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December 5, 2005

HarryTho 12/5 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Begore moving on to tonight's editorial, let's look at the cable news take on the Vanity Fair article, and a few other related items.

As a follow up to Dan Riehl's post (mentioned in our previous post), Jane Mitchell of MSNBC News reviewed the Vanity Fair (VF) article in which the Aruban police claims arrogance and incessant demands by the Twitty family sidetracked and interfered with the investigation. VF claims that the Aruban investigators needed more time. Also, VF noted no evidence of corruption in the Aruban police force.

In an additional item, there was some mysterious sandbar some 200 meters off shore where lovers go and fishermen watch them. Once there, if a body is set afloat, the body has a clean shot to Panama. No one else supported that claim, despite all of them being to Aruba looking for Natalee.

Beth Twitty then came on to disagree with the assessment of the Aruban police force. Essentially, Beth's response amounts to "she knows all." Her frustration is repeated over and over.

Next, Julia Renfro came on to support the claim that she filed a complaint against Jug Twitty for verbally abusing and pushing her. Beth Twitty denied that Jug Twitty pushed her, however, she does admit that there was a tense moment between Jug and Julia and according to Beth, Jug was overcome with frustration.

Julia came back on to state that the investigation is ongoing, and some new serious leads have come in. Julia commented that the police will be discussing the leads with the family and some of the Mountain Brook teens. Julia claims that the tapes are insignificant now.

But Jane Mitchell disagreed with Julia and announced that FBI had not confirmed the insignificance of the tapes. Julia just passed. Hello Jane! Talk about arrogance! Where do they find people like Jane?

Next, Harold Copus claimed the police need to do their job, and said that he feels it is not appropriate to dump on the family. As for the corruption issue, Harold tells VF to Goggle on the Internet. The FBI has numerous accounts of past corruption in Aruba.

Beth then claimed that the family remains in the dark and hopes their new lawyer will get them some news on the case.

Despite Jane's naivety, the entire airing talked little of the tapes that were such a hot item last week. The tapes are dead. Also, in a side comment, it appears that Dr. Phil is being sued for another, unrelated, bogus airing. As thorough as Jossy Mansur's snout-for-smut is portrayed, how come we are just hearing about a complaint filed against Jug Twitty for physical abuse of an island editor? I read the Vanity Fair brief on Dan Riehl's site, and can't help but wonder why is it that none of the less than ladylike behavior mentioned in the article ever graced the airings of the "thorough" cable news networks?

Later, Greta of Fox News discussed the Vanity Fair article.

Brian Burrough of Vanity Fair narrated the early days of the investigation. It was a good review from the Aruban police version versus the Twitty-Holloway version.

Greta evaluated the Aruban police as weak, if they succumbed so easily to the pressure of the American media. Brian Burrough claims that the Aruban Hotel Association made a serious impact on the actions of the police. Aruba wanted the case to go away.

As it turns out, it was Charles Croes who broke the ice in the case with his early discussions with Joran van der Sloot.

Brian Burrough states that it is the early allies of the Twitty-Holloway camp that have the worst ill-will for them. They feel the Twitty-Holloways have lied to them. Apparently, Aruba is wild over this case. There are even rumors that Natalee and Beth are CIA operatives, attempting to create a situation where America takes over Aruba.

Greta then hosted her council of Jeff Fieger, Jayne Weintraub, Jim Hammer and Bernie Grimm.

Jeff agrees with the Vanity Fair's assessment of the Aruba situation. He feels that the Twittys did attempt to takeover the investigation. However, no body and no evidence stopped the prosecution in their tracks. Jeff claims that it was the American tourist dollars that prompted an erratic investigation in order to calm those fears.

Jayne Weintraub claimed that the early arrest did nothing.

Jim Hammer feels a portion of the Vanity Fair article, according to police chief Dompig's statements, warrants a sexual assault charge against Joran van der Sloot.

Bernie Grimm said he feels that Beth Twitty inserted herself into the investigation too early.

Now stepping back a bit, and following up on last evening's editorial, let us discuss the routes that Natalee may have taken to and through Central America, if that in fact did occur.

