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November 30, 2005

Malaysian minister tells foreigners to put up or shut up

Topics: Persecution

Chinese women in Malaysia had been complaining that they were being humiliated and robbed by the police in Malaysia. The video that has been released showing a naked Chinese woman being forced to do squats with a Muslim policewoman looking on, has created a storm in Malaysia, as well as in China.

While the Malaysian Prime Minister has demanded an inquiry into the behaviour of the police, the police minister has caused a bigger fuss by stating that if foreigners think that the Malaysian police methods are brutal, then they can go home.

This story is yet another example of how ethnic minorities are being persecuted in Asian countries. The Chinese are an ethnic minority in Malaysia and they have an inferior status. These girls have come to Malaysia to be prostitutes.

There is little mention of the fact that Malaysia is another country where religious-ethnic persecution takes place. It is worth noting that the fugitive Noordin Top is a Malaysian JI operative who is active in Indonesia. His hatred is directed towards all foreigners, especially the ethnic Chinese.

When the riots took place in Indonesia a few years ago (these are the riots in Jakarta in the year 2000), and there was violence in Sulawesi, as well as Aceh province, it was the JI and associated thugs who went on the rampage, burning Christian villages, raping the woman, killing and torturing the men, and not sparing the children from the violence. The villagers in these areas were ethnic Chinese.

The humiliation of the Chinese women in Malaysia is a sign of the endemic problems associated within Islam. Anyone who is in any way different, in the ethnic sense, or in the religious sense is fair game to many of the Muslims in these countries, because of the declared Jihad.

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