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December 5, 2005

A Drink a Day Drops Obesity Risk

Topics: Health Issues

2261.jpeg.jpgA cross-sectional study appears to indicate that moderation in drinking correlates with moderation in waistlines, and that a drink a day, more or less, is associated with a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese.

Analysis of the cross-sectional survey of more than 8,000 individuals revealed that those who consumed five drinks per week were 38% less likely to be obese, compared with non-drinkers (95% confidence interval=0.46-0.82). On the flip side, four or more drinks per day was associated with increased risk of overweight and obesity compared with non-drinkers.

Previously, a preliminary study has shown that moderate red wine intake can prevent the increase of body weight by modulating energy intake in a rat diet-induced model of obesity.

Posted by Richard at December 5, 2005 1:56 PM

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