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November 12, 2005

HarryTho 11/12 Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

Topics: Natalee Holloway

Today being Saturday, our usual "light" day of the week, let's quickly take a look at a few items of interest relating to what we've been covering this week, and then call it a night.

From Aruba GetaGrip via DIARIO(Aruba), comes a pro-Twitty editorial - Natalee, boycott and stupidity!

(...) The Americans feel that, at least in this case, Justice has not been well served. And the effects are being felt far, reaching even in the direction of the Dutch justice system, which in this particular case leaves much to be desired!

(...) What can an insensitive person, combined with some social parasite, who believes that because they can go to the street to hold a demonstration, the American television media will run and hide from them? In a democratic country such as the U.S., no medium will let itself be threatened by the government in charge, because of a handful of shouters outside!

(...) The negative reception which welcomed Beth by the little group protesting during her last trip to Aruba ended up adding fuel to the fire.

(...) How can I be in favour of any type of boycott against Aruba? Everyone who knows me knows that this isn't possible; additionally, I went on an interview last week on NBC on this topic, and I explained that a boycott against Aruba is unfair and unproductive.

(...) Finally, what the Dutch Ambassador has to do is go to the State Department and explain to them that the justice system in Aruba is the Dutch one, that the judges are appointed in Holland and are also Dutch, that the prosecutor in charge of the case is Dutch, that the investigator in charge when the case began is Dutch, that the five judges who dealt with the case are Dutch and that the principal suspect is Dutch. is logical to conclude that Holland can help to clear up many things, given that Aruba's hands are tied, especially when you consider the nationality of the most important authorities related to the case.

The Diario contends in this article that the boycott is a result of street protesters confronting the American media over the actions of Beth Twitty. Additionally, the article blames the nationality of the suspects for recent international diplomatic interchange. This is a pro-Twitty-Holloway camp article, written by one their diehard and over-enthusiastic supporters.

And from Amigoe via Arub Getagrip, we see the Arubans putting putting the Dutch a bit on the spot:

The Lower House party of the CDA, D66, and the Labour Party, and the Aruban Parliament have asked Foreign Affairs-minister Ben Bot (CDA) to request the American authorities to speak out against the boycott. American tourists not coming to Aruba will be catastrophic for the economy.

They ask Bot to say that he is not pleased with the call for a boycott or explain to us why he will not do that. Parliament-chairman Mervin Ras (MEP) emphasized that Riley's condition to replace specific persons in the investigation team is an invasion on the sovereignty of the Realm. The House-committee for Antillean and Aruban Affairs will discuss the case today.

As you can see, Aruba is putting Dutch Foreign Affairs on the spot. These words imply a request for more than a denouncement of the boycott from the USA.

Reader "Bryan" sends us another anti-boycott editorial, and it's from an interesting source - the only newspaper in Birmingham, and it comes out against boycott.

See "The Birmingham News" editorial, entitled "Rethinking The Boycott."

From The Bushy Haired Stranger, we have the question, "Why Does Beth keep saying she didn't meet the Aruban Prosecutor? This was posted by "TBHS_Addict."

The talking heads are getting scared that they can be held liable for the boycott. I guess they thought the Dutch government would roll over and play dead.
I don't think the talking heads know alot about international politics. The Netherlands are an aly to the US but are too tiny to be in the spotlights. The bond between the governments of the US and The Netherlands (and Israel) is very strong and has a long history. On the request of the US the Dutch are present in Afghanistan, first only on peace mission (like in Iraq) but now in an active role chasing terrorists. President Bush supported and pushed a Dutch politician (Jaap de Hoop Scheffer) to become head of Navo (in January 2004). De Hoop Scheffer is part of the same political party (CDA, a Christian democratic party) as our PM is.

