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November 9, 2005

HarryTho: Aruban Government Wants Bush To Intervene In Aruban Boycott (Update: State Dept. Says No - And Much More)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

It seems that the government of Aruba wants President Bush to intervene in the Alabama governor's call for boycotting the autonomous Dutch island of Aruba. The parliament on Aruba went into emergency session after the boycott call.

"Aruba is not Cuba, North Korea or Iraq. We are friends with America. Most tourists come from the United States and we work together to combat drugs criminality and money laundering," Oduber said angrily.

He wants Dutch Foreign Minister Ben Bot to seek clarification on the issue from the American Embassy in The Hague. Aruba's representative in Washington will raise the matter directly with the US government. "We want to know if Bush supports this boycott or not," Oduber said.

Aruba has taken the correct action - employ diplomatic channels to flush out the US administration's position on the matter.

The US administration's support of the boycott would be as poorly thought out as was on the part of the Alabama governor.
In other boycott-related news:

Aruba Police Chief Gerald Dompig said later Tuesday the investigation into Holloway's disappearance is not complete, and that authorities want to interview other American teenagers who were on the high school graduation trip with Holloway.

''We want to talk once more with various students because their first statements, taken by the FBI, were very short,'' Dompig said.
My thinking on this is that this statement by Police Chief Dompig, following Alabama Governor Bob Riley's call for a boycott of Aruba, clearly places the governor and his staff in jeopardy of obstruction of justice.

Depending on the stance taken by the Bush Administration, this call for boycott could explode in a charge of extortion against the Alabama governor.

Next we have a "few facts" relating to the Alabama governor's boycott decision, supplied by reader, Paul, that "Governor Bob" should have considered:

Don't think a boycott of tourism in Aruba is stopping Alabama Retirement System, Alabama Schools, or Alabama Industry from making a buck in Aruba.

IS Gov Bob's economic ignorance showing just a tad when he boycotts a nation (Aruba is a part of Netherlands) that his economically depressed state does $180 million positive trade with. Harbert International (Alabama Construction Firm) has a 100 Million plus project going on in Aruba - began In July. Is Bob going to call a halt to the tax income from this?

Gov Bobs ignorance of US treaties is outstanding. He violated the spirit of at least two.

And finally Gov Bob has violated US trade law - Secretary of Treasury or President impose boycotts not Governors.

But it is election year for Bob in 2006 and a good show is worth votes. This move may top his failed billion dollar tax increase in a state that is one of the poorest in the nation.

Here are some of the details...


Will Governor Riley cut out this income which in many
instances requires travel to and from Aruba ? Will Governor Bob threaten to stop state funding of these programs ?



Birmingham-based construction firm BL Harbert International LLC
recently finished the concrete phase for the first of four towers of a vacation resort owned by Marriott Vacation Club International on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Harbert Employees Must Travel anANd USe Tourist Facilities In Aruba.

IS GOV BOB GOING TO STOP US BUSINESS BUILDING IN ARUBA - Aquatech Awarded Thermal Desalination Contract in Aruba, October 28, 2005



The Netherlands Announces They Will Not Deny Treaty Benefits to Qualified U.S. Investors That Own Dutch Hybrids.



The Dutch in turn are the third largest investors in the U.S., with the stock of Dutch direct investment growing to $ 85 billion in 1997.

Is Gov Bob Going To Stop THE 180 Million in Trade From His State To The Netherlands.


Could be - the President or Secretary of Treasury does that - not the Governor of Alabama.

Gov Bob has violated US law.



Did I fail to mention that the governor's boycott decision just might have been poorly thought out??? It may be that Governor Bob might have stepped into an international incident. I doubt President Bush is willing to do the same!

Update: As I said, President Bush is unwilling to do the same!

US State Dept Says "No Gov't Boycott On Aruba"

U.S. State Department Press Guidance, Tuesday, November 08, 2005.

While we respect the right of this elected state government executive to make such a call for a travel boycott, his statement does not represent the foreign policy of the United States. There is currently no U.S. government boycott or travel restriction on U.S. citizens visiting Aruba.

