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November 25, 2005

Mexican Military Invades US, Then Steals Drug-Running Truck From Border Patrol - With Impunity

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Captain's Quarters posted today on a disturbing incident that has received little national attention - the US Border Patrol found itself in retreat on US soil after interdicting a dump truck full of marijuana on US Interstate 10 last week.

The truck made a run for the border but got stuck on a riverbed. While the Border Patrol started to unload the estimated three tons of weed, a larger armed group, apparently comprised at least in part by the Mexican military forced the Border Patrol away from the vehicle and bulldozed it back into Mexico...

Our border patrol isn't just dealing with harmless illegal aliens looking for a job - they're faced with drug runners, gun smugglers and Mexican troops traversing our borders with impunity.

I hate to sound over-reactive here, but when is this going to finally get the attention of Washington and the mainstream media so that we can't turn on our TV sets without hearing about this invasion of illegal crossings by Mexican military forces, and thousands of illegal aliens?

After all, we are truly dealing with an enemy that represents a significant threat to our borders. If the Bush administration really intends to protect us from terrorists and invading armies, our southern border ranks right up there with the war in Iraq and the continued fight against terrorists in Afghanistan.

The enemy is not the usual Mexican immigrant seeking work and a better way of life. Nor is it an enemy that will be stopped by a wall or fences, or worry about a civilian militia.

This enemy is a well-trained and skilled army of former Special Forces' commandos and military deserters from Latin American countries. Paramilitary types who are recruited as enforcers for the drug cartels. Assassinations, kidnappings, shootouts, and related violence are their calling cards. Calling cards that are strewn metaphorically to the tune of 157 drug-related murders and 63 kidnappings in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas alone this year.

U.S. Border Patrol agents along the southern border know the enemy well, as so far there have been 548 assaults on agents in 2005, this compared to 220 in 2003.

So why not simply capture or kill any invading Mexican military personnel and other military commando types, and jail all civilian illegal aliens?

Then we should require Mexico to make restitution and pay reparations for the millions we have to spend to protect our borders from the illegal aliens and imprison their citizens in order to discourage them from coming back?

Hat tip - Captain Ed and his reader, Bachbone (see Captain's Quarters comments)

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Posted by Richard at November 25, 2005 8:34 PM

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