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November 1, 2005

HarryTho 11/1 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Since this is actually our second Natalee post today, we'll address the cable news first, then move on to some random data and commentary that's circulating amongst interested readers and interesting commenters. First, a quick review of the talking heads on cable:

Greta of Fox News interviewed Vinda deSouza, attorney for Dave Holloway. She claimed that searches are indeed planned for ocean and land. Some of the holdups are the weather and preparing the locations for a search. We also learned that a boycott has been called against Aruba.

Tim Miller then went through his arrangement with Police Chief Dompig, and how they searched the ocean area mentioned by the Aruban police. Tim elaborated on the search technique and equipment.

When they reached about a mile-and-half from shore, the depth exceeded the range of their equipment. To search at the new depth of some 800 feet, they needed equipment held by the Navy or the FBI.
Tim Miller explained that all that was needed in order to acquire this new equipment was a phone call requesting it, and had made arrangements with both sources for the equipment. The Aruban police just had to request it.

Tim characterized his trip to Aruba as a waste, and supports Beth Twitty in a boycott of Aruba.

Greta then brought on her council of Grimm, Williams and Hammer. Ted Williams disagreed with the boycott, and feels the screw up in the early phase of the investigation has embarrassed the Aruban police. He feels that they just want the whole affair to go away.

Grimm refered to the case as a joke and a state of utter chaos.

Hammer felt that the root cause of all the problems is communication, and recommended that the prosecutor contact Beth Twitty and update her.

Under the interviews, Fox News ran the caption: "Are the Aruban officials obstructing the search for Natalee?"

Jim Scarborough of MSNBC News interviewed Beth Twitty. She denied bringing a film crew. She said that it is not her fault if a film crew happens to be on the island. Beth claimed that she just came with a teacher friend. She feels that the investigation has grown into something much larger than just Natalee's disappearance. She says the search teams all pulled out, because of lack of equipment that she felt would be supplied by the FBI. She said that she hopes that Dompig will come forward to meet her, and denied that she has any definitive appointment to meet with Dompig. She continues to say that Dompig refuses to return her calls.

Now on to random thoughts and dots to consider!!!

On the matter of funds raised in behalf of finding Natalee:

The ballpark amount raised by the Trust Fund goes unmentioned or addressed. However, there are two funds, being filled via donations. One fund is designated to the recovery of Natalee; whereas, the other fund is for the million dollar reward.

Beth Twitty says she has no idea how much money has been collected, though a fund-raising auction of Hollywood-related items, donated by Mountain Brook native Courteney Cox, raised more than $110,000. I don't mean to sound judgmental, but one would think that taking responsibility for knowing what is coming in and going out of a fund paid for by well-meaning donors, is the very least that one could do in terms of responsible behavior and appropriateness.

That having been said, AMSOUTH Bank has two funds set up to assist Beth Holloway Twitty in her efforts. One is called the Recovery Fund and the other is the Reward Fund. You may make a contribution at any AMSOUTH Bank in any state, but please note which account you are giving to. AMSOUTH BANK TRUST - Natalee Holloway Trust">NATALEE HOLLOWAY TRUST, P O BOX 11426, BIRMINGHAM AL 35202.

This next bit of information is from Dan's site today! How did Natalee's camera get back to her room at the Holiday Inn?

Riehl World View: Natalee Holloway Discussion 265

When I talk about this, I get interested in who responded and what they said. If the girls did go to Soul Beach and never returned to the hotel before Carlos n Charlies, I guess that ruins what Beth told the ALE about the picture in Natalee's camera. Wonder why we have not seen any other pictures of Natalee's vacation. The picture was from the digital camera, same as the poster. This whole thing is about whether Natalee made it back to the room or not. If the boys dropped her off at the Moomba parking lot, Natalee's room was close by. If Natalee took the camera back to the room and then went back out to the beach or Moomba or whereever, then Beth knew all along that somebody at Holiday Inn was the last to see Natalee.