US culture and politics are very present in our country and have been for a long time. At some point the Dutch are trend followers of US culture (movies, soaps, sex & the city, music, fitness hype, Oprah, dr. Phil, Jerry Springer (!) you name is all watched, listened to and copied). There are US military bases in The Netherlands and we are still greatfull for the resque from Hitler (we still have parades for those US, Canadian, English and Polish soldiers). The graves (in Margraten) of every individual US soldier that lost his life in WWII in The Netherlands are up to this day adopted and taken care of by Dutch families to give their relatives the peace of mind that (even when their names are unknown) their bodies have a home.

Maybe the talking heads and the Governor of Alabama should do a little more research ...

Next, our friend, "Researcher" has been busy researching again, and sends in what he describes as the first article that he has found that "really" talks about the chaperones:
Trip Organizer: 'Chaperones Should Not Be Blamed For Disappearance'

Jodi Bearman, who organized the trip for 136 Mountain Brook, Ala., high school graduates, spoke out in defense of the seven chaperones that went with the graduates on the trip to Aruba.

She said that they should not be blamed for Holloway's disappearance.

"They (the students) sign a waiver, and it basically makes sure it's clear to them that they are responsible for themselves. Chaperones assist in emergencies, but by no means are liable if an accident should happen or anything like that," Bearman said.

According to Bearman, the students are expected to act as adults and the chaperones are not required to baby-sit the students.

"The chaperones intentionally go out at night, and try to go to the places and check on the kids, but by no means are there specific instructions to do so," said Bearman.

Bearman said that going on this trip is an individual choice made by the students who want to celebrate graduating high school and that it is not a school-sponsored event. She also said this is the third year for this trip and that the last two years were a success.

Although the students are expected to be responsible for themselves, Bearman said she knew that this being their first venture out after high school, chaperones would be needed to supervise. However, she said they fulfilled their duties and that if anyone had seen Holloway get into a car, then the chaperone would have said something.

"Everyone was getting cabs and leaving, and it's actually a busy club. When you're looking to get your cab, you may or may not notice where the next person went," Bearman said. "I can assure you, if a chaperone saw her getting into a car, there is no way she would have gotten into the car."

Chaperones of the trip to Aruba spoke with Holloway's parents Monday night via a conference call. Bearman said the reason for the call was to make it clear to the chaperones that the family did not hold them responsible for Holloway's disappearance. - Source.

And as we've touched on before, the Beth and the prosecutor story seems to always have yet another wrinkle (via TBHS):
Right now I'm wondering who "Carol" is, the friend who accompanied her and who actually went inside with her. It's my suspicion that Carol might very well be an FBI agent sent along to make sure Beth actually went to the meeting, and to make sure the FBI had an accurate record of what was discussed at the meeting. She also could be that Carol who was following Beth around and calling for a boycott as early as Sept, although I'm not sure why ALE would allow her into the meeting yet prevent Beth's brother Paul Reynolds from attending (speaking of him, why was he on this trip?) - RstJ
Given Beth Twitty's reluctance to cooperate with the Aruban authorities and Secretary of State Rice's visit to Beth's home in Mountain Brook, I would suspect that either an FBI agent of a State Department officer accompanied Beth Twitty to Aruba in order to insure her compliance with the directives of the Aruban authorities.

And in yet another item relating to, (TBHS)"Why Does Beth keep saying she didn't meet the Aruban Prosecutor," we go off a bit on a tangent, but nonetheless an interesting possible scenario.

In response to one of the E mails, Greta expresses the reason she is concerned that the Aruban officials are not giving all the information they have to the Twitty's.

I thought from the start it was made clear to the Twitty's and these "Lawyers" (Greta and Grace), that giving out evidence risks that the evidence be ruled inadmissable in the trial. The information (that) they have given (to) the family has been distorted by Beth and Jug, and (also) the media, (so) that the prosecutors are just looking at the floor muttering and mumbling in disbelief about this bunch.

It was mentioned early on that a case can be made for murder without a body, but that there has to be facts about it (which I would assume is EVIDENCE beyond circumstantial BS).

