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November 14, 2005

HarryTho 11/14 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Tonight I'm going to start with a brief commentary/opinion piece that covers the first set of Natalee inputs, and then move into the rest. After all, the Alabama call for a boycott is all but over. As all the bombardment from the American media distills into chicken cackle, rear guard action has begun, all designed to allow the Alabamans and their media allies to retreat with some dignity, and to commandeer the air waves.

Articles are appearing in various newspapers attempting to liven the autumn boycott. The Diario newspaper hints at "delicate matters" referenced by the Foreign Office in the Hague, amidst questions of procedural competence of Aruban law enforcement by the officials of the Police Union and even a request for a status declaration from the Aruban authorities. All these articles amount to the usual nonsense splattered on the pages of this all too many publications.

The cable news networks continue to make comments about the boycott. The responses, from the usual duck-pond of critters being hosted, seem filtered through the twilight zone. The cable news networks air on emotion alone. Substance, credible or otherwise, in the case of Natalee Holloway's disappearance appears to have fled a long time ago.

One inept American attorney after another provides some clueless and useless opinion about the dead issues in this cold case. Only contempt of one for the other - Dutch, Aruban, Surinamese, etc, fuels the nonsense bombarding our ears from the cable news networks. Suspects are declared guilty without any inclination of evidence. Even when the evidence suggests otherwise, the suspects continually fall prey to the worst prejudices of the American mob mentality.

The label of liars affixes so conveniently to the suspects when clearly the number of untruths and outright lies form their accusers outnumber their transgressions by some three to one. Claims of cover-ups fall upon the suspects like discarded seeds from a ripe watermelon. Yet, the seed-spitters have silenced some 90% of the potential witnesses in the case. Allegations of political influence and cover-ups attach to a low-level, Aruban public servant; whereas, the accusers travel in private jets and employ the influence of a $50 Billion asset financial institution and the complete support of the senior elected officials of a state in the United States of America. Never has so much been fabricated about those with so little by those with so much.

With the receding boycott follows the jetsam of damaged credibility of the American cable news media. It is to be noted that the majority of the talking heads, anchoring the cable news networks, were accredited American attorneys. Clearly, even via culpable inefficiency, these attorneys were knowledgeable of the information spewing form their lips. There exists no sanctuary for their misleading of their American audience.

Perhaps, the real revelation in the case of Natalee Holloway's disappearance is the unmasking of the incompetence and indifference of our American media, investigation organizations and elected officials. It is these shortcomings which we Americans should address, because our tax dollars warrant professionalism. Zoo tickets for viewing the primate cages are cheaper.

We have embarrassed ourselves enough. We need to embrace the Aruban authorities and assist them as best we can.

With this perspective behind us, let's move through a few inputs of information, and try to decide where we think we are at this point.

On Sunday, Aruba GetaGrip posted that a Judge has ruled in favor of Paul van der Sloot's case for damages and prejudice.

Attorney Arie Swaen indicated that there was a difference of opinion between the Justice Officer and the lawyer Paul van der Sloot, in which the former said that the case against van der Sloot had not ended, and the latter said that it had ended. Here is were he launched a case for damages and prejudice that he had to file within 3 months of his case ending.

On this point, the judge said that he considers the case against van der Sloot over, for which, he said, they have to continue with the case and go see what is the sum for the damages and prejudice and deliver a document on December 1 at the latest after the Officer has had the opportunity to react and give her point of view.

At this moment, the status of Mr. Paul van der Sloot is still active at the government's service until the end of the year, Mr. Swaen indicated. He added that he has been working on a contract basis for the last 15 years in Aruba, but due to what has happened with his son he cannot be present at his work.

Still, he it has not been decided in a precise manner what sum Paul van der Sloot will ask for, for damages and prejudice, everything depends of what is the information and his possibilities in the future, if he will find work [with the government] or not, and how much he will earn, among others, Swaen underlined.

