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November 4, 2005

HarryTho 11/4 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

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Tonight we'll continue with the "round robin" on Natalee news that we were working on last night.

Aruba GetaGrip has AVP and MPA request meeting with CCCA.

The Parliament Members find that the Natalee Holloway case is causing a lot of negative publicity for Aruba. They think that it is important for Aruba to have a national effort to protect our country from this development. In connection herewith they wish to listen to CCCA. They also think that the information that they receive from CCCA can be the base for a Parliament meeting with other organizations of Aruba. The have requested for their petition to be handled with urgency.

Both MPA's Arends and AVP'S Lee think that this matter is taking too long and has to be dealt with seriously.
Also from GAG, more the - Beth Twitty left Aruba yesterday event:
During her short stay in Aruba we have experienced that Beth Twitty bluntly refused to give any declaration to the Aruba press, but on her arrival she did speak to some American media that are in Aruba. We do not know what she declared to "her" media.

We do know that Beth Twitty spent about three hours at the police precinct in Noord. has it that the film crew report was a fabrication:

"Absolutely nonsense", is Beth Twitty's reaction on the news reports about her being accompanied by a film crew of Paramount Pictures or other media during her stay in Aruba.

Yesterday, chief of police, Gerold Dompig, who is in charge of the investigation, said that he made an appointment to speak with Twitty via her lawyer, Helen Lejeuz. "It is not allowed to make film recordings without a permit and this is different than the recordings that were made for the newscast. The Justice-minister told the corps leaders that no permit will be granted for filming", said Dompig. Lejeuz confirmed the appointment.

There was a meeting with the Strategic Communications Task Force in the Radisson Hotel yesterday afternoon. This committee was established with the task to correct erroneous news reports and to provide the media with correct background and information.
Important Update to this story:

Dan Riehl writes that although he wouldn't think this was significant, he wanted to point out that the above story linked to from Hyscience, addressing whether or not Beth Twitty was filming in Aruba during her recent visit, didn't quite gel with his own information.

What I found surprising was the denial given I was sent an image of her and others setting up to film outside of the office of Helen Lejuez, which I believe was the first night of her visit. It was a large image file and a bit blurry, so I didn't even bother posting it at the time.

I did reduce it, making the focus even worse, but clearly there was filming of some sort going on. Observers on the ground had actually reported it prior to my receiving the image. As I said, I don't see the big deal with it, really. But I thought I'd post the image to correct the record. I assume this was personal filming of some kind and not a network, and certainly not Paramount Pictures.

Dan has posted the image - I must say that it looks a lot like camera equipment to me. Perhaps one can nitpick over what constitutes a "crew," but as to whether or not filming was going on - if it looks like a duck...

Moving on to Scared Monkeys, we have - Natalee Holloway Disappearance: Robin Holloway, "Everybody that has Talked to Dave and Interviewed Dave, they Know How Patient He is"

This is the Joe Scarborough interview of Robin Holloway and Clint van Zandt. I missed this last night while I was covering Greta on Fox News. Essentially, van Zandt concurs with Joe Scarborough that the Aruban public is now attacking Beth Twitty. Van Zandt feels the Aruban police have lost their credibility in this case for conducting such a poor investigation.

If Clint van Zandt did not agree with Joe Scarborough, I doubt he would be on the Joe's program. So, when one speaks of credibility, the source needs to be taken into account.

Here, Robin Holloway, essentially, supports her husband by pointing out his patience over five months with the Aruban police.

But Robin neglects to point out that this "letter" materialized only when the Aruban police lost their patience with the Twitty-Holloway group for silencing the entire Alabama contingent of potential witnesses, as well as, the refusal of the family to provide information about Natalee Holloway, the alleged victim.

Next we have Dan Riehl's analysis and commentary of the Art Wood letter.

Dan Riehl provides a very good analysis of the Art Wood draft letter to the Aruban Attorney General, and has done both a good job of textual analysis and also in providing a well done commentary.

In his analysis, Dan connects the alleged author Art Wood to Jossy Mansur, a reasonable assumption. Art Wood on all accounts was the agent of Jossy Mansur, doing private investigative work in Aruba. Although an allusion to an attorney is discounted over spelling errors, Dan fails to mention why Art Wood, a man with considerable experience in the case, would write something so sloppy. Dan then proceeds to discredit the content of the letter as anything but inflammatory. Commencing with the comments on the first page, Dan methodically questions their voracity and appropriateness throughout the entire letter, and ends his analysis with a question as to why the Twitty-Holloway camp refuses to consider other scenarios into Natalee Holloway's disappearance.

I believe that from the standpoint of textual analysis perspective, the letter's structure hints at some legal oversight.