I've been partying at 17 and 18 and 21 in the wee hours of the morning with and without drugs/alcohol like Joran and the Kalpoes, with finals the next day or work to go to and am reasonably intelligent and there is no way that I could make a body disappear leaving no evidence. "Perfect crimes" rarely exist with all these advances in forensic evidence (that is actually another controversy as the labs used by our law enforcement really have no licenses or credible accountability, which seems to be why the Dutch have centralized the process to ONE lab in the Hague).

Sure, disposal at sea would be logical but then why no forensics in the various boats and no witnesses? Run(ing) away is also a way to leave without leaving your dead body behind, as well as drunken swimming and getting into a current(with your clothes on, jeez I think ive done drunken swimming with my clothes on but not very often hahah).

I still like the romance novel scenario. She doesn't like the pretentious snobbery of her new family and the peer group she is forced into with the fake dancing she is forced to do, the long hours of study forced by a control freak mother and step father, she meets a really nice guy on the island or via the internet who has some or a lot of money and is kicking around the Carribean on his boat.

They have lunch, exchange some phone calls on the rental phone or one that he gave her. Natalee leaves her passport her phone, her camera to put the focus on searching for her on Aruba. She gives her "friends" the perfect slip at Carlos and Charlies by leaving with the Kalpoes and Joran she snuggles a bit and commisurates a bit with Joran about what she is leaving behind, and he leaves her at the beach.

Her "fella" is there in the shadows with his little inflatable yacht tender, he switches on the 72 pound thrust electric and silent trolling motor and silently make their way to his boat. Loading the little inflatable aboard, he starts the little quiet "kicker" outboard while Natalee hoists up the anchor and out into the current toward Panama. Hoist the sails girl you are free at last, free at last! - John NM

I do sometimes wonder if her friends suspect something and that's why they don't seem that upset. If Natalee did badmouth her family they might think that she just took off and are covering for her. With the typical blase attitude of teens they might just find all this fuss amusing and have little concern for the suffering of those involved. Certainly there's a lot of backside kicking to be done if it was true. - Emily

Next, from a reader via "G"(haven't been told OK to use name)yet, originally from TBHS, is "Did the Twittys create a false "Natalee's room?"

In late June, Beth invited Greta to tour Natalee's room at the Holiday Inn. She said that it had Natalee's things just like she left it. All the bags were packed and in Beth's words, "...she was ready to come home." In the room were her packed bags, passport and her wallet, still containing the crisp 150, one dollar bills, which Jug had provided her. Plus, there was her medication, oddly, not in the bags, but on a side table in prominent view. Greta did a special televised tour of the room.

Here is what Greta wrote after that tour, Quote:

Could someone have followed her to her room? (It was a first floor hotel room with sliding glass doors to the beach, which could be dangerous for a young woman even with roommates.)
In my mind, I have confirmed that Natalee never got back to her hotel room on May 30 -- so no intruder (like the Elizabeth Smart (search) case) nabbed her.
I confirmed it for myself by taking a hotel room tour with her mother (pictures attached and we showed the video last night.) In the hotel room was a bed that had not been slept in -- so I assume she did not return home and then go out again after her time with Joran. (Of course I also assume the info I was told that the bed was not slept in and then made by a housekeeper is true.) The fact that her passport was left in the room also suggests to me that she intended to return -- in other words, this was not a runaway situation. The same can be said for the presence in her hotel room of her wallet with money. This also rules out for me a hotel room intrusion/robbery since the money and wallet were there. The only thing missing besides Natalee was her driver's license. I assume she took her license to prove age at the club she went to and where she met Joran for the second time that night.
Here are what some internet posters said about that televised tour:

A Courttv poster nicknamed murdershewrote posted this:

I thought it was interesting to see Natalee's hotel room (Mom & step dad are staying there). It's on the first floor, which I didn't expect for some reason, but there was sliding glass door which Greta opened and commented that you can get to the beach from there. Natalee was sharing with 3 other girls with two beds in the room.

Anyway, I thought the part where Beth showed Natalee's wallet was most interesting. She said they (the parents) gave Natalee a bunch of ones to give out for tips, etc. which apparently were still in her wallet; she confirmed that Natalee had no credit card.

