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November 3, 2005

HarryTho 11/3 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Tonight we're going to start off with a "round robin" of news, and work our way toward making some sense out of today's events.

From Amigoe via Aruba GetaGrip - The annual tourism conference in Aruba is this week.

Beth Twitty is back in Aruba accompanied by representatives of Paramount Pictures and NBC. Only invitees are admitted to the conference and Twitty is not one of them. But I'm sure we'll hear more on this.
From JuiceeNewsDaily, comes Dr. Phil's input - Natalee is alive and being held as a sex slave!
Dr. Phil was hesitant to reveal what he termed, "too much information" Wednesday night. However, the doctor's light-hearted appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno turned serious when discussing the issue of the missing Alabama teenager.

"Without giving up too much information... we believe Natalee Holloway is alive.'

Dr. Phil pointed to what he termed the "sex slave market" as the main point of focus in the ongoing investigation.

From the AP via the Houston Chronicle:

Twitty, who arrived Tuesday, told reporters she wants to meet with prosecutors and police to discuss a taped interview in which Deepak Kalpoe allegedly says all three had sex with Holloway. She said so far the prosecution has declined to meet with her.

She met with Aruban tourism officials, who have expressed concern that negative publicity surrounding the case could hurt the island's tourism-dependent economy. However, the government says tourism so far hasn't been affected.

Twitty declined to give details on the meeting, saying only that she planned to leave the island today.

What I read from this article is that Beth Twitty only desires to discuss the Skeeter tapes. She refuses to meet with Police Chief Dompig and provide a profile of her daughter. In a sense, Beth Twitty is ignoring the role of the Aruban authorities in the disappearance of her daughter. As Police Chief Dompig hinted, Beth Twitty wants complete control of the investigation.

When she returns to the USA, she will lambaste the Aruban authorities for not meeting with her. She will completely ignore Dompig and concentrate all her viciousness on prosecutor Janssen. Naturally, the cable news networks will play into this sham in order to boost their ratings. Despite her agreements with the Tourism Convention, she will spout out untruths, or at least somewhat distorted views about the situation in Aruba, like they were watermelon seeds, and call for a boycott. Oh yes, I almost forgot, she will encourage more donations in order to support her efforts to find her daughter.

From ArubaTruth we have:

Incoming CBS News President Sean McManus...
"I will always check what Greta Van Susteren has on, and if it's a story on Natalee Holloway, I immediately turn it off."
Speculation And No New Facts From Greta...
Miller failed to mention the $20,000 donation from the Aruba banking community for earlier searches, hotel rooms, and services received by EquuSearch during their time in Aruba.

It is difficult to add all that this investigation has cost Aruba however estimates are in the millions. Many companies in Aruba have donated time and machinery in the search. In addition, many citizens have taken off from work and have joined the search for Natalee.

Reads like Greta's blind support of the Twitty-Holloway camp is catching up to her.

Next we have - "Never did I use the word 'boycott'", says Beth Twitty, from DIARIO via Aruba GetaGrip

DIARIO told Twitty that the intention on the part of Aruba is to break the silence from Natalee's classmates, as well as getting more information from the chaperones.

Beth explained that she also wants them to converse with these people, but this has to happen through the proper channels, so Dompig has to go through the FBI and not do this any other way.

Twitty said that she wants for this to be done correctly, where they have to speak with the indicated students.

She says that she understands if Dompig says that there are more questions about the student declarations, but on the other side the FBI has to interrogate Joran van der Sloot, because there are big holes in his declarations, where for example, after Joran declared that he thinks Deepak killed and buried Natalee Holloway, there were no follow-up questions.

Mrs. Twitty said that she came with a written declaration with the intention to give Mr. Dompig, so that they don't have any erroneous declarations from her.

DIARIO asked Mrs. Twitty about the fact she said certain things against our island on American TV programs. According to Mrs. Twitty, at no time did she use the word 'boycott' and she doesn't have the power to do this.

Beth Twitty tells DIARIO that it is very regrettable that he has said that the family has collected millions of dollars from people who sympathize with them.

She said that this is not true and that that false information was given to Commissioner Dompig and she regrets this, because she doesn't want to put a negative light on the people of Aruba.

Beth Twitty said that the family collected $110,000 at the end of August, in a 'silent auction' and another sum of money collected by students and people from the community who sold lemonade and ice cream.

She says that if people were to account for the sums, they would realize that Dompig is absolutely wrong to make any accusation against them. There were also some other donations, but in no moment did the total arrive anywhere near a million dollars.

This Dairio article can be broken down into three parts: interviewing of the Mountain Brook teens, Beth's declarations and the allegations of hoarding donations.

In the Mountain Brook section, Beth concurs with Police Chief Dompig; however, she reserves the questioning to the FBI and not the Aruban authorities. In short, only the American FBI can talk to these students. No Dutch investigators will be allowed to interrogate them.

