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December 10, 2005

Community In Uproar Over Christmas Prayer Rebuke By Town Supervisor (Updated)

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A supervisor from the community of North Hempstead, New York, was sitting behind Rev. Nick Zientarski, a Roman Catholic priest, when the priest blessed the annual Christmas tree event held last week.

At the moment when the priest used a Catholic blessing invoking the name of Jesus over "something generic," saying that other faith traditions are represented each year, and after all, it was "a Christmas tree" - apparently the supervisor went nuts, objected out loud, and said that he wanted to make it clear that it was in "no way a religious ceremony."

The stunned crowd reacted in an uproar, and the supervisor is still apologizing, and apologizing, and apologizing, etc ...

He seems to be getting quite an education from the town's citizens!

Update: Lost Budgie has more on this story, plus additional stories on anti-Christian and anti-Christmas bias.

Posted by Richard at December 10, 2005 6:38 PM

The reaction of this man is typical of someone who has either been brought up to not believe anything or has become entangled in a cult that denounces Christmas.

Here in Australia, my local shopping centre has allowed a rather large nativity scene. This is a triumph for women from my own parish, and no doubt from the parishioners of the other Christian churches. Yesterday, a choir of six angelic voices from Hillsong went around the centre singing Christmas carols. Yes, they were angelic because they had no musical instruments and their pitch was perfect.

There is the usual attempt to remove Christmas from the season by referring to "holidays". Maybe it is time to catch people out on the use of the word "holiday" since this is taken from "holy day" (if you get my drift).

We are a predominantly Christian country and freedom of religion means that our celebration of this particular season should not be downgraded to a meaningless nothing. We need to encourage people to seek out information on the birth of Christ, to prove to them that Jesus is the Messiah, and that there are more prophets as such.

The followers of Smith and Russell, as well as Mohammed have been deluded and they need to be brought back to reality.

Posted by: Maggie4Life Author Profile Page at December 10, 2005 9:49 PM

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