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November 5, 2005

HarryTho 11/5 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

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A reader emailed us that she wanted to make sure that hyscience saw the post below from an old interview (hat tip to reader M.):

We have been trying to remember where the comment was made that Natalee made it back to the hotel. Someone at TBHS found the quote (also here).
Frances Ellen Byrd (when is the last time you saw her?) That night.
Interviewer: Yes, you saw her the night...
Frances Ellen Byrd I was with her that night.
Interviewer: You were with her that night.
Frances Ellen Byrd Yes. Yes.
Interviewer: All the friends went back to the hotel. And did you all see her go back to the hotel or not?
Frances Ellen Byrd I am just leaving it that we saw her there.
Interviewer: Saw her that night.
Frances Ellen Byrd Right.
Frances Ellen Byrd Pray for Natalee. She is coming home.
This is both interesting and possibly important. Joran van der Sloot spent over 100 days in prison for the suspicion of an alleged crime against Natalee Holloway. Deepak and Satish Kalpoe likewise were imprisoned for this same crime. By all accounts of the media and the Aruban investigative team, which included the FBI for USA matters, these individuals, most notably Joran van der Sloot, were the last ones reported to have been with missing Natalee Holloway.

However, Frances Ellen Byrd, to the best of my knowledge, has known Natalee Holloway since the eighth grade. They are the best of friends. I believe, Frances is the raven-haired girl in all of the pictures in which Natalee is shown with a group of girls from Alabama. I believe that Frances is also the driver of the car in which Natalee is filmed live.

If this information is correct, as it certainly appears to be, there can be no mistake that Frances Ellen Byrd saw Natalee Holloway at the Holiday Inn the night that Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers allegedly abducted her.

Now, this statement from a credible eyewitness has been suppressed by the Twitty-Holloway camp, and, for some reason, overlooked by the FBI contingent assisting the Aruban authorities in this investigation.

Furthermore, in response to Aruban police's questioning on the matter of how Natalee's camera got back to the Holiday Inn, I think Frances' testimony can resolve the matter adequately: Natalee brought her camera back to the hotel that night.

I believe that the Twitty-Holloway-Mansur conspiracy should have some explaining to do. I am sure that the lawyers for Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers will be quivering with anticipation to hear their response.

From Amigoe via Aruba GetAGrip, we have - Twitty is gone:

After having stayed in Aruba for a few days, Beth Twitty left again. It's not clear what she came to Aruba for. During her visit she met with representatives of the Strategic Communications Task Force. In the presence of her lawyer Helen Lejeuz, she also had a conversation with chief of police Gerold Dompig and prosecutor Karin Jansen. Dompig indicated later that Twitty made a statement and answered a few questions. He didn't want to go into details regarding the contents. Same as a day earlier, Twitty didn't want to talk to the media.
Next, from Bon Dia Aruba via Aruba GetaGrip:
Re-grouping meeting of Strategic Committee about Natalee Holloway was good - Advice to the commission is to not fall in the 'fuel the fire to the media's trap...

Myrna Jansen took out a public declaration to better show what was discussed during the meeting about Beth Twitty.

Official statements have to be given and move on. "Do not fall in the 'fuel the fire to the media' tramp" Jansen said. This is what the American press is doing.

It was shown what someone wants to say and then they want to create a conflict with the other. There is some plan that has to be concretized. There should be a type of encounter where a strong decision to move forward will be taken. There have been some things done, but none was strong. "You have to decide to either remain silent or speak openly", Jansen said, something that the Task Force has to decide.

Next, via Aruba GetaGrip, we learn that the "Police interrogated Beth Twitty a couple of hours despite that "Natalee Holloway's mother recorded her declaration on tape to hand over to police":
After much anticipation, Natalee Holloway's mother arrived at the police station in Shaba to give answers to various questions to police in charge of the investigation had.

Mrs. Twitty came with a group of American journalists who were at all times walking with her. And although she told the Strategic Commission that she did not know that some media would follow her to Aruba, it was obvious that they had a very close relationship. Her friend was in the car with an MSNBC producer, for example.

The police station was awaiting the arrival of Mrs. Twitty and would not let the press stop their cars too close. They also didn't let the cameramen arrive first.

The conversation, which was more like an interrogation, lasted a few hours, contrary to what Mrs. Twitty thought, given that she brought two recorded tapes with her declaration and what from what can be deduced from the time that she remained inside, police decided to make some touchy questions.

The presence of lead prosecutor Karin Jansen was also noted, but she did not remain long at the Shaba police station.

Despite that at the moment she also did not speak to the American press, it won't be strange for them to get a declaration, seeing that they're traveling with her.

What's more, after the meeting with the Strategic Commission, when Mrs. Twitty was asked for a comment, she said she didn't want to say anything. She was also asked if she was going to speak with the American channels that night, and Twitty said she had no plans to do so. But as is usual with Mrs. Twitty, this did not turn out to be the truth, since that same night she was on Greta van Susteren on FOX News saying that the Strategic Commission is in agreement with her about changing those who are working on the case.

This was completely denied by the Strategic Commission.

Clearly, this article defines Mrs. Twitty as being untruthful to a number of entities, including the American media. The film crew was a part of her entourage. This was a planned trip to Aruba, designed to intimidate the Aruban authorities. I believe we can say, this investigation is turning toward the questionable integrity of the Twitty-Holloway-Mansur conspiracy, the Mountain brook teens and, most likely, the state of Alabama.

And continuing from the source, "Commissioner Gerold Dompig considers meeting with Beth Twitty as good - "We took a statement and there were a few questions" - Gerold Dompig.

Dompig said that there were two types of statements. A witness statement and suspect statement. "We took a statement, a declaration and we had a few questions" Dompig said.

The fact that Twitty came with a written declaration on paper, Dompig did not want to confirm. "Normally, the group of investigators handle the verhoor[?] and in this case, they also handled it."
And from CBS we learn that Aruban prosecutors said Friday that they have new witnesses and leads into Natalee's disappearance.

From this review the team has concluded that there are several aspects that need more attention," the prosecutor's office said in a statement. "There are people living in the United States of America who have to be interviewed again."

From Dan Riehl we have "Beth Twitty Lashing Out Again at Aruban officials," and we see that Dan has about had it with Beth Twitty.

The FBI conducted the questioning on the part of Aruban authorities. In an advisory capacity, they had every opportunity to address this if it were the case. Is she suggesting that the FBI are simply dopes who could or would only ask what the ALE told them to?

There is no excuse for her criticism here. It appears her agenda against Aruba law enforcement has now superceded any concern she may have once had for getting answers to what happened to Natalee. Unbelieveable ... and obstructionist. I can't even comprehend what is going on with this woman anymore.

I find much to agree with Dan on here, but I do not perceive Beth Twitty's actions as absurd. I truly believe that she has an agenda to suppress what really happened to her daughter that night, and I believe that the information that we're seeing here tonight attests to that.

Calling it a night, we'l have to finish up in the morning.

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Posted by Richard at November 5, 2005 10:42 PM

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