Essentially, the damages applied will be restricted by the status of Paulus van der Sloot the Judicial Officer and Paulus van der Sloot the lawyer.

The attorney expressed that Paulus' status as a lawyer will limit his request for damages. Paulus' status as a lawyer was never affected, other than the few days of incarceration.

On Saturday, Aruba Truth had a post asking if "Anybody Out There Think('s) A Boycott Is A Good Idea?" THE VIEW SAYS NO TO ARUBA BOYCOTT:

They are an informed, tough group on ABC's THE VIEW.

Meredith Viera and Barbara Walters are veteran journalists and Starr Jones was a DA out of Brooklyn. So it came as no surprise in their 'top story" segment this week that they rejected the plea of Alabama Governor Riley to impose a travel boycott on Aruba. They supported Beth Twitty efforts to get justice but thought the Governor was "off base."

By Friday's program Geraldo weighed in, he also rejected a general travel boycott. Geraldo, a trained journalist and lawyer, not a talk show host, thought the boycott was a stretch. On O'reilly, the night before, he thought a boycott of teenage travel only made more sense.

Even the usually difficult Bill O'reilly stood by his earlier viewpoint that a boycott would not yield the desired results.

In sum, whether in state capitals or on cable and network programs, few were buying the recent "stunt" by the Governor and Beth Twitty. In fact, most thought it would stymie progress. Except for Greta, of course, who actually cheered when one of her attorney/experts said the boycott was needed. But then she gave up her "objectivity" on this case long ago.

From this, and other "noise" on the topic, I've gotten the impression that few will advocate a secondary boycott, given the downside of potential damages to the taxpayers of the state of Alabama. Of course, Greta, a lawyer even, continues to support Beth Twitty.

I believe that Greta should be concerned about possibly being implicated in some damaging information aired to the US media, if she continues on this bent, which in a sense would adhere her to the Twitty-Holloway camp forever.

On Sunday, Aruba GetaGrip wrote the U.S. has requested a declaration from head of Natalee's investigation:

It is DIARIO's understanding that 'Foreign Affairs' has recently received a request from the US.

Apparently, the letter mentions that Washington is very interested with the matter of the disappearance of Natalee. It seems that government officials want a communiqué about how the investigation is going at this current time.

It is not known in this case if there will be a delegation sent to America, headed by Attorney General Mrs. Teresa Croes Fernandez-Pedra related to the request, which at the moment is awaiting the competent authorities. In the course of Monday, there could be clarification about the letter sent from the US which is being handled by the department of Foreign Affairs.

As I read this Diario article, the author is unsure, or has decided not to assure, whether or not the communique is from the US government or merely an interested party.

This could be a letter form a US Congressman from Alabama, since it sounds to me like agenda-based journalism.

AGAG also had an article that highlights a concern (on the part of some Arubans) for the credibility of law enforcement in Aruba.

People must rest assured that our judicial system is working correctly!

According to Mr. Zaandam, he has been able to observe that there are people who want to create problems for the credibility of our justice system, they want to question the credibility of justice and for many of them, their motives are clearly personal, what has happened on various occasions and many others for one reason or another don't like certain members of KPA or the prosecution.

We must be very aware and this is a plea for the people of Aruba, to always have confidence in the police corps, in the prosecution's office and in our judges.

Because the system that we have, doesn't favour anyone in any case. All cases are independent, all cases have to be presented not to say that it for family reasons that they will be favoured.

In what concerns the prosecution's office, it is an institution which is completely independent, as well as our Organization of Judges who are appointed by the Kingdom, independently.

I want to believe that the people have to rest assured that justice is proceeding as it should", Mr. Zaandam said emphatically.

According to the article, some evaluation will occur over the procedural compliance of Aruban Law Enforcement.

On another Sunday item, Fox News (some blonde) interviewed Jossy Mansur, Arlene Ellis-Schipper and Beth Twitty.