This makes no sense to me....why on her last day on the island would she still have all those one dollar bills in her wallet (there were a stack)?

Then, a poster, Bobbie46, posted this:
Did anyone here see Greta's show awhile back where they filmed Natalee's room? Beth allowed Greta to film it and I was very shocked as it was not at all what I expected to see (for some reason). This was the room on the 1st floor with the glass sliding door going outside....

First of all, the room was way smaller than I ever imagined it being. It had 2 single beds and Beth said that Nat's bed was the one nearest the bathroom.

The "bags" she had left packed? Well, they filmed them also and they consisted of:
1 med-lg cloth bag with 2 handles (a beach bag?)
1 smaller bag; the same; and
1 small bag or possibly wallet (Camera wasn't on them for long)

I think there may have also been a hat of some kind as well. At this point, Greta asked Beth, "What about a suitc..." (she stopped and rephrased)..."I would think there would be at least one suitcase". At which, Beth said, "I don't know anything about that Greta; I only know my daughter was packed and ready to come home".

Two thoughts came to my mind (actually more, but...) 1) did 4 people (editing note: reports were actually that Natalee and 2 roommates shared a room not 4) sleep in this tiny, cramped room? and, 2) doesn't her mother know what she packed or how many bags/suitcases she had?

From comments on Bushyhaired stranger:

Whatever kind of medicine it was, it should have been in Natalee's suitcase, along with everything else her roommates packed. The bottle that everyone is referring to was on the nightstand while Beth was occupying the room. For some reason, it seems that they wanted that bottle seen in that interview. - Hannah

Yes, but what was the reason? To prove that she couldn't have been a runaway because she left her meds behind? - lucinda

I thought all of Nats' stuff was packed up and ready to go? Why put the pills back on the nightstand? - letsbefair

On courttv board - poster geminilee said (talking about Beth showing all the cash, all the 150 crisp dollar bills, still in her wallet):
I really got the impression that Beth was proving the theory that she ran away as being wrong and pointing out the fact that if someone was running away they would take every penny with them.
Now, look at this quote from People magazine article:
"Natalee's room was 7114, ground floor w/ sliding glass doors opening up onto the sand, in the room the lamp was still turned on, Beth has not turned it off since, she says "Because that's what parents do, leave the light on for your children." (no online link)
Why her passport was there was never explained, but it was strange, since the chaparones were the keepers of the passports (probably until flight boarding time)

Alana Joran described the role of the chaparones concerning passports:

Alana Jordan: (talking about the chaparones) The only two reasons they were there is, one, in case of a medical emergency, and two, to distribute passports ... to make sure we didn't lose them.
So Greta bought it hook, line and sinker that this was Natalee's room, that this is where Natalee slept with her two other roommates.

The People Magazine writer got a similar tour, complete with the lamp that was left on for Natalee. Both, Greta and the People magazine writer saw the sliding glass door that opened onto the sand of the beach and some vegetation. Greta even theorized that if the DNA on that toothbrush was Joran's that would clear him, because it would show she had come back to the hotel, and she speculated that she could have come back through those sliding glass doors. Greta and the People magazine writer were not suspicious that this room wasn't really Natalee's. They just accepted Beth's telling of the story that it was Natalee's room at a face value.

But, several of those internet posters found the scene to be quite troubling. I thought it very interesting that most thought that Beth was trying to present a proof of something, that some thought Beth was trying to demonstrate that Natalee could not have been a runaway and one was surprised at the size of the room and how little luggage she had for the one week trip. Lots of suspicion there that something wasn't right.

But, suppose that we had testimony, which would indicate that room 7114 was merely a charade and not Natalee's room at all? Suppose everything there had been set up as props? Suppose the medicine (which wasn't turned over to the police and oddly not identified by Beth) had been displayed on the nightstand, the wallet filled with new cash and the passport secured from the chaparone and placed into the luggage which may have been missing a piece?

