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November 8, 2005

Iranian Government Uses Cartoons To Brainwash Children In Iran Against Israel

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These have actually been out since October 28, but I never got around to posting on them until now (Hat tip to Pirooz).


Iranian animated movie for children, which aired on IRIB 3 TV on October 28, 2005. The movie was aired at 8 a.m. in Iran.

You can view the video here.

You can read a transcript of this film here.

[...] Palestinian woman: You killed my child, that's enough. You ruthless man, let him go.
Israeli soldier: Shut up, old woman!

Young girl: Mother!

Abd Al-Rahman: Be quiet.

Father: You illegitimate atheist, I will kill you.
Israeli commander: Finish him off.

Young girl: Mother! Dear mother, open your eyes. Why isn't our mother saying anything? Dear mother, for God's sake, please don't die.


Iranian Animated Film for Children in Iran titled "The Grenade"

You can view the video here.

You can read a transcript of this film here.

[...] Muslims pray in the mosque, while Israeli soldiers advance towards a Palestinian village, where some children are playing. Soldiers break into houses, open fire on the villagers, and throw tear-gas grenades, while children resist with sling-shots and stones. Some villagers are dragged away, beaten, captured, and mistreated. Barbed wire goes up around the village.


Palestinian Children Clash with an Israeli Soldier in an Iranian Animated Movie

You can read a transcript of the film here.

[...] An Israeli soldier approaches a crowd of young Arab protesters on the street. The protesters are burning an Israeli flag, holding stones in their hands, yelling, and raising a sign that reads "Death to Israel". The protesters throw stones at the soldier, and he in return fires his weapon, killing most of the protesters. A protester who has remained alive cries at the sight of his dead comrades. He picks up a slingshot and a stone and aims at the soldier.

The Islamic Republic continues to amaze me with their militant Islamic rhetoric, propaganda, and actions. Has there ever been a government so determined to spread hate, violence and terrorism, as Iran?

And these guys want to be trusted with nuclear weapons??

Posted by Richard at November 8, 2005 10:53 AM

Such a shame that you people are so blind and biased regarding everything! I saw nothing wrong with the animation, the Isrealis killed the kids relatives and he took revenge against the military, which is a norm at times of war!
your attitude towards the oppression in Palestine is disgracful! as many say Zionism = Fascism!

Posted by: M J at November 8, 2005 6:06 PM

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