Jossy reported on the status of the Skeeter tapes. The Fox News "blonde" (not saying anything about blondes here, just an identifying characteristic for someone who's name I didn't catch) was unaware that the tapes needed to be sent to Holland for authentication. Jossy did not know that the only authentic forensic laboratory for the Skeeter tapes was the Dutch Forensic Institute (DFI) for litigation purposes, and still believes that the FBI can ascertain the authenticity of the tapes.

Jossy then revealed that Police Chief Dompig has a section of the law with which the authorities can convict the three suspects with sexual assault.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper reported that sexual assault was part of the assessment employed to hold the three suspects; however, the judge deemed whatever the prosecutor had on the three suspects was insufficient to hold the suspects. Arlene insists that more evidence will be required in order to prosecute the three suspects for sexual assault, and then said that the benchmark for the burden of proof in the Netherlands has not been met to prosecute the three suspects (kids).

Beth Twitty then came on with her usual rendition of incompetence, safety concerns, and lack of law enforcement in Aruba. She even answered a question on the aims of Governor Riley's boycott. Talk about old news! Beth said that she does not have a problem with Natalee's classmates being re-interviewed, so long as the FBI is present.

However, Beth feels the Aruban authorities should focus on the three suspects. Beth's mind is still stuck in a groove.

Moving up to today, AGAG has it that "Authorities in Aruba to interrogate Deepak, Satish and Joran again," according to a report on Sunday - Fox.

There was a news report Sunday on FOX, where the channel said that investigators in Aruba are going to interrogate the three suspects in the case of Natalee Holloway, Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe, and Satish Kalpoe, once again.

The reporter also asked the ex-FBI agent what he thinks about the fact that Dompig wants to speak with Natalee Holloway's classmates in the US.

The ex-FBI agent explained that he believes that these kids after all this time could have forgotten certain important details, which wouldn't have been lost if this had happened at the beginning of the case.

However, he said that the he believes the FBI will interview the kids adequately if needed.

I find it unlikely that an ex-FBI agent would say that potential witnesses "... could have forgotten certain important details ...." Clearly, this ex-FBI agent handled something other than criminal investigations.

Also from AGAG, Lampe asks for international investigation on the Holloway case.

RED has requested an independent and international investigation on the entire development in the matter of the disappeared Natalee Holloway. The request was made during the emergency Parliament meeting on the appeal to boycott Aruba.

According to Rudy Lampe, this is the only way to get the Americans to have confidence in the integrity of the OM and the police corps again. That the Americans have doubt is due to the fact that the main suspects in this case were walking around free for 10 days; the public conflict between the Attorney General and the Chief Public Prosecutor; the fact that the Attorney General has prohibited the Chief Public Prosecutor to give statements; the statements of the investigation teams towards the Holloway family. "If you can prove that the level of integrity is high, you don't have to be afraid when a foreign instance investigates this. It can only help you", said Lampe.

And in a "hot" update to the case tonight on Rita Crosby of MSNBC News, if it pans out, she hosted T.J. Ward (PI), Jeff Filger and Wendy Murphy.

T.J. Ward announced s secret investigation that he and some 12 former federal agents familiar with Aruba are conducting. T.J. Ward hints that within a month he will have enough evidence to show that Paulus van der Sloot orchestrated a cover up after Natalee Holloway died accidentally. Ward claims the three suspects are directly involved in the case of Natalee's disappearance. Rita confirms with T.J. Ward that this new information will break this case wide open.

Rita then hosted Jeff Filger and Wendy Murphy. Wendy Murphy, as usual, described the release of Paulus van der Sloot as a show to appease the American public of any notion of a cover-up in Aruba.

Jeff Filger discounted Wendy's nonsense with an appeal to evidence. He harped that we convict on evidence, not on hearsay and mystics like T.J. Ward and his secret investigation. Wendy went ballistic, and called Jeff an idiot. There was more but Wendy become unintelligible. Jeff retorted with questioning Wendy's law credentials. Rita interjected like a Big Time Wrestling referee and ended the discussion.