The connection between Art Wood and Jossy Mansur has merit. Once the Wood-Mansur connection is made, then other anomalies stream into place. Mansur was the one "discovering" many of the red herring leads in the case. Dan is correct in pointing out the aggravation and little-thought-out points of the letter. The close of Dan's analysis, likewise, sheds light on the intent of the letter.

In my opinion, the letter was authored by a conspiracy of attorneys in Alabama and Aruba under the editorial direction of the masterminds of the Twitty-Holloway-Mansur group. Art Wood is merely a stoolie enlisted by the group to act as the nomme du plume of the letter.

What the letter further suggests is that this Twitty-Holloway-Mansur conspiracy has been together for quite some time. One could almost image this conspiracy in existence prior to Natalee Holloway even traveling to Aruba.

I pray the American FBI reads this. They have some work to do.

Moving on to cable news - Abrams on MSNBC News referenced Dr. Phil's sex slavery proclamation on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and completely discounted Dr. Phil's idea, because he said that there was not one trace of evidence of any sex slave activity. Abrams capped his position with reference to Clint van Zandt's statement that Americans are seldom, if ever, abducted into sex slavery.

First, we must recall that Clint van Zandt is an agent for MSNBC News, besides having some former experience with investigations in the FBI. Quoting a paid employee may not be the best avenue for credibility. Second, though the routine method of abduction into sex slave trade may not have been employed in Natalee's case (well, that we know about), the fact that she was alone in the wee hours of the morning on a beach, somewhat inebriated and perhaps feeling adventuresome, does provide opportunity for abduction. If Natalee was abducted on the Marriott beach, does Clint van Zandt presume that her abductors would first have checked her passport or inquired as to her country of origin?

It would be difficult for any sex-crime investigator, FBI or otherwise, to discount the fact that of the over 2,000,000 girls abducted every single year into the sex slave industry, would that list not contain at least one American. With a number like 2,000,000+, it would appear that this industry targets "to whom it may concern."

In support of the slave angle, Paul Rutherford, a professional international tracer, appeared on Rita Crosby's segment of MSNBC News and listed a number of American girls abducted to South American countries, even Venezuela was mentioned with disparaging remarks: justice gone wild and crime run rampant.

In further support, if Clint van Zandt checked with his Los Angeles FBI Office, he would learn that Venezuelans, posing as wealthy plantation owners, abduct American girls Natalee's age, quite often for service in their sex slave trade.

Next, from the AP this afternoon - Aruban prosecutors to question more people in case of missing Alabama teen.

Aruban prosecutors said Friday they have new witnesses and leads into the disappearance of a U.S. teen who vanished on a school trip to the Dutch Caribbean island.
The Aruban prosecutors office also said it was conducting new interviews of witnesses in their review of the investigation into the Natalee Holloway case.

"From this review the team has concluded that there are several aspects that need more attention," the prosecutor's office said in a statement. "There are people living in the United States of America who have to be interviewed again."

Scared Monkeys has posted an expanded version of the above AP release.
Public Prosecutor's Office has petitioned the United States of America for legal assistance.

The Public Prosecutor's Office will keep on working as it always has, which is according to the law.
Update: Nancy Grace hosted Beth Twitty, Jossy Mansur and Harris Faulkner.

Nancy commenced with Dr. Phil's statements on the Joe Leno Show about Natalee being held in a South American sex slave trade. Dr. Phil's "evidence" comment was highlighted. Dr. Phil persuasively explored the idea that Natalee could be held within the underground South American sex slave trade.

Jossy Mansur, godfather of the AVP and spokesperson for the Mansur family (infamous Aruba-Venezuelan traffickers), discounts the sex slave theory. He denies any knowledge of such a practice (trafficking in humans) on Aruba.

Beth Twitty supported Dr. Phil, more from a stance that all avenues should be explored (a reasonable point of view).

Nancy and Beth talked over the letter that was sent to Aruban authorities, requesting a new investigative team. Beth stated that upon arrival in Aruba, she received a letter from prosecutor Karen Janssen that she had no time to meet with her. Beth explained that the Aruban police also refused to meet with her. Nancy questioned their motives, and Beth remained silent and did not attempt any clarification about the impasse.

Nancy then aired the Skeeter tapes, and subsequently queried Jossy Mansur about the sex slave theory. Jossy did not concur with Nancy's theory that sex slavers would have taken Natalee after the three suspects had sex with her. Instead, Jossy described the abduction theory emerging from Natalee being left alone on the Marriott Beach.

Harris Faulkner reported that there was a demonstration against Beth Twitty last night in Aruba. Harris also acknowledged that the FBI received a request from the Aruban authorities to interview a number of the Mountain Brook teens. Nancy questioned why these teens had not been interviewed sooner, buy there was no response to her question.