Posted by: sunny | Nov 1, 2005 4:26:28 PM

In the NY Post interview, McVay says they went straight from the music festival to C&C's. So if it was her camera that took the picture, it would be interesting to find out exactly how it made it back to her room without her.

Posted by: letsbefair | Nov 1, 2005 4:32:40 PM

How could any investigator overlook this piece of information while Aruban kids were in jail?

In our next item, BHS ran on the entire assessment of reality-perception disorder. The comments suggest some deception on the part of Beth Twitty with the pills on Natalee's nightstand, an expose on Ritalin, Aruba prohibited items, an interesting assessment of Natalee's scholarship with a dab of racial discrimination hints and lastly a general, positive reception of our reality-perception disability theory with Asperger's Syndrome as the culprit. The Bushy Haired Stranger - Natalee's medication

The behavior of these people defies any rational explanation. If I were Natalee, and I had to live with Beth and Jug, I'd have asked my doctor for a morphine pack. - lucinda

Whatever kind of medicine it was, it should have been in Natalee's suitcase, along with everything else her roommates packed. The bottle that everyone is referring to was on the nightstand while Beth was occupying the room. For some reason, it seems that they wanted that bottle seen in that interview. - Hannah

Yes, but what was the reason? To prove that she couldn't have been a runaway because she left her meds behind? - lucinda

I thought all of Nats' stuff was packed up and ready to go? Why put the pills back on the nightstand? More likely that it's Beths' Lithium pills. - letsbefair

I think you're right. I still do wonder why while she was insisting to the DEA guy and ALE that her daughter would never run away, she was plastering the island with all those "Hootie, call me" posters and going on Aruban radio and telling Hootie that whatever was bothering her, they could talk about it. Did it not occur to her that ALE might see the runaway posters and think Beth was giving them the...runaround? No wonder they told her to go to Ladies' Night at Carlos 'n' Charlie's. - lucinda

Well, Beth had three stories going simultaneously: she told the Bama posse they were going down there to collect a girl who'd overstayed her vacation (why it took a platoon to do this was never explained), she told the DEA guy Natalee was kidnapped, and she told the Aruban public Natalee was a runaway. So what did she expect? No wonder the cops blew her off. - lucinda

Ritalin Side Effects, Interactions and Information -

This is a possible drug that Natalee could have been taking. Methylphenidate is used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy. Brand Names: Concerta, Metadate CD, Metadate ER, Methylin, Methylin ER, Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Ritalin-SR

There even were references to Ritalin increasing the desire to drink to calm the jitteriness effect. Also users/abusers think they can drink more/tolerate more so it is a commodity and those with prescriptions can sell their pills. That's a whole new can of worms isn't it. Natalee the dealer? Some had said she appeared to have gained weight and if she were selling her pills she would have. And another reason the kids of Mountain Brook would keep quite to protect their own best interests.

Ritalin is superior to caffeine, and less dangerous then bonafide street meth. It's is abused 'recreationally' for kicks but abuse in college is also for the amphetamine-like stay awake effect. Medical school is notorious for it's challenge and those students wouldn't be iummune from seeking this kind of assistance. I wouldn't put it past a pushy parent with a kid making Bs to try to get a scrip for it, and sadly most doctors these days are very compliant. Teenagers are getting cosmetic surgery earlier and earlier and steroid abuse for physical enhancement is common. Plus we have the evidence she was on medication. Ritalin or some drug for ADDH fits pretty good. I'd buy Beth arranging and overseeing Ritalin before I believe Beth had her on birth control pills. - MlazyV

I've never been through a customs check that makes you declare medications--I'm not sure that any country checks for things like that. - Jennifer Cannon

Comment: There should exist a customs declaration form identifying whatever medication Natalee brought into Aruba.

