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January 25, 2006

Deus Caritas Est

Topics: Faith

Pope Benedict XVI is due to release his first encyclical entitled "Deus Caritas Est" - God is love this week.

The encyclical will address the Divine meaning of love, as well as addressing what humans understand as love and how love is being abused in our world today.

This encyclical was started by Pope John Paul II and has been completed by Pope Benedict XVI.

I expect that this encyclical will be greeted with howls of protest from the usual gaggle of geese who emerge in the MSM when such pronouncements are made. As I read this story, my attention was drawn to another story from October relating to the synod of Bishops and Cardinals in Rome . It seems that the Bishops attending the Synod have overwhelmingly rejected any suggestions that new entrants into the priesthood should be released from vows of celibacy. I do not recall seeing or hearing any mention of this news item in the Australian press.

Since the subject of the encyclical is to address the matter of what is love - that is God is love, and love means charity, I suspect that a portion of this document will address the issue of homosexuals participating in what is laughingly called a marriage ceremony. As most people are aware, there has been at least one high profile who has participated in such a ceremony in recent months. This does not make the union Sacramental in they eyes of God, since such a union remains an abomination in the sight of God.

It is not the homosexual, but the practice of homosexuality that is the abomination, and one cannot talk about a Divine Love when two men or two women are sharing a bed in a sinful relationship.

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