If we suppose that Natalee did escape Aruba to Puento Fijo, Venezuela, we can imagine a trek through the peninsula de Paraguara to Maracaibo, Venezuela then into Colombia. From Colombia, she would have to scoot through the upper tip of Colombia and enter Panama. She would cross the Panama Canal into Costa Rica. Following the coast road would take her into Nicaragua. From Nicaragua, she would travel though Honduras and into Guatemala. From Guatemala, she would travel the entire length of Mexico to reach either Nuevo Lorado or Matamoros. To me, Matamoros seems like the better route in which to take to enter the USA undetected. All of these countries have ample hiking trails and side roads with which to accomplish this adventuresome undertaking.

Given this is an extensively long and arduous route. It is so arduous that I doubt anyone would undertake it. Although I suspect that some Colombians have taken a few months to make the trek for a chance to enter the USA. As for Americans, it would be unlikely that anyone would venture to tackle more than one of these Central American countries a year. I would have to concede that Natalee Holloway would not have taken on a venture of this magnitude in her lifetime. If she escape to Venezuela, then she had some other means to get back tot he USA or she intended to remain away forever.

Somehow, I do not envision Natalee being so adventuresome. What I gathered from posts on other sites about her experience in Central America is that her family traveled to Costa Rica and Cancun, Mexico. There was a rumor that Natalee was a runaway in Costa Rica; however, that rumor was never verified.

So lets explore the sea route from Aruba to Central America.

Sailing time in a 35' sloop, equipped with a spinnaker for downwind sailing, would be about three (3) days in a comfortable 15 knot pace. This sail trek would be akin to sailing from Newport News or Norfolk, Virginia to Miami, Florida. A glance at the Caribbean Sea characteristics from Aruba to Central America reveals that once a sailboat clears Puento Gallinas, Colombia, it is clear sailing (open ocean) to Central America. Clearly, one could sail from Port Limon, Costa Rica in three days to Oranjstad, Aruba.

Natalee's trip to Aruba was some five days. Once in the Holiday Inn in Aruba, Natalee could have signaled, clandestinely, via a compatriot in Aruba to an accomplice in Costa Rica. I select Costa Rica because of the rumor that Natalee ran away there. It could have been a Romeo-Juliet scenario in which her Romeo awaited her in Costa Rica.

Upon hearing the news of Natalee safely in Aruba, the Costa Rican Romeo sets sail for Oranjstad. If this person had access to a 35' sloop, then the captain of his access might have scheduled a stopover in Aruba. There may even be a sailing plan of record indicating his entry into Aruba for a layover.

Once in Aruba, Natalee boards the sailboat either by gangplank or a dingy rowing her onto the sailcraft in the early morning hours. At first light, the craft sails out of Oranjstad before anyone knows that Natalee is missing. By the time, the Alabama crowd gets their minds straight on what may have happened to Natalee, the sailcraft has exited Aruban waters and entered the protection of the high seas. And, it is high seas sailing all the way to Port Limon, Costa Rica.

Now, if we can believe in the Costa Rican Romeo, we have the exit strategy. Joran and Kalpoe brothers may or may not have known of Natalee's getaway plan. I suspect that they did not. Natalee just needed a cover to get away. It could very well be that Joran was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Given his ability to remain calm under constant interrogation, I suspect that Joran knows nothing.

Natalee could be living and enjoying her life in Costa Rica and adapting to Costa Rican Spanish. She may have had a motivation for learning Spanish after all!

With that, Aloha for tonight.

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at December 5, 2005 9:49 PM

Monsieu Harry,
This is an old story about the blue eye friend. I believe even the taxi driver gave a statement about this event because Natalee and friends were talking from him, while in his car. Seems this is a photo:
That is why I had always doubts about Mansur/Twitty money laundry.

Posted by: antoinette at December 5, 2005 11:18 PM

Merci beaucoup, Mademoiselle Antoinette:

The guy mentioned in the Vanity Fair article is said to be a Dutch Marine; however, the guy in the picture that you sent is in the Coast Guard. The Vanity Fair article may be referring to the Coast Guard guy by error.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at December 5, 2005 11:37 PM

Thank goodness someone finally came out and told us of the behavior of the Twitty's on that island. I knew Jug would try to throw his weight around but I didn't really think he would resort to physical attacks against women. That is very telling of his character. I think these people are the proverbal big fish in a little pond people. They have been throwing their weight around in MB for years and getting away with it, so they go to a small island that is totally dependant on American tourism and treat them like second class citizens. I hope more and more people come out and tell what these people have done to that island.