U.S. law enforcement officials do not have recommendations for further GOA action on the case other than to turn it over to cold case investigators.

Related: Tourism Minister Edison Briesen said Wednesday that it's too early to determine whether a call by Alabama Gov. Bob Riley to boycott the island over the handling of the Natalee Holloway case has led to any cancellations.

Scarborough on Fox News commented that Aruba filed a complaint witht the US State Department against Governor Riley of Alabama.

Rita Crosby of MSNBC News hosted Governor Riley, Jug Twitty, City Councilman Juan Ramos and City Councilman Frank Rizzo, Jr.

Governor Riley said he talked with US Congressmen about the boycott and claims he received a positive response. He said that he would continue his campaign for a boycott at the National Governors Council in a few months.

When Rita probed Governor Riley, he claimed that the Aruba authorities were getting together to act. He wished that it had happened sooner. Then, he admitted that Aruba's action was to file a complaint against him with the State Department.

Rita showed the negative response form the Dutch Ambassador to the USA. She then probed Governor Riley with what would cause the boycott to stop. Governor Riley regrouped from his hard stance of yesterday into 1) keep the family informed and 2) aggressively pursue the case.

Jug Twitty came on and praised the efforts of Governor Riley. Jug felt that no matter what the outcome, Governor Riley cared for his family. Jug claimed that what Governor Riley did, struck a nerve in Aruba, because there was a lot of activity.

Rita then mentioned that Senator Shelby of Alabama wrote a letter to Secretary of State Rice today.

Next, Rita hosted two City Councilmen from Philadelphia:

Juan Ramos and Frank Rizzo, Jr. Juan Ramos supported the boycott, because they felt sympathy with the family who has lost a daughter. Ramos went over similar losses of daughters around Philadelphia.

Frank Rizzo, Jr., criticized the boycott, because he was familiar with the effort in Aruba. He claimed that the Arubans have gone way beyond their requirement to support the family and this investigation. Interestingly, Rita tried to discredit Frank Rizzo's statement by alleging that he has a vested interest in Aruba. Rizzo had trained some of the Aruban law enforcement officers a few years ago. Also, Rizzo has concern for his constituents, many of whom work for an airline that brings Philadelphia's to Aruba. Rita attempted to enlist Ramos' assistance in her discreditation, but Ramos refused to get involved. Ramos respected his colleague's opinion.

Greta at Fox News hosted Jug Twitty.

Jug commenced with a long rendition of praise for Governor Riley and Senator Selby. He avoided all of Greta's questions. When Greta finally broke through, Jug refered to the complaint against Governor Riley as "unbelievable action." Jug wonders why Janssen just didn't call Beth instead of filing a complaint. Jug denied that he desires to harm the Aruban people, and said that he just wants to know what happened to his stepdaughter.

Greta probed Jug about Janssen's unwillingness to talk with Jug. Jug revealed that he referred to her actions on 28 August 2005 as a cover-up. Jug reported that Janssen cautioned him about saying the word "cover-up."

Greta confirmed that the Aruban authorities have filed a complaint against Governor Riley.

Jug then ran down Paulus van der Sloot. He said that he wonders why the Arubans blame the Twitty-Holloway family for the boycott.

Greta then interviewed Jossy Mansur. Jossy looked down and out. I even felt sorry for him. Jossy went over the alleged fishing trap and knife stolen from the Fisherman's huts, and claimed the security person that takes care of the huts reported to Jossy that a knife had been taken when 3 of the 4 huts were broken into the night that Natalee disappeared. Some time later, the security person said a fish trap was taken.

Please take note that Police Chief Dompig only confirmed the absence of a fishing knife from the declarations in the case. Also, Jossy alleges that a jogger claims to have seen Deepak's car, with the three suspects inside the car, near the Racquet Club the morning that Natalee disappeared. Unfortunately, as it is the case for all Jossy's stories, the jogger has disappeared. Although, according to Jossy, he has a lead and may be able to find him in time.

Greta then probed Jossy on Janssen and corruption.