As I implied when I pointed to this "secret investigation" matter, we'll have to wait to see if any of it pans out to be anything more than the usual cackle and viewer trolling that we're all so accustomed to hearing from the cable folks. Besides, this goes against a lot of what we've come across in our research, and there's also another angle up tonight from Dan Riehl.

And that's because in an even "hotter" update tonight, Dan poses the question, "Is Natalee Holloway Still Alive?".

I've been getting bits of information on this topic for a week or two now. Though really there isn't much to say. However, Beth Twitty is apparently scheduled to be on the Dr. Phil Show on Thursday - possibly discussing a phone call in which she heard Natalee's voice.

Additionally, it is rumored that she will state that she may now believe as Dr. Phil does, that Natalee is still alive. It's unclear how that reconciles with previous statements from Natalee's Mother in which I thought she had accused the three suspects of murder. It's possible this is based on new information.

To date, Ty Ritter(via RWV) and his team have recovered thirty-two kidnap victims from countries all over the world. Over half of the victims were children taken by strangers and sold into sexual slavery.

So while T.J. Ward is working on his secret information, Dan is writing on what is to me, a more credible story of a man specializing in kidnap recovery and kidnap prevention - one that fits our research and numerous previous posts addressing the sex slavery angle. Natalee being buried somewhere on the island, makes no sense, having died of a swimming accident, makes little sense, but having been abducted, follows our line of thinking during the past few months, as evidenced by our posts on the subject.

Yes, Dan's post is both interesting and has merit.

Dan also posted a Sicilian blood-revenge letter from Joe Mammama! I'm not sure if Dan is serious or just making fun of Joe. If Joe talks like that, he is no gangster.

In a quick backtrack, before re-addressing Dan's post on Natalee, the investigative team in Aruba is apparently going to get new faces because of "Very dirty handling of the Holloway case in the prosecution's office." This is a long article that exposes a conspiracy between the Aruban Public Ministry and Dave Holloway against the Aruban investigative tream of Janssen, Dompig and Jacobs. The articles claims that the Public Ministry conspired in the creation of the letter to the Aruban Attorney General requesting the removal of the senior members of the investigative team.


Karen Jansen confronted her colleague Flanegin with this fact and there was no other alternative than to confirm the truth and say or come out with everything and that behind her back, the attorney general gave the ok to speak with Dave Holloway in secret.

On this basis also, on Friday Karen Jansen brought an extensive letter to show her displeasure in and her distrust with her colleague.

In this way also it came out that the whole letter which came from the Twitty Holloway family was orchestrated by the very same people at the head of the Public Ministry and the attorney general who want to remove Karen Jansen and Commissioner Gerold Dompig, along with Dennis Jacobs.

Perhaps the time has come for Karen Jansen to start coming out with things she knows because it is very clear that someone is trying to stab her in the back.

This does not mean that those mentioned in the letter will no longer be there, but it does mean that people will enter the team which the attorney general will officially announce on Tuesday.

We have not heard anything: for some time we have not heard anything about the case of Natalee via official channels. It is sad if the Public Ministry is sending information to the American press but nothing to the local one.

We hope that the public ministry also breaks the silence they have held so that everyone knows the truth or better still how this case is going and in this way everything ends because the real problem is being caused as much as for Aruba as for the public ministry itself where the attorney general is barbarically failing with her working system.

It seems that mild-mannered, All-American Dave Holloway was conspiring against the Aruban investigative team all along. If one wonders why the Aruban investigative team distrusts the Twitty-Holloway camp, we can stop wondering. And, yes, the Diario is correct, this entire conspiracy was underhanded and speaks volumes about integrity of the Twitty-Holloway camp.

