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November 17, 2005

Hyscience Dr Phil On 'Amy Bradley'

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On September 21, 2005 Hyscience received information from a reader, Allan K, about images he had found that looked like Amy Bradley.

We subsequently placed the images that we received from Allan, in a side by side comparison (above) with images from her web site, along with other images that we enlarged from comparison to her known features (see below). We then spoke with Ron Bradley, Amy's father, and emailed him the images (one of which was shown on the Dr. Phil Show tonight).

Ron Bradley then told us that he thought it was Amy and asked us NOT to post on the information or the images in order that who ever had Amy would not be spooked, and that they could get the information to the FBI. We were told that the FBI had previously had difficulties when contacting such sites, and would probably prefer that we held back the information (We did not speak directly to the FBI ourselves since we thought the family was the ones to deal with the situation).

WE AGREED. But tonight we were surprised to see one of the images that we sent the Bradleys, show up on Dr Phil.

So since the "cat is out of the bag," we feel that we are no longer under any obligation to hold back information and other images. Please expect more to come (including a tie to ARUBA).

The below images are the exact images that were found on an adult site by a reader (Allan K) that searches for missing women on adult sites that may have been forced into prostitution. The only editing that was done was to enlarge the images and place them for comparison. Here is the text of Allan's original email, the emails from the Bradleys have been held back as a courtesy to them. There are numerous other emails that went back and forth in getting all the information together, most of which is being withheld at this time.

Amy Bradley.psd.jpg

Allan's email on September 21 at read

I recently came across two photos on an Adult site that I feel resemble Amy Bradley.

Click on Adult Escorts...The second set of photos is "JAS" (images attached).

Although an older photo, the resemblence is strong and tattoos strategically covered.

(Phone number deleted at readers request)

Allan K......

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More to come later.

Posted by Richard at November 17, 2005 07:37 PM

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