Jossy said that Janssen's actions may be being controlled by the Attorney General, attempting to limit information release on the case. On the issue of corruption, Jossy discounts it. He says that there are actions that defy explanation. Why these actions occur, he does not know.

Greta then hosted Hammer, Grimm and Williams.

Grimm said that he feels the boycott will not result in anything. He feels Beth has been ostracized on the island. and that He feels the case will be tossed into the cold case file.

Hammer stated that with no evidence, what can we boycott. He feels the best course of action is to provide Beth with dignity and honor and tell her that they have no leads in the case but will continue the case forever.

Williams said that he feels that Secretary of State Rice should have negotiated a half-partnership between the FBI and the Aruban police. He feels the Twitty-Holloway family should step back in the case and allow the Aruban authorities to work it out. Williams is also against the boycott.

Greta subsequently reported that Beth Twitty's lawyer, Helen Lejuez, has been physically threatened and had her tires slashed.

Yet, she admits not making any reports of the incidents to the police or the chief prosecutor, and said that the Arubans are not happy, and they all know that she represents Beth Twitty. Although Helen admitted not being nervous about the threats, she will be cautious and not walk alone at night.

When asked about Janssen's cooperativeness, Lejuez stated that Janssen always answers the phone when she calls!!!

Helen Lejuez said that she feels the case will be resolved, but she knows of no positive indications that the case is coming to a resolution.

As Beth Twitty's agent, Helen Lejuez has no problem with communication with Chief Prosecutor Janssen. Accordingly, all Beth Twitty's whining about not being talked to is nonsense. Governor Riley of Alabama was duped by Beth Twitty.

And lastly, from the AP, we have - Boycott Call Concerns Aruban Officials:

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber told reporters that his government hopes the State Department will help halt a boycott that could damage Aruba's crucial tourist industry.

"This is a preposterous and irresponsible act," Oduber said Tuesday night after attending a closed session with members of Parliament. "We are not terrorists. We don't pose a threat to the United States, nor to Alabama."

On Wednesday, Aruba's Parliament wrote a letter to the Dutch Foreign Ministry urging it to intervene to halt the threatened boycott. The letter called outside demands for the replacement of Aruban justice officials "an infringement on the sovereignty of the (Dutch) Kingdom."

"This (boycott) call can have serious financial consequences for our country, especially considering that tourism is our most important source of income," Mervin Ras, president of the Parliament, wrote in the letter that was released to the media.

With that - we'll call it Aloha, for the night.

Final update for the night: Welcome readers from Riehl World View, and thanks, Dan, for the link! Dan has been the real stalwart in Natalee's case, and like we've tried to do, hasn't been the least bit afraid to say what might not be popular at the moment - catering more to a search for the truth, and much less to castnetting for readership.

Posted for HarryTho.

Posted by Richard at November 9, 2005 5:21 PM

If this "boycott" is just a suggestion/opinion rather than something with legal force, it means nothing.

One would hope the 1st amendment applies to governors.

Posted by: Purple Avenger at November 9, 2005 8:17 PM

"One would hope the 1st amendment applies to governors"

I don't think so.

Posted by: George at November 9, 2005 8:47 PM

Dear Purple Avenger:

What I perceive as the impending problem with the governor's act is that it occurred during an ongoing international investigation in which the Aruban authorities had requested legal assistance from the United States in interviewing persons from Mountain Brook, Alabama and members of the Twitty-Holloway family. Because the act involved a threat to damage the reputation of the country of Aruba, if the government of Aruba did not concede to the demands of the Twitty-Holloway family, a charge of extortion, via the domain of blackmail, can be connected with a complaint for obstruction of justice against the governor of Alabama. What the governor of Alabama has advocated is that the Aruban government must comply with the direction of the investigation desired by the Twitty-Holloway family. I am uncertain that the governor of Alabama comprehends what His Excellency has proclaimed.

