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December 11, 2005

Race "riots" come to Sydney beaches (Updated X 2)

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... "The attack on the lifeguards was just wayward youths behaving badly. They are young Australians who don't have a sense of belonging" - Islamic spokesman.

... the people of Cronulla were tired of being intimidated by gangs with Middle Eastern backgrounds. The reaction in Cronulla was the result of community anger over the lack of response from authorities - MP for Cronulla.

The unrest in the beachside suburb of Cronulla yesterday was fuelled by an unprovoked attack upon a lifeguard by a gang of youths of Middle Eastern appearance in the previous week. The original attack has the local residents of the "Shire" very angry. However, something uglier took place over the weekend, ending in mayhem and several arrests.

The leaders of the NSW government are attempting to place the whole blame upon the Australians who participated in the "riots" or as I prefer the "unrest", which was a reaction towards the bad manners exhibited by people of Middle Eastern appearance (Lebanese) flocking to the beaches and attempting to impose their own standards upon the residents of the area.

While the reporters are taking on a Dhimmi attitude as they seek to place blame upon neo-Nazis, they have glossed over the behaviour of the Lebanese mobs in Maroubra, where a gang has been responsible for destructive damage to at least 40 cars in that suburb alone. Yes, that is right. This gang armed themselves with baseball bats and deliberately destroyed the property of others, yet the reporters are not giving them the same attention as they have given to trying to brand the Australians as Neo-Nazis and racists.

This is only the beginning of summer in Australia, and it is clear that the men of the Shire are fed up with the women of the area being attacked and raped. Yes, many of the rapes go unreported to the police because of the high profile cases and the way in which victims are treated. This means that these men of Middle Eastern appearance continue to believe that young Australian women (skippys to them) are fair game to be kidnapped and raped by their gang and as an initiation procedure into their gangs.

The response from the Australian government has been as pathetic as that of the NSW government, for the Prime Minister has suggested that the young men who are on the way to being wannabe terrorists need anger management training. What kind of Dhimmi attitude is that?

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Updated - From Clarity and Resolve:

Last week I began picking up some activity in the land of Oz (the real one--Australia) on my kafir radar. I learned about the latest multicultural disaster, which goes something like this: Large, organized groups of young, Middle Easter Muslim men were sending smaller groups of antagonists onto Australian beaches to harass young girls, surfers, and other beachgoers doing what Australians like to do--i.e., catch some waves, socialize, and generally kick back and enjoy a grand day at the beach. Then when these miscreants were inevitably challenged by outraged Aussies, they'd call their homies in the parking lot on their cell phones and outnumber their challengers in a brawl. Pretty cowardly.

I decided the other day to check in on Clarity & Resolve's Australian affiliate, Democracy Frontline to see if the boys over there had any information about this matter, and it turns out that Skylark had started covering it:

Update2 - Australian Beach Riots II

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