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December 27, 2005

Cold War Not Over - Arms Race Continues

Topics: International News

The arms race is alive and well, and is continuing under the radar of much of the world press and the cable media.

Thanks to former President Clinton, while Americans and Europeans celebrated the Christmas holiday, the Russian army activated a large number of Topol-M class missiles that can fit nuclear warheads and travel 6,000 miles, while rapidly switching their trajectory in order to neutralize any US- or European-based interception device.

Slowly and methodically Vladamir Putin has been rebuilding and expanding Russia's arsenal and its fighting forces. This new phase in Russia's military buildup has created fear in some quarters in the US that a new arms race exists. And according to reports in the European news media, Russian recently deployed a nuclear ballistic system that their generals made clear could render US anti-missile defense systems ineffective.

Missile Defense & The Arms Race:

President Clinton's Sept. 2 announcement that he would leave the next step in missile-defense development to his successor. Rather than give our adversaries a reason to disarm, the administration's decision to defer building a missile defense has apparently encouraged them to accelerate their missile programs.
Topol-M missile regiment to be put on combat duty

Posted by Richard at December 27, 2005 7:25 AM

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