The second part refers to Beth's requested declarations about her daughter. Beth avoids Police Chief Dompig's request "to fill in the blanks" by submitting a home-orchestrated letter that she expects to stand without cross-examination by Aruban investigators.

Lastly, Beth denounces Police Chief Dompig's claims that millions were collected by her "funds" with the statement that at no time did a balance sheet exceed a million dollars. In comparison, the daily balance of one's checkbook could remain under $10,000.00, yet over one year some $250,000.00 could have been deposited. If Beth spends or metes out funding continually in order to support a number of activities, then her daily balance would remain quite low indefinitely. Clearly, her response is designed to elude the issue alleged by Police Chief Dompig. From another perspective, should we conclude from Beth's statements that daily balances continually hover near $1 million?

Later, this afternoon, from the AP came:

The police chief said he and the chief prosecutor were willing to meet with Twitty but first wanted her to clarify statements she made about an investigator whose name he did not disclose.
"I want no confrontation, but a businesslike meeting," Dompig said.

Natalee Holloway's family made the charges in a letter released as the missing teen's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, left the Dutch Caribbean island after she said prosecutors and the police chief refused to meet with her to discuss the case

Twitty said she was "disheartened" with the response of Police Chief Gerald Dompig, Chief Prosecutor Karin Jansen and Detective Dennis Jacobs to the disappearance of her daughter.

"They have placed barriers to the advancement of the investigation," Twitty said of the three officials, before she boarded a plane back to the United States. "They should be replaced."

The Twitty-Holloway group is employing a common, American lawyer tactic that runs their position parallel to their opponent's in order to avoid responding to the request of the Aruban authorities. This tactic is quite popular with the under-regulated legal community within the USA.

In brief, The Twitty-Holloway group advocates that the Aruban authorities will not meet with them in order to discuss the three suspects' culprit-scenario, when in fact, the Aruban authorities desire the Twitty-Holloway group to come forward with information.

The denial of a meeting by the Aruban authorities is a rejection of the demands by Twitty-Holloway group that the Aruban authorities kowtow to their desires. Whenever this tactic is employed, it generally reflects guilt upon the party employing it. Clearly, there is something terribly wrong with the Twitty-Holloway group's contentions. Natalee's disappearance is beginning to look more and more like a sham, perpetrated by the Twitty-Holloway group upon the people of the USA and Aruba.

CNN's Showbiz Tonight Prime Time News interviewed John Walsh of America's Most Wanted.

John discounted Dr. Phil's idea that Natalee Holloway was sold into sexual slavery. He quoted some statistic that tere was in excess of 99% probability that Natalee Holloway was done in by the three suspects. John Walsh supported his 99% belief with the fact that the three suspects continually change their story about what happened that evening.

John went over some of his underwater checks off the Aruba's coast, and pointed out a few sites that he felt showed promise where Natalee may have been disposed. Dave Holloway was pictured looking over the side of one of the boats into the water.
John Walsh does a good job investigating in America. To my knowledge, his only overseas investigation was Natalee Holloway in Aruba, and he turned up nothing.

If any probabilities are quoted, John Walsh was really considering his own percentages. Owing to his past successes, it would seem that Natalee was abducted into an area of the world where John Walsh lacks expertise.

And from Aruba Getagrip, we hear more about Aruba wanting some focus on America - According to High Commissioner Bernadina, The fact that the suspects are free, is not necessarily negative for the case.

According to Bernadina he met with Beth Twitty some time back, when the lady went to his home and he asked Twitty to come in, but she didn't want to. However she gave the Commissioner a letter, where she wrote that if for some reason Natalee's body is found, for the police o do an autopsy within 6 hours and send the body to America within 8 hours.

it is not the case that Aruba is not cooperating with Mrs. Twitty

Aruba has now asked for legal advice, to be able to conduct certain investigations about this case, focusing also in America, where the intention is, among other things, to collect more detailed declarations on the part of Natalee Holloway's classmates.

High Commissioner is the title of an Ambassador from a Kingdom. In this case, it appears that High Commissioner Bernadina is the senior diplomatic representative from the Kingdom of the Netherlands residing in Aruba.

And for some quick insight on how Beth's agenda is perceived by the tourism folks in Aruba - Strategic Communications Task Force preparing for possible meeting with Beth Twitty.

Questions asked to Mrs.Twitty by the Tourism Special meeting:

"where do you feel your case is?", "How is your contact with police and the prosecution's office?", "What is the purpose of your visit?" and "What do we have to do for you to stop asking for a boycott against Aruba?"
And for an Aruban perspective on Beth's visit to Aruba:
While politicians are fighting for positions (in Aruba) Beth Twitty is active in Aruba, without any respect for local authorities...