On the another note, public officials may speak out, with immunity, against injustice in order to protect their constituency. The governor may feel, based upon partial and biased information, that His Excellency is acting in such a manner. His Excellency is not. The immunity requires due diligence on the part of the orator. Clearly, the governor's staff let His Excellency down.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 9, 2005 8:50 PM

There is a traveler warning for Aruba, due to their "no body, no crime," "if your a van der Sloot, no crime," "if reporting crime is not good for the travel industry, no crime" mentality.

Aruba is not safe for travelers or its residents until the judicial system is taken off of the "how much money do you have for us to investigate, if not much, no crime" list.

Posted by: GaryK at November 9, 2005 11:48 PM

As Beth Twitty's agent, Helen Lejuez has no problem with communication with Chief Prosecutor Janssen. Accordingly, all Beth Twitty's whining about not being talked to is nonsense. Governor Riley of Alabama was duped by Beth Twitty.

I think what Riley said was that the family was not being kept informed. The simple fact that Lejuez can speak with the prosecutor does not by any means suggest that she or the family are receiving any substantive information about the case and its progress.

Regardless, Beth was very specific that she was not being spoken to by the prosecutor, and nothing Lejuez said suggested otherwise. Simply communicating (and I would add that we are unaware if there is anything substantive in those communications) with Lejuez does not mean that Beth is being communicated with. She wants to be dealt with directly, and I can certainly understand that desire. If I were Beth then I would certainly want to be spoken with directly by the person who is in charge of investigating my daughter's disappearence, not through a middle man (or woman).

Posted by: DT at November 10, 2005 12:12 AM


I would recommend that you reacquaint yourself with the notion of agency. If Beth Twitty desired personal communication with the prosecutor, then she should not have hired an attorney to act as her agent. When Chief Prosecutor Janssen speaks with attorney Helen Lejuez, she is speaking with Beth Twitty. Chief Prosecutor Janssen is exercising legal protocol. If Beth Twitty perceives a communication problem, it most likely originates from a breakdown of her fiduciary relationship with her agent.

Clearly, Governor Riley of Alabama has been misled, and, unfortunately, His Excellency will suffer embarrassment over the alleged reason for a boycott.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 10, 2005 12:53 AM

If Beth Twitty desired personal communication with the prosecutor, then she should not have hired an attorney to act as her agent


You hardly bothered to address the brunt of my argument, which was that you misrepresented what Riley had said about the boycott. He said the family was not being INFORMED, which suggests something different then simply an attorney having conversations with
the prosecutor. I have never seen it said that the reason for the boycott was that the family simply was not being spoken with. You use word communicate when the complaint itself is about beinf informed. Obviously the prosecutor could be communicating with the family but not saying anything of importance or just simply blowing the family off. This would certainly be communication, but it would not be keeping the family informed. I would hope that

Saying that Beth's hiring an attorney voids her right to be spoken with directly is simply absurd. Even with an attorney there is still no reason in the world that the prosecutor cannot meet personally with Beth instead of with the prosecutor, and it would be a legitimate complaint of Beth if she is being treated this way.

Posted by: DT at November 10, 2005 1:11 AM

I click on Hyscience everyday; and the first thing I look for is Harry's column.
I can't imagine how much time it takes to put together all the interesting info he shares with us, but I do know that there are a lot of us out here that appreciate the effort.
Thank you, Harry.

Posted by: Max at November 10, 2005 1:18 AM

Dave never seemed to have any problem communicating with the prosecutor. I think it would be reasonable for the prosecutor to assume that whatever she told Dave he would pass along to Beth.
The prosecutor should not be burdened with having to contact both sets of parents to relay the same message/info.
Dave and Beth need to put their differences aside and start working together

Posted by: Max at November 10, 2005 1:35 AM

Just to set the record straight, it is Senator Shelby, not Selby.

Wonderful article, by the way.

Posted by: Katie at November 10, 2005 1:51 AM

I think Beth is not hearing what she wants to hear and that was the communication problem with her and the prosecutor. Jug and Beth threw a fit in her office one day because they weren't hearing what they wanted to hear and I think the prosecutor just decided she would not deal with these rude violent people any longer. Jug overturned a desk. She would deal through the attorney only, and I can't blame her. Being a so called grieving parent doesn't give you the right to throw fits when you don't get your way. American prosecutors wouldn't put up with it either. Beth Twitty has literally lied to the American people and the media has aided her in doing do.