Flight Information -> Travel Advisories Aruba Prohibited Items lists

It was interesting that in the Birmingham Post Herald, when the honors graduates were listed, she wasn't one of them. It would be interesting to know what sort of scholarship she won. It's been presented as a full ride--which it may have been--but it also could have been one of those scholarships you get for being the daughter of the garden club vice-president or something. - lucinda

UaJeffco - 2005 Local Scholarship Winners Natalee's Scholarship

According to the Alumni webpages there are two kinds of scholarships, one of which is a *full ride* $ 4000,- total, $ 1000,- per year.(The other a non-renewable scholarship receiving 10 % of tuition costs.) Nine students received a total of $ 18.000,- scholarships of which Natalee was one.
I don't know very much about US scholarships, but my conclusion would be that in the best case Natalee received the scholarship in the amount of $ 4000,- in total.

This is new news to me because my understanding was a full scholarship includes all costs, okay except for housing maybe, this is a different kettle of fish altogether.

US members is this lying, fibbing or the whole truth ? - Flip

It appears the KKK is alive and well. There wasn't a black face in the crowd of scholarship recipients which is off kilter considering Alabama's population is roughly 25% black. With a poverty rate for kids in the Alabama schools hovering at 50% what the heck is going on when the public university is handing out scholarships to children that can afford to pay?

It probably makes perfect sense to many but to me it's morally outrageous. I guess this scholarship isn't from the university itself but an alumni association so they have the right to wear white sheets. - MlazyV

That's right it is a scholarship awarded by the Jefferson County chapter of the Alumni Association. One of the conditions for awarding is a parent or grandparent has graduated and is still an alumni. So that effectively bars 95% or more of the black population I'd think.

Has Beth been lying, fibbing or telling the truth about a full scholarship ? This is a meagre scholarship indeed if you ask me, and perfectly explains why the Holloway Twitty's didn't show up for the award celebrations. - Flip

According to the UofA website that's not even 50% of tuition for a fulltime student:

From BHS on our assessment of a reaity-persception disorder.

... the Hyscience piece is indeed interesting. If there were something a little "off" about Natalee, like Asperger's Syndrome (rare in girls), it would explain a lot. Aspergers' kids can be very bright, but they have zero sense of how to function in social situations. - Lucinda

Call me crazy. If my child had a condition as outlined in Hyscience, I would be very reluctant to send them to Aruba, no matter how many ppl were watching after them.- 7thson
With that, I wish to call attention to 7thson's opinion! Clearly, Natalee should not have been on that trip to Aruba!

Here a quick overview of Asperger Syndrome (AS):

Asperger Syndrome: What Is It?
Asperger Syndrome or (Asperger's Disorder) is a neurobiological disorder named for a Viennese physician, Hans Asperger, who in 1944 published a paper which described a pattern of behaviors in several young boys who had normal intelligence and language development, but who also exhibited autistic-like behaviors and marked deficiencies in social and communication skills.

Persons with AS show marked deficiencies in social skills, have difficulties with transitions or changes and prefer sameness. They often have obsessive routines and may be preoccupied with a particular subject of interest. They have a great deal of difficulty reading nonverbal cues (body language) and very often the individual with AS has difficulty determining proper body space. Often overly sensitive to sounds, tastes, smells, and sights, the person with AS may prefer soft clothing, certain foods, and be bothered by sounds or lights no one else seems to hear or see. It's important to remember that the person with AS perceives the world very differently.

By definition, those with AS have a normal IQ and many individuals (although not all), exhibit exceptional skill or talent in a specific area.

There is a general impression that Asperger's syndrome carries with it superior intelligence and a tendency to become very interested in and preoccupied with a particular subject. Often this preoccupation leads to a specific career at which the adult is very successful.

Asperger Syndrome is closely related to Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) and what has been described professionally as High Functioning Autism (HFA) or Nonverbal Learning Disability (NLD).
Asperger Syndrome could be our reality-perception disability, if in fact a Natalee-disability exists at all. But, of course we're just speculating here and encroaching on ground that we ought to walk carefully and gingerly on - out of respect for Natalee and her family's privacy.

So for tonight - Aloha.

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Posted by Richard at November 1, 2005 11:02 PM

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