Beth Twitty is back in Aruba and this time she brought a battalion of people of Paramount Pictures armed with video and audio equipment. Beth Twitty is back to continue with her negative campaign against Aruba. We understand that she is here to try to be present at the annual meeting of the Aruba Tourism Authority and the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association with the North American Tour Operators. In that meeting Twitty has the intention to address the North American Tour Operators and tell them why she thinks that they should not continue to sell Aruba as a tourist destination.

Fact is that Beth Twitty is here to try to cause more damage to the image of Aruba and its authorities.

Does Beth Twitty think that she can come here whenever she feels like, harass us on our own territory, and expect that nobody does anything?

The police already stated that they will watch Twitty very closely and the slightest violation of our laws will land her in jail if necessary.

Late today from the AP, came:
Natalee Holloway's family made the charges in a letter released as the missing teen's mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, left the Dutch Caribbean island after she said prosecutors and the police chief refused to meet with her.

The police chief said he and the chief prosecutor were willing to meet with Twitty but first wanted her to clarify statements she made about an investigator whose name he did not disclose. Dompig declined to discuss her criticisms.

Beth Twitty refused to clarify statements she made about an investigator and just left Aruba.

Tonight, Rita Crosby of MSNBC News reported on Dr. Phil's belief that Natalee Holloway was sold into sexual slavery.

Dr. Phil has said that he has "evidence" that Natalee Holloway was abducted into the South American sex slave trade. Dr. Phil described an underground sex slave trade in South America.

Rita brought on a sex slave tracker Pat Rutherford (there's a talking head for every situation, and they are always - experts). Pat concurred with Dr. Phil assessment, and he targeted Venezuela, as did Dr. Phil.

Pat described Venezuela as justice gone wild, and Venezuela is rampant with crime. Pat explained that a team is needed to search and extract Natalee from Venezuela, although he cautioned that when they find Natalee she could be heavily drug-addicted and not desire to return with her parents to the USA. He outlined a procedure of sex slave trade submission: first drugs, then prostitution and finally porno movies. Pat claimed that most abductees are discovered in porno magazines when they have matured into the last stage of drug-addiction-slavery.

Helen Lejuez, Twitty's lawyer, discounted the sex slave scenario, because they have never had an instance of such a case in Aruba.

Next, as unbelievable as this could be, Rita interviewed Jossy Mansur about the possibility of a sex slave scenario. Jossy Mansur discounted it completely ... really? Jossy goes out of his way to play down the possibility.

Jossy then tried to make the best of a group of protesters marching in the streets of Aruba against Beth Twitty and the negative image she has cast upon Aruba. Jossy characterized them as people who would protest anything.

Rita played the Dompig tape - the part where he felt the three suspects are guilty of something.

It would appear that Dr. Phil has been reading our posts on sex slavery.

We have already done his research for him. Our conclusions are compelling .... and it could indeed be a case of sex slavery. Pat Rutherford is right-on about Natalee's current drug addiction and prostitution-development, if the slavery angle is accurate.

Greta on Fox News interviewed Helen Lejuez, attorney for the Twittys.

Greta got around to posing some good questions tonight - but regrettably, Helen answered them in the selected-specific rather than in general.

To the question of the letter sent to the Attorney General, it was supposedly well received by the Aruba Tourism and Hotel Association (ATHA). Helen expects an impact from the letter, however, she has not heard any response from the Attorney General.

Greta then went over the questions asked by the Aruba police today of Beth Twitty. Apparently, we now hear that Beth did go to the police station, but was unable to talk with Police Chief Dompig until she responded to certain statements made against an Aruban investigator, but she refused to address those comments.

Yet, she did respond to some questions from Aruban investigators:

1) who paid for your services in Aruba (lodging, etc). Beth could not respond. Helen said that she instructed Beth to go back to the USA and search her records and provide a detailed response to this question.

Helen denied this was a white collar crime investigation. Helen stated the question had to do more with outside sources supplying money that could provide leads in the case.

Second question: Do you have business or interests in Venezuela, Colombia or trust funds, and

3) who paid Texas EquuSearch? Helen would not go into the reason for these questions other than whether or not the Twittys could have enemies in foreign countries. Helen closed that harmony is needed in this case.

Greta followed with her council of Williams, Grimm and Hammer.

Williams breached the white collar crime scenario, but he did not support it. He feels the Aruban police and the FBI should cooperate in this case. Grimm rehashed the comments made by Dennis Jacobs listed in the letter to the Attorney General. Hammer questioned why the Aruban police would want to know, now, how Natalee's cellphone returned to her room without her.

Lastly, Greta hosted Ricardo Yazagawara (sp?). Ricardo felt the letter to the Attorney General will receive a response. He felt that the better argument was for the current Aruban investigative team to reclusive themselves because of their close association with Paulus van der Sloot. I have to admit that reclusing is appropriate, if possible with Aruban investigative and prosecution manpower.

More on some of this tomorow. Interesting broach on the subject of someone or some entity having something against the Twittys - something we've touched on several times before, as have several readers.

Aloha for tonight.

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