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November 2, 2005

HarryTho 11/2 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary (Updated)

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Today, much of the action in the Natalee Holloway case was focused on Beth Twitty, and her cooperation with the Aruban authorities, as well as the lack thereof.

Earlier today Scared Monkeys posted a "developing" story that Beth Twitty will file papers to have all investigators and prosecutors removed from the case.

From the AP we have: Mother of missing U.S. teen returns to Aruba to press officials on investigation.

Twitty, who arrived Tuesday, told reporters that she wanted to meet with prosecutors and police to discuss a taped interview in which one of the local men who had been held as a suspect allegedly says all three had sex with the 18-year-old Holloway.

[Image via Aruba GetAGrip]

"I want to keep the communication channels open with the police and prosecutor," she said, adding that so far the prosecution has declined to meet with her.

From the article and the what can be gleaned from the SM post, it would appear that Beth Twitty will ignore Police Chief Dompig's request that she come in to make declarations and "fill in the blanks" as he puts it.

Though Beth Twitty denies any association with a large film crew, it would appear that the large, American film crew is there to intimidate the Aruban authorities. In a sense, we are witnessing an Alabama Standoff. In my opinion, Beth Twitty will not answer questions from the Aruban authorities and will attempt to bait them into a televised interview in which she will rant and rave about their incompetence.

To me, the best course of action for the Aruban authorities is to document Beth Twittty's reluctance to answer questions and assist the investigation, then after she has left Aruba, without assisting in the investigation, turn the Aruban desired questions and "blanks" over to the FBI for resolution with defiant Mrs. Twitty. And, this time, the Aruban authorities can hold the FBI accountable for the Mountain Brook interviews and Mrs. Twitty's cooperation with her daughter's disappearance. Currently, the FBI has been touted for excellence, but they have not been held accountable for their participation.

Abrams of MSNBC News read from the letter referred to by Scared Monkeys (above). Apparently, it was created by Art Wood (the Dairio Private Eye), for the Twitty-Holloway group to give to the Aruban government.

The letter requests the removal of all investigators and prosecutors in the case of Natalee's disappearance. Dave Holloway comes on to explain some of the outlandish comments in the letter. Dave claims the lead investigator, Dennis Jacobs, asked Dave how much money he had. Dave, then, listed the four scenarios that the Aruban authorities are working on: 1) runaway, 2) Joran dropped her off and the Mountain Brook kids did something with Natalee, 3) kidnapped and 4) Joran and the Kalpoes did something with Natalee. The conclusion from Aruba is that Natalee is alive.

The scathing letter was signed by Beth & Jug Twitty, Dave & Robin Holloway and Art Wood.

Chris Lejuez, Aruban attorney, felt that the letter should be taken seriously.

Clint van Zandt, former FBI Investigator and MSNBC agent, supports the FBI and runs down the Aruban investigative team.

On the other hand, Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch feels that the cooperation with the Aruban police is good and not as bad as it has been portrayed by the Twitty-Holloway group. Tim claims that Police Chief Dompig has requested his return to get the search underway. Dompig will get the FBI-requested letter out in order to acquire the equipment that he desires for the 800-foot-depth, underwater search.

To me, all this activity amounts to a media-intimidation tactic designed to avoid Beth Twitty and the Mountain Brook group from being questioned, in detail, concerning Natalee's disappearance.

I would interpret this letter as a direct obstruction of justice by the Twitty-Holloway group. Also, we need to keep in mind that the letter was written by the Private Investigator hired by Jossy Mansur. Right now, the money scam for donations does not seem so far out as a prime mover for this letter.

For now, we'll just soak in the day's events and look forward to gaining some perspectives on today's happenings.


From Aruba GetAGrip: Beth Twitty regrets that authorities did not make appointment to speak with her.

People preparing for a demonstration!

Now that she's arrived in Aruba, she is very disappointed because she had the hope to converse with Commissioner Dompig and prosecutor Karen Janssen.

She explains that prosecutor Janssen apparently doesn't have time today or Thursday.

According to Twitty, now that it's been about 5 weeks that she hasn't been on the island she has heard all sorts of things that are worrisome, and she doesn't understand that it is being said that she is not cooperating with authorities in Aruba.

