In anticipation of a positive result from this last lead and since the island lies along the human smuggling route exposed in this blog, a map of the Caribbean is provided.

Atlas: Caribbean

Out of respect for a request and the belief that Natalee's life could be in danger, if she is indeed alive, we will not identify the island in question.

With Aloha,

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