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December 10, 2005

DVT victims in UK lose House of Lords appeal

Topics: Health Issues

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a condition that is known as a disorder with possible links to travelling economy class. It is estimated that somewhere between 500 and 1000 have died from DVT. In the U.K. the families of the victims of DVT attempted to sue British Airways over the deaths of their loved ones. The House of Lords has rejected their claims on the grounds that the link between airline travel and DVT cannot be shown to be the cause of an "accident" according to the Warsaw convention.

If these lawsuits had been successful, airlines all over the world could have faced having to pay out large sums of money in compensation. The claim that people were unaware of the risks of travel is tenuous. Also there are other possible reasons for the blood clots forming in the first place, and the cramped airline seats might only be the precipitation of what already existed. People who do not travel by economy class also get DVT and there are other factors that might come into play.

This decision should not absolve the airlines from ensuring that passengers are reminded of the necessity to move about and if they show signs of swelling etc. that they need to get up and move around. The passengers also share the responsibility of ensuring that they reduce their own risks of DVT.

Litigation has been getting out of hand in countries all around the world. Someone has to put an end to such frivolous cases and the decision by the House of Lords has seen an end to passengers not taking responsibility for the risks of air travel in what is known to be cramped conditions.

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