Posted by: Flight at December 6, 2005 12:41 AM

please forgive me if this is a bit off topic.

tonight the author of the vanity fair article went into some detail on the twitty's arrival in aruba. he brought up the fact that beth was able to see surveillance tapes at the casino.

this has always struck me as odd. having worked in a casino the only people allowed in that room would be security,management, or law enforcement. the public would never be allowed to veiw these tapes...especially on such short notice.

while gaming laws vary, i cannot understand why she was able to see these would be a major breach of casino security...........where did she get the "juice" to be able to see them? important people must have opened doors for them on that first night

Posted by: chip at December 6, 2005 12:50 AM

SNIP: As thorough as Jossy Mansur's snout-for-smut is portrayed, how come we are just hearing about a complaint filed against Jug Twitty for physical abuse of an island editor? I read the Vanity Fair brief on Dan Riehl's site, and can't help but wonder why is it that none of the less than ladylike behavior mentioned in the article ever graced the airings of the "thorough" cable news networks?

It is just like so many of us have been saying for so long; the tabloid media thought they had to keep that halo over the Twitty/Holloway camp to keep the viewers coming back for more. Greta and her ilk have been covering for this family since day one, IMO.

Posted by: Max at December 6, 2005 12:50 AM

Dear chip:

As I understand, the Aruban police accompanied the Twittys to the casino where they viewed Joran gambling next to Natalee.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at December 6, 2005 1:07 AM

Wow...Jugs roughed up a woman, because she went on TV and she stated the TRUTH. And he didn't like looking like a liar! Also, he got violent and verbally abusive to Karin Janssen in her office, throwing a chair. No wonder this woman REFUSED any contact with this family! She was SCARED!

Can you imagine how Jugs would of reacted to Natalee, if she wasn't living up to his warped sense of PERFECTION? How much was HE pushing Natalee to go into med school? Like his other children were? Did he push her into the dorian dance club? All those video's of natalee dancing, does she LOOK like she is enjoying herself? It doesn't to me. How many of those after school things, was PUT upon her to accomplish?

Maybe this is why Beth has stayed away from Jugs..she finally has the financial means now to STAY far away from him!

If Jugs was the kind of person, he has shown himself to be, on TV, and now all this coming to light....
Maybe this might be the key, to Natalee wanting to run away? Not to return to an abusive household??

Something to ponder.

Posted by: Donna at December 6, 2005 1:19 AM

To All:

A very disturbing post has come in on Dan Riehl's site (RWV) that Holiday Inn security personnel took statements from two Mountain Brook teens that they saw Natalee swimming in the ocean with a blonde fellow around 3:00 AM on the morning in question. The post goes on to say that the Mountain Brook teens were calling for Natalee to come in to shore. And, the statements from the two Mountain Brook teens were taken before they left on their flight back to Alabama.

Another post claims that Beth Twitty received telephone calls from Natalee either during Natalee's time on Aruba or after Beth arrived in Aruba. Two witnesses have attested to this fact.

I mention this, because I have corresponded with the poster in the security guard statements and one of the witnesses in the telephone call statement. Both are considered reliable. The telephone call witness is 100% reliable!

If these statements are true, and I have no reason to believe that they are not, then why has Beth Twitty continually broadcaster that Joran drugged, raped, murdered and buried her daughter?

The Vanity Fair article author insisted that Beth Twitty's Aruban allies turned against her, because they said that she was lying to them.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at December 6, 2005 1:30 AM

Maybe this is why Beth has stayed away from Jugs..she finally has the financial means now to STAY far away from him!

If Beth wanted to leave Jug she could have done so long before now. I think she is drawn to his "type" of guy. I always wondered how she could stand spending any time around Joe Felon; now I know.

Posted by: Max at December 6, 2005 1:45 AM

SNIP: If these statements are true, and I have no reason to believe that they are not, then why has Beth Twitty continually broadcaster that Joran drugged, raped, murdered and buried her daughter?

I think if we knew the answer to that question we would be a lot closer to solving this case.
It is almost as if this woman doesn't want the truth to come out. Or, she is so angered by what J2K told the authorities about Natalee's behavior that night she is more intent on punishing them for embarrassing HER than finding out what happened to her daughter.

