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January 29, 2006

A Palestinian 'Army' ?

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With only one enemy and only one target - Israel and anyone not Islamic.

Khaled Meshaal, who lives in exile in Syria, said the force would include its militant wing and would "defend our people against aggression".
A tool of Iran, Syria and Islam to strike from Gaza against the Jews?

I received an interesting email related to this story from an unknown writer that I believe may be an Iranian dissident(

Dear Sir/Madam: RE: Future and Interest of West After Hamas Elected to Office.

Hamas is a terrorist group in the Palaistine which is elected to office by public's right.

The Hamas main goal is to destroy the State of Israel. Also, the IRI's main goal is wipe out the State of Israel from map.

Now, this is the interesting point that the Hamas and the IRI have same goal to destroy Israel, and now there is a means in their disposal to destroy the Israel. Once, the IRI has nuclear power, which will be given to the Hamas in order to kill all Jews.

Where is the Great King of Kings Koroush [Cyrus] to save all these Jews? Where is [are] the leader/s which will save the world from inevitable destruction? If you think mullah won't kill please look at birth of IRI from 1979 revolution that mullah killed and is killing until today.

So, what lesson did human (mankind?) learn from above chaos? (The) First and most important lesson that anyone can learn that no one can under any circumstances trust the clergymen in Iran because inhertnly the clergymen are killers. Last lesson that emergies on surface, do not rely on European nations to assist you to over come your problems. Just rely on yourself and lead.

Thank you Sincerely Signed 2098

Good advice, for both Israel and the rest of the non-Islamist world.

Posted by Richard at January 29, 2006 8:51 AM

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