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December 14, 2005

Building A Nation Goes Mainstream

Topics: Our Nation's Warriors in the war on terror

Iraqi woman vote.jpgApparently the idea that military operations other than war should be part of the core mission of our armed forces, we're talking about so-called "nation building" here, is going mainstream:

... Pentagon Directive No. 3000 orders U.S. commanders around the globe to infuse postwar stability missions into every war plan. Commanders also are to start coordinating with civilians at the State Department and other agencies to create nation-building teams.

... The evolution in war-planning priorities underscores how the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States by the al Qaeda terror network continue to fundamentally reshape how U.S. military commanders deploy the armed forces.

... Not only are U.S. forces becoming more mobile to better counter Islamic terrorists, but the chain of command now will be trained in how to "build" nations by creating indigenous security forces, democratic institutions and free markets.

Good idea, times have changed, we're facing a new kind of enemy - essentially an ideology and political system of hate and violence under the guise of a religion called militant Islam, and it threatens not only the U.S. but civilization as we now know it.

And behind the political and religious ideology of militant Islam, there is the Islamist Regime of Iran and it's allies that we are most certainly going to have to contend with, either militarily or by a combination of "other" means, all of which will call upon our armed forces to be flexible enough to overcome the mistakes made, and lessons learned, in Iraq. It's a new day, a new kind of warfare, new demands, and one that indeed requires our armed forces to adjust to the fact that juxtaposed to winning the hot war, lies the necessity to create those "indigenous security forces, democratic institutions and free markets" spoken of by the pentagon.

Posted by Richard at December 14, 2005 7:27 AM

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