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November 6, 2005

Tornado in Indiana kills 17

Topics: Natural Disasters

Not a good day in Indiana. A killer tornado has struck the midwest and has killed at least 17, while wounding dozens of others. The deaths occurred among residents of a trailer park.

When I hear about tornado disasters like this, I always wonder why they weren't predicted and warnings given out in time for folks to take steps to protect themselves. After a little Googling, I found out why that usually isn't the case. It turns out that tornadoes, unfortunately, are tough to predict.

Monster thunderstorms that should produce them don't. Smaller storms that shouldn't, do.

Unfortunately, the tornado-prediction picture seems to be getting worse. The results come from Project VORTEX, the world's largest storm-chasing project.

"The Project VORTEX chasers are finding that some tornadoes form much more rapidly than previously thought. Researchers had thought that it took 20 to 30 minutes for a tornado to form. The new results, however, show that some tornadoes take only five to ten minutes to develop."

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