She said that this is far from the truth and that now that she is here, her wish is to meet with then and they don't have the decency to arrange something to meet with her.

And Also This(AGAG):
The Holloway mother, who sustains boycott calls against Aruba's tourism industry, arrived on the same day as the annual tourism conference, ATCA, begins.

The Commission is also aware that every trip Beth Twitty makes, she speaks on American television and creates a bad impression of Aruba, and because of this he will try to contact Twitty to speak about this matter.

About the question if Beth Twitty planned her trip to coincide with ATCA, where there will be a large quantity of American tour operators, neither Mr. Pesquera nor Ms. Myrna Jansen would comment. However, in any case, ATCA is reserve for official participants who are registered, therefore it would not be permitted that the lady enters into the conference room.

Scared Monkeys has all six pages of the "Copy of the Letter Sent To The Aruban Attorney General From The Twitty and Holloway Family."
Page 1 - Letter addressed to the Attorney General of Aruba and expresses total lack of confidence with the investigative team.

Lead investigator, Dennis Jacobs asked Dave Holloway how much money he had. The letter's authors suggested that this comment appeared as a request for money in order for the Aruban investigators to find Natalee Holloway.

Page 2 - continues with a negative appraisal of Dennis Jacobs' investigative techniques: incomplete statements and declarations. Beth Twitty claims that Jacobs misinterpreted one of her declarations. Beth claims that Jacobs made improper statements about the Twitty family, characterizing Beth as "a distant relative of Hitler" and Jug as "that f--ker."

Page 3 - Art Wood states that Jacobs and Police Chief Dompig discarded potential evidence discovered near the lighthouse: belt and some plastic items. A shoulder bone with meat on it was found near the California lighthouse and discounted by Dennis Jacobs as a donkey bone. Art Wood contends that it is a human bone.

Page 4 - claims Dennis Jacobs theorizes that Natalee Holloway is alive.

Karin Janssen's lack of prosecution success in the case.

Dennis Jacobs attempting to get a Mountain Brook student to withdraw her accusations.

Police Chief Dompig degrades the Twitty choice of attorneys: Helen Lejuez. Dompig questioned the moneys being raised by the Twittys. Twittys irate over the shift of the focus of the investigation onto them.

Page 5 - Police Chief Dompig charged with inflammatory comments designed to incite anti-Beth Twitty sentiments with the Aruban people.

The Twitty-Holloway camp concludes that Dennis Jacobs, Karin Janssen and Gerald Dompig need to be removed form the case.

Page 6 - Signatures of Beth & Jug Twitty, Dave & Robin Holloway and Art Wood. The letter is copied to the Prime Minister, the Minster for Justice, Helen Lejuez, Vinda deSouza, US Secretary of State and the Governor of Alabama.

Quite the letter, and it will probably be received, just that way. I wouldn't call it what one says to encourage dialogue and cooperation in an investigation. After all, Aruba does belong to the Arubans.

Update 2: Rita Crosby hosted Dave Holloway, Paul Reynolds, Susan Filons and Jossy Mansur. The topic of the discussion was the letter sent to the Aruban Attorney General. Dave Holloway reported screw ups by the investigative team from the commencement of the investigation.

Paul Reynolds concured with the screw ups. He comments about how the investigators just told them to go to Carlos & Charlie's and wait for their daughter to show up. Also, he mentioned the infamous: How much money do you have? to Dave Holloway.

In response, Police Chief Dompig stated that it was unfortunate that the Twitty-Holloway group has these feelings of lack of confidence. He says he is conducting the investigation, but he requires proof to prosecute the three suspects. He explains how he needs supporting information from the Mountain Brook teens and in the case of Beth Twitty, regrettably, when he tries to acquire this information, he is confronted by a stone wall, if not outright troublesome scenarios.

Rita asked for some amplification on the information that Dompig needed. He responded that one thing that he needs from Beth Twitty is a profile of her daughter. In the early stages of the investigation, it was difficult to obtain this information from a grieving family. Now, four to five months later, it is still difficult if not outright impossible.

Dave apparently wants Dompig to focus on key witnesses and not the Mountain Brook group or the family.

Paul claimed that Beth Twitty has always been willing to cooperate and has no problem meeting with police.