Nancy then queried Jossy Mansur about the feeling of the Aruban people about Beth Twitty. Jossy attributed the discontent to the opposition, as a bunch of people who would protest anything; however, he felt the majority of people admired Beth Twitty. Nancy then referenced the people demonstrating in the street against Beth Twitty: Come on Jossy, you got people demonstrating in the street against Beth. Nancy characterized the Aruban feelings about Beth Twitty, as "terrorism" on the island of Aruba. A bit of a stretch, to say the least!

Rita Crosby of MSNBC News aired an entire program on human trafficking, and included a number of sex slave survivors. Some were enslaved from the age of 7 until the age of 38. They had participated in porno films as early as age 7. Prior to their escape from sex slavery, they were suicidal, heroin addicted and jailed many times.

Kevin Bales of feels the Natalee Holloway is not a likely candidate for sex slavery, because she is from a wealthy family with powerful connections. Kevin states that some 10,000 a day in the USA go into sex slavery, and remain in the industry for 3-5 years and for some as long as 25 years.

Free the Slaves

Mike Genneco reported that each year some 800,000 victims enter the sex slave industry, yet at any time at least 12.3 million people are engaged in the industry.

Norma Hoteling describes her involvement in the sex slave industry from the age of 7 in the New York area. At 7 years old, she was in porno movies.

Laura Lederer of the State Department Human Trafficking Center has initiated sex trafficking investigations. In the last few years, the number of cases prosecuted in child sex trafficking have quadrupled. The prosecution consists of two phases: prosecuting traffickers and assisting victims. The effort against traffickers is nor proactive.

Gary Haugen infiltrates foreign child sex traffickers and gets them prosecuted. One of his infiltrations was aired.

Beth Twitty stated that she would not be surprised if Natalee was in a sex slave industry, because, to date, the family has not one thing to hang onto in the search for their daughter. Beth feels that it is possible that after the three suspects gang-raped her daughter that they sold her to sex slavers.

Rita aired Police Chief Dompig's belief that the kids were lying and still lying, so they are guilty of something.

Joe Mammama (ex-con) hints at physical harm to the three suspects from sources (unnamed) around the world. He claimed a devastating boycott will hit Aruba in the next ten days. He explained how toilet paper will become a rare commodity in Aruba.

Harold Copus, another FBI agent, said that he feels that a boycott will turn the tide in this investigation. He cited a 20% chance that Natalee could have been abducted into the sex slave industry.

Rich Segal of America's Most Wanted revealed that a makeshift cross has been found near the Marriott Beach and the Fisherman's Huts.

Segal explained that information has come in that a boat, carrying a body, went out to sea from that location around the time of Natalee's disappearance. The makeshift cross is made of wood with the initials "NH" engraved into the wood. Prayer beads and little gifts adorn the cross. Police estimate that the cross was put there some 3-5 weeks ago. Tomorrow night, America's Most Wanted will air a program with this cross and request anonymous leads.

Segal stated that someone out there knows something and is afraid to talk. Leads will be taken from 1-800-Crime-TV.

Greta of Fox News interviewed Dave Holloway and David Kock, attorney for Satish Kalpoe.

Dave provided a rendition of his encounter with Jacobs, lead Aruban detective. It was the same old hash, except this time Dave linked Jacobs' comment of money as to how long could the family financially continue to search for their daughter. This is quite different from a request for a bribe.

Dave Holloway stated that the Governor of Alabama faxed the response of the Aruban Attorney General to him. The fax said the Attorney General was unable to interfere with the investigative team, because the investigative team is controlled from Holland. Hence, the infamous letter goes for naught.

Dave reported that there exists mistrust amongst the Aruban investigative departments. Dave knew of no reason why prosecutor Janssen would not meet with Beth Twitty.

Dave Kock, Satish Kalpoe's attorney, stated that the "letter" would not produce any positive effects. The "letter" has no legal standing in a criminal case. He went on to say that Satish was sorry for lying initially. Kock explains that Satish lied because Joran van der Sloot asked him to lie for him about the initial drop-off of Natalee Holloway. In the next 12 or so interrogations, Satish maintained the same story about the Marriott drop-off. Kock explained the initial lie as a friend-thing that many of us do without thinking to protect our friends. He said, legally, the initial lie had no criminal connotations. Koch denied that Paulus van der Sloot provided any "cover-up" information to he three suspects. All Paulus told the three suspects was about criminal court procedure.

Greta turned to her council of Grimm, Hammer and Williams. Grimm and Hammer would not send their daughters to Aruba or spend their money there. Williams said that he would spend his money there, but he felt a boycott would turn this case.

With that, lets call it a night. We all have a little more to digest, and think about. Aloha.

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