Tonight, Greta of Fox News hosted Beth Twitty. Beth started her dribble on the tapes. Beth claimed the Skeeter tapes were authenticated. When asked by Greta, if the FBI authenticated them, Beth essentially referred to Jamie Skeeter for the answer (It did not sound convincing!). Beth uttered that Art Wood told her that Dennis Jacobs, lead investigator, may have deterred the three rape-claiming girls from testifying against Joran van der Sloot.

Greta reviewed the new investigation that will re-interview the suspects and the Mountain Brook kids. Beth said that she does not object to interviews of the Mountain Brook kids, provided the FBI is involved. Interestingly, all Beth wants to know from the gangrapers is: "Is my daughter alive?"

Greta then brought on her council: Williams, Grimm and Hammer. Williams respond to the question about re-interviewing as "Perry Mason would like to re-interview these suspects." Williams feels the case needs new direction; otherwise, it is over.

Grimm was sympathetic with Williams' opinion, but he refused to give up. He felt that re-interviewing the suspects would be useless.

Hammer felt that if the Skeeter tapes are authentic, the re-interview of Natalee's friends could ascertain that she was drunk at C&C. With this information, they could press a sexual assault case against Deepak Kalpoe. He felt that success with that charge may break this case open. Greta quickly discounted the authenticity of the Skeeter tapes. Politely, Greta claimed that Beth was unsure of the authenticity of the Skeeter tapes.

Other than some reference to Alabama senators supporting Beth's efforts in Aruba, there was no mention of the boycott proceeding anywhere.

Greta revealed that civil war is erupting in the Aruban Prosecutor's Office. The Aruban Prosecutor has filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

Greta also interviewed Jossy: Art Wood and Dave Holloway conspired behind Chief Prosecutor Janssen's back. It looks as though our earlier comments on this were right on!

Clearly, the boycott has backfired and embarrassment drips from the jaws of most Alabaman elected officials. Mystics surface to provide wild ideas. Talking heads seems more concerned to hear themselves talk than to provide adequate analysis. Even the Aruban prosecution has commenced devouring itself. Will we ever find Natalee? Our most trusted voices turn out to be engaging in underhanded tactics. Has there been any truth in this case at all?

How ironic it would be if the content in Dan's post on the slave angle turns out to be on the money. As we said earlier, Natalee being buried somewhere on the island - makes no sense, her having died of a swimming accident - makes a little sense, but her having been abducted, follows our line of thinking, and that of several readers during the past few months, again, as evidenced by our posts on the possibility. At least that's the most hopefull scenario, and one that we'd all rather see be true, than one of her demise.

Aloha for tonight.

Update: Dan has an update on his post "Is Natalee Alive." He writes that he's been told but has been unable to corroborate that:

there were two phone calls which came into students cell phones after they left the island to return home. It was my understanding, again, unconfirmed, that they were heard as messages received on the journey home, but placed sometime during the night of Natalee's disappearance.

One call was said to have come into the phone of a male friend of Natalee's. The other was said to have come into the phone of a female student on the trip. I'm not naming them as per a previous agreement with the source of the information. - and more...

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at November 14, 2005 8:34 PM

I hope you address the email, that is said to be from Joe Mannano, that Dan published on his site.

Posted by: Max at November 14, 2005 9:57 PM

Dear Max:

I have read Joe Mammama's letter on Dan's site. Joe was a marine, and I respect marines. He seems quite upset and emotional. I am going to leave it at that. I pray Joe comprehends what he is saying. He is no gangster; however, some real gangsters might take offense to his outcries.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 14, 2005 10:14 PM

