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December 27, 2005

Democrats Need To 'Lighten Up' - Get Out Of Long-Term Depression

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John Hinderaker at Powerline posts on some amazing poll numbers from the Quinnipiac University poll that was released yesterday. Although the poll has generally been cited for its finding that Americans are highly optimistic about 2006; by a margin of 79% to 10%, respondents say that they expect 2006 to be better for them personally than 2005.

When respondents were asked whether 2005 had been better for them personally than 2004 - by a 53% to 33% margin, they said it was better rather than worse. But what is stunning is when you look at the partisan breakdown behind that number, and you find that Democrats are apparently still in a state of depression from President Bush's 2005 election.

The only apparent explanation is that Democrats--not just the activists and political junkies, but millions and millions of Democrats--were so depressed over President Bush's re-election that they perceived 2005 as a bad year for them "personally."

This explains, I guess, the venom and persistence with which the Democrats attack the Bush administration. It appears that millions of them really believe that President Bush is ruining their lives! There are lots of Democrats, apparently, who need to take a deep breath, get over the last election, and cheer up.

John has the actual numbers...

John's assumption for the reasons behind Democrat's "depression" may be right this year, but that doesn't explain their laging behind Republican's degree of happiness since 1996. Donald Sensing, at One Hand Clapping, posted on January 05, 2004, the results of a Gallup survey that showed Republicans had been happier than Democrats for a long time, as far back as 1996.

Gallup survey: Republicans are happier than Democrats:

A newly-released Gallup survey (Jan 5, 2004 news) on Americans' happiness and contentment shows many interesting things, one of which is that people who identify themselves as Republicans are happier than those who identify themselves as Democrats.

"Even when accounting for partisan differences in marital status and household income, Republicans are significantly more likely than Democrats and independents to be very happy,"

And as mentioned, the result has been the same in nearly every asking of this measure since 1996, including one reading under former President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, and three under Republican President George W. Bush. Only in 1996 did Republicans and Democrats express about equal levels of happiness. Perhaps we'd see a whole lot less venom and persistence with which the Democrats attack the Bush administration, if they'd just step back, take a few deep breaths, and lighten up.

So. if Republicans are consistantly so much happier than Democrats, shouldn't Democrats dump their nastycrat leaders and join the Republican party?

Related perspective of Democratic fixations with unhappiness, doom and gloom - Democrats Go Off the Cliff

Posted by Richard at December 27, 2005 1:51 PM

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