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December 28, 2005

HarryTho 12/28 Natalee Holloway Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

This evening, I will continue with an expose on the affairs of the Parman Capital Group of Houston, TX and related activities.

Before we start, I would like to address an article in Amigoe Newspaper today concerning this very group of investors:

Also Ennia taken over by Ansary's Parman Group

CURACAO - Insurance Company Ennia Caribe has reached an agreement with the American Parman Group on selling the majority of Ennia's shares to them. The Bank of the Neth. Antilles (BNA) as supervisor, has to give permission for this transaction and according to reliable sources, it will most probably happen today.

Early December, the former minister and ambassador of Iran and currently the very fortunate businessman in Houston Texas, Hushang Ansary and his Parman Group have taken over Banco di Caribe of Eddy de Kort.

There was already an agreement that was cancelled in May and Ennia, which is owned for almost 80 percent by the Dutch Delta Lloyd Group, decided to abandon the sale for the time being. However, for Ansary and his Parman Group, the concept integrated financial services, a combination of banking- and insurance services, is very advantageous. It appears that Ansary, who has spent the most part of last week on the island, has done business with Delta Lloyd and Ennia-manager Gijsbert van Doorn. Parman acquires all the shares of the Dutch Delta Lloyd and this way takes the controlling interest in Ennia. The remaining 20 percent of the shares are in hands of mostly local persons. With the majority in Banco di Caribe as well as in the Ennia, Parman Group has become the biggest player in the Curacao and Antillean-Aruban financial- and insurance world. The Venezuelan TotalBank and Multinational de Seguros were also interested in respectively Banco di Caribe and Ennia. Ansary has high contacts in the Republican Party of George W. Bush and he has huge interests in the oil sector in the United States. He has also interest in taking over the Isla-refinery.

Ennia employs 170 people and closed the books last year with a profit of almost 8 million guilders after taxes. Ennia-management expects a further improvement of the operational results for 2005. Ennia is the biggest local insurance company in the Antilles and Aruba.

From the foregoing article, it is clear that Hushang Ansary's interests in Curacao exceed merely banking services. We can include insurance, as well.

Getting back on track for this evening's editorial: Why would Ansary, an oil industry and finance expert be interested in the Netherlands Antilles? As Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of the National Iranian Oil Company, Ansary oversaw the extraction of crude oil, the refining of crude oil into petroleum gas, naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, Diesel distillate, lubricating oil, fuel oil, coke, asphalt, tar and waxes.

Howstuffworks "How Oil Refining Works"

Ansary would be familiar with cracking (thermal, visbreaking, and coking), unification or catalytic reformation and alteration (alkylation) of hydrocarbons. Naturally, he would be aware of the distasteful side effects of treating and blending the resultant products with sulfuric acid.

I encourage our readers to peruse the operation of an oil refinery. Oil refineries stink! Most Americans would not wish one in their backyard. Care, via extensive environmental impact statements, accompanies every oil refinery. We want the products from a refinery, but we do not want the pollution.

The reason that I mention an oil refinery operation is that oil is refined on Curacao. It is crude oil shipped from Venezuela. Curacao essentially acts as a refinery for Venezuelan crude oil. The main port for Curacao acts as a transshipment station for the petroleum industry.

Hushang Ansary, an oil industry expert, acquired financial services on a large petroleum transshipment island in the Caribbean. And, the negotiations for the deal happen to encompass much of the time that American pressure was being placed upon the Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles over the disappearance of a daughter connected to a US $50 billion asset American bank.

In the first part of this editorial, I mentioned a problem with ownership in foreign countries. It is my understanding that the 51% ownership was a sticky point in this deal, as I would expect it to be. So, how did Ansary persuade the Netherlands Antilles to concede to the percentage, giving control of the bank to the Americans?

One method would be to cite Hushang Ansary's impeccable resume for international dealing and influence. I am impressed with Mr. Ansary's resume! But, what if the Dutch were not so impressed and felt threatened by his presence in their banking community? I suspect that was the case, early on. How would the Americans persuade the Dutch to view Ansary as an asset (protector) rather than an exploiter?

One method is outside pressure that would cast Ansary in good light. What if the Netherlands Antilles felt threatened? By whom? Chavez of Venezuela is threatening to encroach upon their sea rights. The Netherlands have expressed their intention to defend their sea rights. What about a call for a boycott by some less than cordial American governors?

Although the boycott singles out Aruba, the close proximity and similar Dutch legal system overshadows Curacao. Actually, the appeal judges for the case come from Curacao. With tourism as one of the main income sources for the Netherlands Antilles, any effort to disturb the tourist industry weighs heavy on the minds of the business owners. Despite its ineffectiveness, and outright illegality, a boycott could have menacing long term repercussions.