Posted by: Max at December 6, 2005 1:52 AM

SNIP: A very disturbing post has come in on Dan Riehl's site (RWV)

There was a lot of interesting posts on there tonight. I found the following about the death certificate VERY interesting:

And for those of you that really want to know: Not only would Beth NOT cooperate with police. About 2 weeks after the disappearance she started DEMANDING a death certificate. Why?

Beth has publically stated (in an interview with Barbara Walters) that she BURRIED Natalee on June 10th, 2005 -Now you tell me, after 2 weeks she was ready to collect her death certificate and call it quits. The Aruban police did not cooperate with her and continued the investigation. Could this be the reason she is now stating: "They should have never messed with me!" I think you guys are smart enough to know the answer.

Posted by: ArubanLawyer | Dec 5, 2005 10:04:39 PM

Posted by: Max at December 6, 2005 2:07 AM

On my second day in aruba 06/05/05 I meet a mbk & her mother and was told, they all new Nat. had a boyfriend in aruba and was with him in an appartment DOWNTOWN I toll this to the CNN reporter by the HINN, HE just look at me . I knew somththing was up!

Posted by: Ribby at December 6, 2005 6:11 AM

Note : Dan Abrahms and Dr. Phil work at the same network - NBC.

Abrahms has concientiously played a variety of tapes that all sound the same or sound different or he can't tell. He judiciously read e mail from purported viewers that in majority claim to have heard the same, no different, no I dont know.
Keep the story alive and protect Dr. Phil - NBC money maker.

The FBI opinion of tapes is to continue the story. Clint Van Zandt connection to FBI makes a potential for finding the evidence the Twittys want a real possibility. Condi Rice through bush might influenc that FBI finding.

Give the Tapes to INTERPOL for analysis. They do not have a political stake in the game and the US would not dare claim their results to be a fraud because of their work in supporting US war on terror.

Posted by: paul at December 6, 2005 12:57 PM

Dear Max:

This is the first that I have read about Beth demanding a death certificate. However, this a game that deceptive Americans play in foreign countries. It is a runoff of the old and popular Maritime insurance fraud in the Caribbean in which a boat owner takes heavy insurance out on his yacht then sinks it for the for the insurance claim. It used to work quite well. I suppose that too many insurance companies are wise to this slight-of-hand tactic, so now the deceptive Americans have expanded to the fertile grounds of death scams.

Incidentally, I reported on a Third World character, affectionately referred to as Doctor Death, who peddled death certificates for insurance claims.

Thanks for the post, Max!

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at December 6, 2005 1:17 PM

Dear Harry:
If I owned as much property as Julia that is exactly what I would say. We have always heard about new leads. Not one of them has ever accomplished anything. With all of the lies, we are now to believe being a teenager she ran off with her lover to live happily everafter.

Posted by: Geragos and Feiger at December 6, 2005 6:54 PM

Dear Geragos and Feiger:

Despite its romantic-novel theme, it seems to be what was going on all along. From the description of her alleged beau, doesn't he remind you of the "Gone With The Wind" leading character? Besides, young, naive women have always had a tender spot in their heart for sailors.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at December 6, 2005 7:20 PM

Max, who or where did you get this information about Natalee having a boyfriend in Aruba and at his appartment? I somehow don't believe this because if this were true you would of given this little bit of information to the ALE or FBI. Suddenly you have an aperation to come forward with this?

This kind of bs is what you readers should not fall for. It's just another spin to make Natalee look bad and detour the guilt from the true perps.

Posted by: Deb357 at December 6, 2005 7:33 PM

So, Jug likes to push women around ? Why does that not surprise me ?? OH, Im sorry, I think he refers to that as " coaching "
Id like to see a nitty gritty background investigation on Jug Twitty. Starting with people in towns he lived in before MB. Maybe there is someone there that is not as loyal/fearful. Any assult, domestic violence/ restraining orders/ stalking reports ect ever lodged against him. Would his ex wife ever dare say anything negative about him.??
I was turned OFF of Beth and Co that first night when that ram rodding, arrogant, KKK type Alabama posse showed up at the vdSloots home. My opinions.

Posted by: Rosalie at December 8, 2005 1:51 PM

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