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December 21, 2005

A Deal On The Patriot Act?

Topics: War on Terror

As I've previously posted, step by step, issue after issue, item by item, the Democratic Left (along with a few "wobbly" Republicans), all of whom fail to comprehend the magnitude of the threat to the U.S. from Islamofascist terrorists, continue to act against the interests of the United States and in support of the terrorists that are trying to kill us and to replace our Constitution with Sharia law! Failing to renew the Patriot Act in it's strongest form is an example of such dhimmitude.

"Use their systems, passports, citizenship, laws, traditions, books and media, create internal divisions among them, and inflict defeat on the kuffars [infidels], for in the current balance of power, all we need to do is to use their weaknesses as our strength." - Abul ala', comment posted in the Al-Ansar chat room, September 2005.
However, for now, a temporary reprieve from disaster may be at hand in that the Patriot Act appears to be on the verge of a temporary extension.

Breitbart/AP via Michelle Malken:

By JESSE J. HOLLAND Associated Press Writer Dec 21 9:17 PM US/Eastern
WASHINGTON - Senators on Wednesday agreed to extend the expiring provisions of the USA Patriot Act for six months to allow the bill's critics to continue to seek additional civil liberty safeguards in the anti-terrorism law. The deal, if passed by the GOP-controlled Senate, would still need to get the approval of the Republican-controlled House and President Bush, but it would keep the Patriot Act provisions from expiring on Dec. 31.

Republican and Democratic senators have been negotiating all day long to try and break an impasse over the anti-terrorism law passed after the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington. It is one of the last pieces of legislation still outstanding in the Senate, which is trying to wrap up its legislative year.

A House-Senate compromise extending 16 expiring provisions of the Patriot Act has been stuck in the Senate for the past week because of a Democratic-led filibuster. Opponents of that bill say they want more safeguards in the legislation, and have asked for more time to seek more civil liberty protections in the law...

Kathryn Lopez (via Michelle) shares a source's observations:

Just talked to a Senate source: They're close to a deal where the Republicans who voted to filibuster the Patriot renewal will switch sides on the [p]romise that their concerns will be addressed by the end of May ("a vote on a package of 'reforms'). But: "even if we keep the dems we had on the last vote, we are still three shy of cloture. McCain is gone, so that means we're four short. We have to convince four more dems. I'm not holding my breath."
Michelle Malken has more, with additional links ...

Posted by Richard at December 21, 2005 10:01 PM

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