I am not prepared to conclude that Natalee Holloway's disappearance was concocted to disrupt the tourism industry of the Netherlands Antilles so that Hushang Ansary could make a killing gobbling up finance and investment services on Curacao. However, I believe, with Ansary's political connections, he may have been enticed into ignoring any resolution to the matter by the current administration. It is not a question of guilt, but with pressures of lost revenue facing the entities that he has, and is, acquiring, Ansary provided a relief valve for the woes of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

In addition, we must consider the recent ultimatum by Venezuela to toss Exxon-Mobile out of Venezuela for not surrendering controlling interest of their oil resources to the Venezuelans (the 51% again!).

Venezuela has given the world's biggest oil company, ExxonMobil, until the end of this year to enter a joint venture with the state.
Failure to do so will almost certainly result in Exxon losing its oil field concessions in the country.

Venezuela's socialist government has now signed new agreements with almost all foreign petroleum companies.

After months of pressure from left- wing leader Hugo Chavez most foreign oil firms working there have caved in.

They have agreed to hand over a controlling stake of their oil interests to the Venezuelan state.

This means that Venezuela now calls the shots in what the foreign guests can and cannot do.

In addition, the companies which have signed the new contracts - such as Chevron, BP, Shell and Total - will in future be presented with much higher tax bills by the government.

In the case of Bolivia and the apparent shift to the left there following elections on Sunday, it is possible that the new government will decide to follow Venezuela's example and renegotiate oil and gas contracts with foreign investors.

Once again, it is difficult to arrive at a notion that an international expert in the oil industry is moving into an area where other American multinational enterprises (MNEs) may soon be exiting. Ansary is too sophisticated to have not considered the Exxon-Mobile back out of Venezuela.

So, why is Ansary moving into Curacao? Why did Ansary position his assets with the leader in the manufacture of oil drilling equipment and a leader in one of the world's largest oil companies: National Oilwell Inc?

We could be witnessing a coup in the oil industry.

Enough for this evening, Part III will continue tomorrow.

Lastly, one small tidbit from Rita on cable. Rita Crosby of MSNBC News interviewed Beth Twitty.

Beth seemed upbeat about something. The safety line comes out again against Aruba. She praised her overwhelming support from American parents. And Rita contended that Joran van der Sloot will be interrogated. That's all there was.

With Aloha,

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at December 28, 2005 10:33 PM

An Aruban reporter was granted a brief interview with Joran 2 days ago - when he was out shopping with his mom - no news, did not talk about the case, said when it is all over then he will speak - this reporter thinks he will be interogated after the New Year - did not seem to know whether Joran has the questions or not. He has not been out to any clubs or seen the Kalpoes.

Posted by: jan at December 28, 2005 11:04 PM

Dear Jan:

I just caught the Greta interview of Giovanni Lane of the Dairio. He interviewed Joran. Joran responded as you commented. Additionally, Giovanni could not get Karin Janssen to identify those to be interrogated. Janssen merely stated that some people would be interrogated. Also, the suspects' lawyers and Karin Janssen did not provide a list of questions to the suspects or their attorneys, as contended by Dave Holloway.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at December 28, 2005 11:10 PM

One of our reporter sits next to Joran during the flight from the Netherlands to Aruba. As he said, Joran was easy going and didn't have much to say reagrding the case. Joran's concerned was more that one the call of boycott against Aruba and the sensational editing of a Skeeter's video in Dr. Phil show. Joran made it very clear that he is innocent and that the case is nothing else then a media circuss leaded by some rich people (he presumme) from Alabama. He is currently studying in the Netherlands and is ready for any re-intervieuw because he has nothing to hide.
We find this amamzing because Joran as a main suspect is coming back to Aruba to visit his family for the holidays and is willing to face the Aruban community with no remorse or any guilt feelings for the good of the island. Joran is not a public person, he's very conservative and quiet as our reporter stated. Joran catch attention whereever he goes on the island and everybody, but everybody respects him just as everybody respects everybody on Aruba. Now comes the most interesting part. While Joran is enjoying his vacation on Aruba, Beth and Jug is busy back in the states collecting funds day in day out. I saw the side where donations can be done and I also saw how that same side gave a brief history of negativity of our island. It's allright. I don't bother with the negative aspect presented on this side. What bother's me the most is the fatc that money is being collected in the US for the search of Natalee.....Wawwww, there we go! The only thing that we must do is turn Aruba upside down, shake it and see if Natalee might fall out. Beth and her crew never pay for a bill in Aruba. Equusearch received donations from the community and local banks. Why do they need the money???? This money is being used back in the US for political reason. Beth and Jug linked to some governeors for the boycott in Aruba while if I am not mistaken is running for a next period, so basicly they are in middle of a political campaign. If Joe Mamamana spit out a quart of a million, and others donated for over 4 million, where do you believe this money is going??? To pay the bills in Aruba??? We wish, because our government still have to pay the hundreds of thousands of hours of overtime to the police, the Dutch marines, all expenses that went allong with the search and not to talk the flight hours of the Airforce Jets ans Helicopters that took part in the search. Aruba is the one paying the bill, not Beth neither Jug. So I believe that my recomendation to all Americans is not to give a dime to the Twitty's. I think you better off given it to the American Red Cross in order to help the Katrina victims in New Orleans. When I was having my x-mas dinner with my son I felt ashamed when my son didn't want to eat anymore. I tried to ask him why he was wasting so much food, and he answer me that he don't feel good eating fancy dishes while watching the news of how the New Orleans people are trying to survive on the day of X-mas. We don't even know them.
Go americans go, go help those people and believe me that you can only keep what you have by givin it away....the blessing! Stop wasting your valuable time following a set up by an American family that wants some good business with some governors back there, Aruba don't has anything new in the case of Natalee. I dare to say, there is no crime or case of Natalee in Aruba. The crime is back on your own teritory. Believe me.

