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November 15, 2005

The Ultimate Insult - Hamas Turns Area In Gaza Into 'Hamas Terror Camp'

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives
[Area of new terror camp: Neve Dekalim while under Jewish control (Photo: WND)]

World Net Daily is reporting that in what expelled Jewish residents of the area are calling the "ultimate insult," Hamas has turned the former Jewish capital of the Gaza Strip into a terror training camp and has used the territory to launch rockets into Israel. Senior Hamas sources have said that the group has made Dekalim into a "military training camp for martyrs," and they have boasted that several Qassam rockets have been fired from Neve Dekalim into nearby Israeli Negev towns.

Did anyone seriously believe that the results of the Gaza pullout would be otherwise - well before Sharon pulled a Chirac and handed the terrorists their new base of operations?

But then there's more. What can you say about a former U.S. President who says that the Jews, now being attacked from what was their own land, should now send financial aid and technology to their anti-Semitic terrorist enemies there?

It's not bad enough that the Israelis evacuated peaceful civilians from the Gaza Strip because the proposed new government there cannot stomach the idea of any Jews living in their country.

Now Bill Clinton says Jews should send financial aid and technology to their anti-Semitic terrorist enemies there.

That's what the former U.S. president told a group in Jerusalem gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Israel Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin last weekend.

Clinton also referred to the Oslo peace process - by any standard a total and abject failure - "our best chance for a lasting and comprehensive peace."

I'm surprised he wasn't booed off the stage.

"If you work for peace and fail, fewer people will die than if you do not work at all," he said.

Tell it to Neville Chamberlain.

And I thought Chirac was a dhimmi. Why doesn't Clinton just ask the Israelis to load up in ships, vacate Israel, and hand it over to terrorists so that they can have an even larger base of operations?

Posted by Richard at November 15, 2005 3:06 PM

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