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December 22, 2005

Netherlands Considers Burqa Ban

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Robert Spencer believes that the burqa ban will stir a huge controversy, like France's hijab ban. But he believes that it is a worthwhile step toward reasserting Europe's own cultural identity, which Europeans have trampled into the mud lo these many years.

While I agree that banning the wearing of a burqa is a worthwhile step toward reasserting Europe's own cultural identity, I also believe that a woman that dresses in a garmet that covers her entire body, including a cover for her face - albeit a cover she can see through, and lives in a Western society - is nuts! And for a Western society to allow it in the first place is almost as crazy.

And besides, it's just plain weird - even a little spooky. Just think about the kind of mentality that finds the wearing of a burka appealing. As Ann Coulter would say - it's outside the world of normal. It's like hiding in a closet to avoid reality.

As for the Islamist man and/or culture that expects or demands that a woman wear a burqa, we're talking about some serious deficits in cultural and mental maturity - we're talking crazy.

Posted by Richard at December 22, 2005 10:20 AM

Things have changed in The Netherlands, not all for the best. Not even five years ago, even talking about banning 'hoofddoekjes', headscarfs, would create huge controversy within parliament. Now, the Burqa Ban already get a majority without too much words. I do think the recent rise of Muslim (youth) terrorism in The Netherlands, the Van Gogh killing being a turning point, and the arrest of several militant Muslim girls/young women changed the climate. Combined with the general 'be aware of bombs' campaign it's not illogical to try to ban all-conceiling outfits from public places.

Posted by: Kienstail Author Profile Page at December 22, 2005 5:16 PM

The burqa is a big insult to all people of the western society. Allowing this behavior which is seen in stagnated and criminal countries, while we have invested (financially) very much to immigrants from those countries has to be considered as a huge provocation. These people are rejecting everything from the western society except the money. (they are not going (back) to Afghanistan, Pakistan or whatever.) Of course the burqa has to be banned.

Posted by: Hollandaise at December 23, 2005 7:04 PM

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