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November 19, 2005

Sarkozy becomes the rising star in France

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The Interior Minister in the French government might not be popular with the intelligentsia and the left wing in France, but he is making a hit with the ordinary man in the street. When Sarkozy called the rioters "yobs" and "rabble," there were demands for his resignation. But the man on the street has responded positively to what the Interior Minister has to say. Why is this the case?

It is because this man has understood the nature of the problem of the vast majority of the rioters. He has understood the underlying reason behind the explosion of violence that lasted more than 20 days with the burning of cars, death, bashings, and setting people alight. Sarkozy won support from both the left and the hard right over his handling of the riots. He did not give into those who were causing the majority of the mayhem, but he understands the underlying issues that need to be tackled so that all can enjoy liberty and freedom.

Sarkovzy has challenged the idea that we all start at the same starting point in life. " He told L'Express magazine in an interview, "Some people start further back because they have a handicap -- colour, culture or the district they come from. So we have to help them." Sarkovsky's comments support much of the commentary that I 've seen during the riots regarding the frustration of the people in those districts that they are being denied the oppotunity to work because of their names or colour.

As someone who is been on the receiving end of discrimination due to a disability, I empathize with those in need of having some kind of affirmative action policy. But at the same time, I believe that affirmative action policies can be taken too far, and more often than not, the best candidate does not end up in the job. And of course, starting further back in the line of opportunity, can in no way be acceptable as an excuse for violence.

And lets not forget that aside from the issue of discrimination, there was an element involved in the riots who did not act spontaneously, but they had another motivation - causing an Intifada throughout France.

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