Dave summed it up with Dennis Jacobs' position, that Natalee is still alive. So, he has no interest in pursuing death scenarios. Dave claims that the FBI disagrees.

Susan Filon claimed that the letter indicates that leads were not followed up upon. She claimed that she found nine (9) such leads in the letter.

Jossy Mansur, in Miami, said that people in Aruba are frustrated. He feels that the police should pursue sexual assault charges.

Greta on Fox News interviewed Beth Twitty and Ted Williams over the "letter." Greta addressed a number of entries in the letter, and said that the letter is characterized by Beth as "factual"; whereas, Greta refers to it as "blistering."

The first comment addressed is Dennis Jacobs'lead detective in the case, "How much money do you have" (on or about 1 June 2005) that was said to Dave Holloway. Upon further probing, Beth cannot recall any other requests for money; however, she claimed that Dave understood the questions as a request for money in order for Dennis to provide him with any information on his daughter's disappearance.

Greta questioned the comment about Dompig's referance of attorney Helen Lejuez being removed from the prosecutor's office for mental problems. Although, the letter addressed some reasons why Police Chief Dompig may have a bone to pick with former prosecutor Lejuez, no one bothered to ascertain whether or not Helen Lejuez was, in fact, dismissed for mental problems. Was Dompig right? Beth followed with how committed of an attorney Helen was.

Greta queried the "relative of Adolf Hitler" comment.

Beth claimed that the comment took place on or about 20 October 2005. Beth offered no background to the comment, despite the comment made, earlier during Current Affair interview, by Joran van der Sloot that Natalee Holloway described her mom as Hitler's sister's daughter. Beth facetiously denied any relation to Adolf Hitler.

Greta then focused on the allegation that Dennis Jacobs walked out of an interview after a statement by Joran that Deepak killed and burned Natalee's body without a follow up question. Beth claimed that this was a signed statement by Joran on or about 11 June 2005.

Beth stated that prosecutor Janssen has no time this week to meet with Beth Twitty. Greta suggested lunch. Beth welcomed a lunch meeting with prosecutor Janssen.

Beth mentioned a comment by Paulus van der Sloot that lacked a follow up: "I hope she is alive, but there is little chance of that now" (or words to that effect).

Beth then went on a raving about all the uncooperativeness of the past week that prompted this letter.

Great then hosted Ted Williams. Ted did not know how to take this letter. He did say, if it were factual, he could understand why the family is so frustrated with the investigation. He felt, if this letter is accurate, why did the family wait so long to ask for a new investigative team? Ted feels Dennis Jacobs devested the credibility of the investigation with his lack of follow ups and questions about money.

After re-reading this letter a few times, I would conclude that these comments are picky and taken out of context. Most of these comments can be explained, if desired, by a simple restatement of the situation in which they were uttered. They certainly fall short of the abusive comments that Jug Twitty extended to Paulus van der Sloot. To me, this letter is designed to derail the investigation away from its new direction into the Mountain Brook people and the Twitty-Holloway family. When something like this letter gets sent, it generally implies an arrogance to cover up some shortcoming or guilt. I believe, the course of action is to bring in the Mountain Brook students needed to ascertain the missing pieces to this disappearance puzzle. Beth Twitty should provide a profile of her daughter. I pray that is not too much to ask of a grieving mother, collecting millions in donations on behalf of her missing daughter.

More commentary tomorow. Aloha

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at November 2, 2005 6:37 PM

Well remember Beth's promise - she was bringing hell to Aruba - guess it was in the form of her demands! I can just imagine anyone in the States demanding a change from top to bottom in a case being investigated. Who do these people think they are? This is not the United States - as I set early on - when one travels out of our boundaries one takes a risk - you are not going to have the same protections, the same safety - you just have to deal! Doesn't anyone remember the movie Midnight Express? Things happen in other countries - perhaps why Natalee and the MB crew should never gone in the first place. But to expect another country to turn upside down, and change the way they do everything for one missing person it is beyond ridiculous. I am strongly of the opinion that this is Beth's attempt to change the focus once again because all of a sudden things were getting a little to hot in her little world. She must have hired a publicist and pr person before she ever hired anyone else - maybe that is the one getting the big bucks here!

Posted by: Jan Author Profile Page at November 2, 2005 9:46 PM

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