Monsieur Harry,

I saw your post, they are going to interrogate the MBK, but I wonder if all of this story , news, TV, the web specially , Is it possible that this could to influence their testimonies?
I was reading some blogs for Natalee, they are still sending prayers and putting yellow ribbons. Maybe the ex-FBI agent that they are influenced by the Twittys, Joe, Riley, Holloway, Greta, Nancy, etc.., because, I bet they will not forget any single detail.
About Joe, long time I had the impression that he is in the business. I even posted that, this look similar to the Sicilian modus operandi.
Unfortunately EVEN thought, J & the K2 left her alive and more than 3 of Natalee classmates saw her, after she was left alone by Joran. Beth wants to hang them and to punish them. I can imagine now, Mr. PVDS, will sue them for forcing his Joran (he was a minor), to have sex with an adult.
À bientôt,

Posted by: antoinette at November 14, 2005 11:35 PM

Mademoiselle Antoinette:

I do not believe that Paulus van der Sloot will be as vindictive as the Twitty-Holloway camp or Joe Mammama. Paulus understands that Beth Twitty is a grieving mother, and he has made reference already to her insensitivity to judicial procedures and Dutch customs. Joe Mammama is a passionate Mediterranean type. Paulus is taking all this media circus in stride. As for the Mountain brook teens, I suspect that they will be truthful. With some 120+ students, anyone lying will be easily discovered when their stories fail to match. Truth is the only avenue when you have 120+ possible witnesses. Not even the most deceitful of criminal minds could control 120+ witnesses in order to maintain the same fabrication. We should know what happened to Natalee, after the Aruban interviewers finish with the Mountain Brook teens.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 15, 2005 2:12 AM

Hmmm. Let me see if I have this straight.

You believe the H-T family is guilty of telling lies, covering up the truth, and profiting from the disappearacne of their daughter. Is that correct?

Why on earth would they want to do that? They just want their child back. They have variously said they think she is alive, they now have to accept the fact she is dead, maybe she is alive after all, etc. Who wouldn't under those circumstances?

Is Dave H "conspiring" against the prosecutor? Why would he? Unless, he is left with no choice after enduring their incompetence, a lack of information, and the indignity of the Aruban slander against his family for the way they are behaving. Is this for real? Anybody who would make such a statement has got to be out of their mind. And that goes for you, "Harry."

I do agree with your opinions about the cable programs; they just flog whatever story is on top for viewers. But that is true of everything that happens, not merely this case. So it doesn't really matter, I just factor it out. You should too, Einstein.

Finally, anyone who believes PVDS was mistreated or is now due some type of damage award is high on Aruban crack.

None of this stuff matters. All that matters is that someone is missing. Whether she was or was not drunk, high, loose, perverted, whatever, is irrelevant. She could have been all of that and more, and she still didn't deserve to disappear into some black hole.

Unfortunately, in hindsight, it now seems clear that the fix was on in this "investigation" from the beginning. And that means we may never know what happened to NH, except that she never made it home.

Posted by: DougG at November 15, 2005 10:38 AM

Harry, have you heard of one "Blogs for Natalee" poster who lives in America, received an e-mail from a friend in Aruba; this friend told him that when Beth was to be meeting with Dompig and Janssen, she was off with Paramount filming around the redlight district. This friend claimed that Beth was paying out large bills to girls in turn for their "confessions" they were working as sex slaves. This was apparently taped by Paramount. Now for the Dr. Phil show some info given before hand shows of someone breaking in somewhere, mention of calls from Natalee, and a new hero on the scene Ty Ritter. I wondered if by chance these deceitful movies/clips made in Aruba may be what Ty may use as to how he breaks in to get victims of slavery, or yet, maybe he will be the mesiah, and finds Natalee. Other, why would they be filming at the red light district and paying for confessions?

Posted by: i.perp at November 15, 2005 12:09 PM

Dear DougG:

We believe what we post. Maybe you mistook us for the cable news networks or some of the Twitty-Holloway people.

