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December 28, 2005

Saudi 'Islamic' Court Orders 79 Lashes for Tortured Maid With Gangrene

Topics: Understanding Islam

Lost Budgie has a post on an Indonesian woman who was working as a maid in Saudi Arabia, and has just had her fingers, toes and parts of her foot amputated due to gangrene. Her hands and feet had developed gangrene because her Saudi employer (slave master) tied her up for a month as punishment for not cleaning the house as well as expected. Now, our friends the Saudis, have sentenced her through an Islamic court to 79 lashes for "falsely accusing" her slave master of mistreating her.

Apparently the problem of "Runaway Maids" has reached a "shocking" level in Saudi Arabia, with Saudi police having recently arresting "thousands" - according to an editorial in the Arab News. This couldn't have anything to do with mistreatment and torture, could it? And we call these characters our friends?

Posted by Richard at December 28, 2005 5:23 AM

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