Posted by: flightof fancy at November 10, 2005 3:20 AM

flightoffancy, would you please explain and give examples of what Beth Twitty "has literally lied to the American people" about? That is a very bold statement to make with no explanation as to what you are referrin to. And to Harry, our Governor is Governor Riley, not Gov Bob! Shame on you.

Posted by: jewels flem at November 10, 2005 11:18 AM

Beth and Natalee Holloway

The reasons to boycott Aruba. The ABC team of Aruba;arrogant, bumbling, and corrupt. (1) From the very beginning, the chaperon that stayed behind to find Natalee was given the runaround and no assistance. (2) Beth was the one to rundown the suspects, not the ABC team. (3) The team would not search Deepak's car or PVDS's home because they said “no”. (4) statements taken were altered and in front of Beth and Jug Natalee was called a whore,'they used the Spanish word.' (5) Dave Holloway was also disrespected when asked how much money he had and told that his daughter was shacking up and would turn up at the bar. (6) The next day Poppa Paul and suspects held a meeting with family and lawyers and were advised “No body, no case” how could he have been so certain? (7) The suspects conspired to come up with a false statement and pointed the finger at two black security guards and when found out they changed stories many times. They say she was left at the beech and was fine! Why then did they make up a story if they did not know anything had happened to the girl? (8) when finally arrested, only because of the media coverage, they failed to follow up on statements, such as when Juran said that he thought Deepak murdered Natalee and buried the body. Why didn't they follow up with at least basic questions like “Where?” (9) All evidence was either altered, ignored, suppressed, or tampered with. The blood in the car, the body parts found, the belt, the statements by school friends that before this happened, Joran bragged about drugging and seducing girls, especially American tourist. What happened to the girls that came forward? On and on. (10) There is so much more but I do not intend to write a book. Lets skip to recent events. DomPig started appearing on out media shows in a public relations campaign making such statements like, “We can't wait to get a hold of these tapes, if they are authentic we could rearrest the suspects that I am sure that are in some way responsible for the disappearances of Natalee.” He now says after the tapes have been sitting in Holland for three weeks that there is no priority in getting the tapes. Also, he expressed an eagerness to talk with Beth. When she went to Aruba neither He or the prosecutor would meet the grieving mother. Recently Dave asked Dompig to question a friend of the suspects with a boat. He did not but the boy's father was called in! What for? To warn the suspect? Enough of the BS already. The reason to boycott Aruba is that it is the right thing to do!! They perpetrated a cover up, brutalized a grieving mother, and will never attempt to find the answers unless they are replaced under pressure. BOYCOTT ARUBA NOW

Posted by: Leo Donnelly at November 10, 2005 11:21 AM

Dear Mr. Donnelly:

Thank you for your post. What I would recommend is that you take the time to review our blog. You might find it refreshing. We have attempted to dissipate much of the shamanism and shenanigans in the case of Natalee's disappearance.

Enjoy our blog!

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 10, 2005 12:17 PM

Just a question. If we cancel our trip to Aruba following the governor's request and go to another tourist destination and one of my family member or myself get robbed or God forbid murdered can the Governor of Alabama be held legally responsible?

Posted by: Rick at November 10, 2005 12:20 PM

my god has the USA gone MAD !! BETH implied that she will not return to Aruba, she said that she feels the Arubans need to come to Alabama and speak with Gov Bob who apparently knows nothing about anything lol
i want all of the USA citizens to open your windows to nite at 9pm and hollow to the top of your voices TO STOP THIS MADNESS

Posted by: candy at November 10, 2005 1:50 PM

Candy, how do you "hollow to the top of your voices?"

Posted by: jewels flem at November 10, 2005 6:43 PM

I hope the boycott works and you can thank your incompetent authorities for it.
Frank Acuna Clinton IL.

Posted by: Frank Acuna at November 14, 2005 10:41 PM

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