I pray you peruse our site. You will find it quite refreshing. As for the black holes to which you refer, you will find them, with advantages, within the contents of prior posts on our blog.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 15, 2005 1:23 PM

I have done little research on that Ty Ritter guy; he appears even more a carricature character than Ward and Wood. :-)

Posted by: George at November 15, 2005 1:26 PM

Dear i.perp:

I did not hear that Beth Twitty missed her appointment with Police Chief Dompig, because she was bribing independent contractors within the red light district. I have heard where a new investigator with experience in sex slave cases has come on scene. As for Paramount Pictures (Howard Koch's old company) filming in Aruba's red light district, I suspect that they may be doing a documentary. Sex slavery is becoming popularized, and they may want to get a jump on the competition.

Hyscience conducted an in-depth research into the sex slave trade: routes, houses, shippers, cost-to-play and more importantly who to go see in Aruba. You will find our research in this area more than revealing.

The caution I would share is that Natalee Holloway, if immersed in the sex trade, might not resemble (except in appearance) the innocent young girl she was on 30 May 2005. We have to question why the sex slave route of discovery was cast aside for so long. If they can smuggle anything else into Aruba, even the independent contractors in the red light district, why has not anyone acknowledged this possibility? Jossy Mansur from a family of master Aruban/Venezuelan smugglers and Clint van Zandt, an alleged FBI investigator, discount the idea completely. Why? I don't. From the beginning, supported by our research, sex slave trade was the most likely possibility.

I encourage you to read our earlier blog rolls on sex slave trade.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 15, 2005 1:48 PM

You BELIEVE what you say and so does that child BELIEVE in Santa Claus. You just do not think or know what you say. How much is Aruba paying you?

Posted by: Patriot at November 15, 2005 1:53 PM

Thanks Harry for answering. I guess that documentary is what DR. Phil will have on Thursday. I have read all of your material Harry; I love your style!
The reason that these people don't want to look at the slave trade responsible for Natalees' disappearance is simple....Risky for health! The slave traders earn BILLIONS yearly. They are going to protect that business with TOP GUNS, and a leak in the system gets plugged by lead, as well as family members. Who wants to mess with that? Much easier to pick on innocent young men! I'm sure Beth is aware of that.

Posted by: i.perp at November 15, 2005 2:06 PM

Dear Patriot:

To the best of my knowledge, you will not find our blog on any list of stipendees from any one of the Twitty-Holloway Trust Fund accounts. Joe Mammama has neglect us, also. But I know, somewhere, there exists a few appreciative of what we write. I pray a warm tropical breeze embraces them.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 15, 2005 5:59 PM

FYIi was in aruba from june 6 to june 11th I heard about nat before i got there ..on my secound day there i heard from a MBK and her mother that nat was with her boyfriend down town and was hiding from her mother ,because her mother was a nut..i also saw thuosands of people (arubans 7 american looking for her.
I was told the story about her being droped at the holiday inn , but within a day i heard jvs left her by the fisherman hut.that is the story i got between the 6th & 11th .. his father said if they find her ok the kids didnt have a problem ( no body no crime))any one including greta would tell thier kid not to open there mouths a teenager surruonded by rednecks is not going to say he fucked there kid on the beach.
I also heard about the tape on the beach, in one day i new it came from the the guy. so did fox and joe s .. i also new jossey was a low life and nat was dancing on bar with men she nerver met sucking drinks from her belly( they have this on film. the soul concert had 7000 soul people on the beach were the wacked out louse chick had to walk pasted to go back and party some more at the HInn. in this country jvs would have asked for a lawyer a got released and nat family would be sued. beth has said many thing that she and the talking head knew were lies. the man who beth said saw them drop a girls body at the dump was known with in hours not to be true ... were is the film from the cascino and c&c ..beth said nat thought she got in a cab Bullshit.. she said the honer student (jvs) had rape other woman ... also people go to a bar drink and have sex, and in alabama also with sheep and thats not rape like mr.g rivera and beth middler stoned on coke ..we also new pvs was know big shot . just a law clerk ..

Posted by: Anthony at November 16, 2005 2:39 PM

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