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November 14, 2005

Stem cell research promising for heart patients

Topics: Health Issues

A study into the use of stem cells from one's own bone marrow has shown promise for people recovering from a heart attack. According to the study, heart attack survivors whose hearts were infused with stem cells from their own bone marrow showed nearly twice the improvement in the organ's pumping ability as patients given a placebo.

A further analysis of the data found that benefits to heart function seen four months after an attack appeared to be most pronounced in patients with more severe heart attacks that caused greater damage to the muscle...

"The medications and interventional therapies available so far are intended only to limit further damage to the heart,"

"In contrast, progenitor cell therapy has the potential not only to limit further damage, but to regenerate heart function," ...

This is further proof that adult stem cells are proving to be far more valuable than the stem cells from aborted fetuses. It's becoming more and more apparent that money should be funnelled into autologous stem cell research, and away from fetal stem cell research, which is nothing more than a ruse to support the abortion industry.

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