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November 16, 2005

Tell Me It Isn't True

Topics: Political News and commentaries

... that a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Democrat Jay Rockefeller, discussed American terror-war strategy with terrorist sponsor Bashar Assad.

We've got former President Clinton telling the Israelis that Iran isn't a threat, and telling the Arabs that Iraq was a mistake. Now we find out that a Democratic Senator on the Senate Intelligence Committee, actually discussed American strategy for the War on Terror, with the Bashar Assad, president of Syria and a known sponsor of terrorism - before the Iraq War began! Importantly, Syria's role in terrorism was well known before his trip.

Of course that's not quite as bad as what former President Clinton did at a time when Syria's connection with terrorism was well known. But it definately merits expulsion from the senate.

Sponsoring Terrorism: Syria and Hamas

Posted by Richard at November 16, 2005 5:15 PM

Good thing for him he's a dem, otherwise he would find his ass looking down the barrel of yet another special prosecutor.

Posted by: Max at November 17, 2005 2:39 AM

Let's hope that's to come. But we won't hold our breath!

Posted by: Richard at November 17, 2005 6:47 AM

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