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November 1, 2005

Islamo-morality Police Busy In Iran - City Tackles Those 'Titillating Mannequins'

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Those sexy sexy mannequins - how can men resist them?

And no, we didn't make this up.

The Iranian morality police in northeastern Iran are launching a new morality drive by confiscating "alluring mannequins" from boutiques and clothes stalls in the bazaar. Perhaps having women covered from head to foot and/or kept away from men makes mannequins too alluring for men to handle.

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Police in northeastern Iran are launching a new morality drive by confiscating alluring mannequins from boutiques and clothes stalls in the bazaar, authorities in the city of Bojnourd said on Monday.

A spokesman for the city's judiciary, who asked not be named, explained the drive would tackle problems of "public chastity". Sixty five mannequins have been impounded so far.

He explained the crack-down on tailors' dummies was part of a larger offensive against anti-social behaviour such as vandalism and biker gangs.

Bojnourd owes its traditional religious climate to the nearby shrine city of Mashhad, a focal point of pilgrimage for the world's Shi'ite Muslims.

Those nasty alluring mannequins. Get rid of them.

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Posted by Richard at November 1, 2005 1:57 PM

Oh yes those mannequins are really quite titillating. I can see the men lining up to have a squeeze of the dummy's pointy bits, and perhaps they have to hide what else might be rising ;-) - blush, but if you understood the private joke then you would know what I mean - and then they would have to rush home to their wives or simply take those mannequins as their concubines ;-)

They really are just too stupid for words with their idea of morality. It is far more immoral to murder one's neighbour and inflict horrific injuries on others than it is to see a rather well developed mannequin standing in a bazaar.

Posted by: Maggie4Life Author Profile Page at November 1, 2005 7:21 PM

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