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December 7, 2005

SAD Catholics Call Homosexual Clergy A 'Cult'

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In response to "HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTS TURN HETEROSEXUALS AWAY," J. Grant Swank, Jr. writing at, received the following response from a devout Roman Catholic:

"I am a life long 68 year old practicing Catholic that had no idea there were gay priests all over the place, even as Bishops and Cardinals surrounding our Pope.

"The book, 'Goodbye Goodmen,' by Michael Rose ( addressed all but the John Jay findings as it was written before the study results.

"I have read your work on the Muslim CULT. I have come to the conclusion in the past 3 years that the promiscuous sex HIV/AIDS gays are also a CULT unto themselves AND are the ACTIVISTS undermining the morals, free speech and religious intolerance now underway in our country.

"They have control of the ACLU with closeted gay lawyers.

"They are in complete control of the American Psychiatric Association that declared gays normative.

"They control sections of the IRS that are now threatening to take away tax exempt status of those in the pulpit and their free speech. An acquaintance of mine who worked at the IRS told me of a whole department of gays existing there.

"I say that this politically powerful and intimidating faction to our legislatures, the CULT of gays, is as much a threat to America as the Muslims.

"We gave the 'gay culture' the benefit of the doubt in the Catholic Church and they sexually abused our children and bastardized our liturgy and canon law.

"I have now met the DEVIL of Islam and moral decay literally walking, sitting and living next to me."

In my humble opinion the 68 year-old Catholic speaks for a lot of other Catholics, including this one!

On a side note, in doing a Google for "Muslim Cult," I came upon the following comparison between Christianity and Islam:

Islam is a religion in which God requires you to send your son to die for him. Christianity is a faith in which God sent his Son to die for you.
In fairness to my many moderate Muslim friends, I believe that this comparison holds true when comparing Christianity and "militant" or radical Islam, and although there are indeed many other differences, I don't believe that moderate liberal Muslims subscribe to sending their sons and daughters to die for "Allah."

By the way, If you've read Goodbye, Good Men, You've got to read Michael S. Rose's newest book - PRIEST.

Hat tip - Gary G...

Posted by Richard at December 7, 2005 1:57 PM

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