Posted by: Albert at December 29, 2005 7:41 AM

I have followed Natalee's story from day one. I have prayed for the safe return or where about's of Natalee.

There is so much I am confused about, unsure about and astounded by.

Why is Juran saying when this is over he will talk?...Please Juran talk now. Let this be over for the Aruban people, for the Holloway-Twitty family and for yourself. If you are innocent and you are trying to protect Natalee in some way
please tell us.

The media doesn't know what you know. If Natalee is alive and has run away, and if it is for her saftey you will not tell what you know. I understand. This whole situation has caused many people to suffer. America and Aruba. No one is guilty until proven so by a court of law.
I was very angry at Aruba and what I thought was a botched investigation. However, there is more than meets the eye here. The truth WILL come out and the TRUTH will be told. The media is trying to get answers but in most cases (90%)not going about it in the right way. (Ratings?)

If this is part of a world many of us do not experience and never want to and answers can not come forward because it could mean your life or the lives of those you love. It makes a difference!!!! If not, then please someone, anyone that knows what happened to Natalee needs to tell the truth. I am praying for Aruba and the United States to resolve this horrible situation

I keep an open mind about what happened until we are told the truth. I am nobody's judge. God knows and He is the TRUTH.


Posted by: Terri at December 29, 2005 11:30 AM

Coming to a High School near YOU!

Beth Twitty, is brining her one woman "show" to high schools, to teach the students that when you are going out drinking, to make sure you have a buddy system in place. If you plan to travel to another country, to do a thorough investigaion of their laws, etc. And of course, do NOT go to Aruba! It's unsafe (according to Beth).

Does Beth understand those students that she is going to be addressing, are UNDERAGE anyways, and it is against the law, for anyone under the age of 21 to BE drinking? Isn't this one of the reasons WHY the BAMA parents allowed their children to go to this island, for them to drink and gamble legally? After all these same parents had to sign waivers to allow their young adults to DRINK.

So in other words, is she going out around the high schools, and advocating drinking? But doing it responsibly, by first having a buddy system in place? As a mother that have children, whom are members of D.A.R.E. I sure would have a talk with this woman, before she decides to go out and speak of which she doesn't know!

The best thing for her to do, in her daughters honor, is go back to her LIFE. Take care of her son, and be with her family...and return to her job as speech therapist.

If she thinks she is going to get a new career of public speaking....then she has another think coming.

Don't come to my town, Beth. You will of met your match here, because I will be asking the HARD questions of you. My name is Donna, not Greta. We won't be putting out "bowls of loving" for you, we will run you out of town!

Posted by: Donna at December 29, 2005 12:19 PM


Great posts! It's fascinating to finally read how the Twittys took advantage of Aruban hospitality and used their daughter's misfortune to basically cheat their hosts. Neither Beth nor Jug nor anyone in their group seems to have
done any actual Do you know anything about that cellphone call Natalee was supposed to have made the night she vanished?


Posted by: RstJ at December 29, 2005 12:49 PM

Dear Albert and RstJ:

As I recall, Jug Twitty denied that the Arubans picked up the tab. However, when Jug was questioned about the contradiction with statements made by Ruben Trapenberg about his expenses, I believe, Jug gave only examples of taxi fares that he had to pay.

At the time, I thought Jug's response was odd, because there was this emotional drive to collect donations for precisely those expenses, mentioned by Ruben Trapenberg, in Aruba: hotels flights, meals, etc. From what Albert is telling us, the entire Twitty collection campaign was disingenuous.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry at December 29, 2005 1:24 PM

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