Consider this online exchange by Alana Jordan (friend and trip mate):

Alana Jordan: (responding to this comment, "Her room was on the beach with a door that opened to the sand... maybe she was abducted on her way back to the Holiday Inn?") That's not true... her room was by mine... You have to go through the hotel to get to it.

Alana Jordan: (responding to, "Someone saw Beth on TV in her/Nat's room and they saw the door with it was posted that you could get to the room from the beach. Not true?") Nope, you have to go through the hotel, either through the front entrance (inside) or through the hotel/ outdoor restaurant part. Then you walk over a little bridge to the building we stayed in.

What do we take from that statement that bears significance? Here it is: Alana Jordan says, "That's not true."

Alana, pointblank, in response to the description of the scene shown in the Greta televised tour, absolutely, in "crystal clear" language said that such a representation was a falsehood.

If Alana is credible, and if you read her online comments, I think you will come to a realization that she is a very believable witness, then what Greta and the People magazine writer were shown was a snow job, a ruse, a deception. It would make sense why the Mountain Brook students would be wanted to keep silent. There may, of course, be an explanation to this. It would be interesting to hear it. However, if that room which, "opened to the beach" is shown to be a fabricated and contrived scenario, then this case may turn a different direction.

I have responded in the comment section of the post on this matter. What all this implies (only suggests, doesn't prove), in some detail, is that Beth Twitty scripted her daughter's room at the Holiday Inn for the benefit of Fox News. When this link is coupled with our hoodwink scenario, deception surfaces in which Beth Twitty may be using her daughter's disappearance for the benefit of amassing a cache of trust fund moneys. Truly, I have to question the need to script a room for Fox News propaganda, if the intent is to located a missing person. Why would someone misdirect the investigation by scripting some of the evidence? - End Item

Later tonight, John Kasich of Fox News interviewed Steve French of Alabama, Ruben Trapenberg of Aruba and Beth Twitty.

John Kasich hammered out words like "jerked around" to describe the Twitty-Holloway family's plight in Aruba.

Steve French said that the Alabama legislature will formalize a boycott against Aruba in January 2006. All Alabama is trying to do is to bring focus to the investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance. Steve believes that there exists a safety problem in Aruba for all Americans.

Ruben Trapenberg said that he feels the boycott is an improper action in order to find Natalee Holloway. He is not surprised though, that the Twitty-Holloway group went ballistic and pushed for a boycott. Ruben felt that there existed some communication problem between the Aruban authorities and the family; however, a boycott was too much.

Steve French retorted with the Aruban people elect their officials, and that they should be held liable for their choices. He went on to state that even if we do not find Natalee, we will find other girls or prevent other American girls from going missing without an investigation.

Ruben tried to correct some of Steve French's comments, but John Kasich just cut him off.

Beth Twitty then came on with her routine of gangrape, safety concerns and incompetence.

Fox News should play a default tape. John Kasich and Beth lamented finding out about the Dutch control of the investigation just a few days ago. Of course, this alleged revelation is nonsense. Beth did not give a positive response about Paulus van der Sloot suing the Aruban government, after being released from the case. Beth felt that it was too late for Natalee, but maybe they can save some other girl from the incompetence of the Aruban authorities.

John Kasich continued the interview with allusions to adamant support for the boycott.

So we've revisited the "disappearance" aspect a bit, and see that we have nothing concrete, along with what appears to be an obvious set of "inconsistencies on the part of Beth. Nothing here holds up or "points," alone, but our eyes and ears 'noses' are telling us that there's a pattern of inconsistency amongst all the data, things continue to not add up, and at this stage of the mystery of Natalee's disappearance, that shouldn't be the case, should it?

Posted for HarryTho

Posted by Richard at November 12, 2005 10:26 PM

I hate to go to be without getting my HarryTho fix. However, it is becoming harder and harder to access this site.

Posted by: Max at November 13, 2005 3:50 AM

"Steve French said that the Alabama legislature will formalize a boycott against Aruba in January 2006. All Alabama is trying to do is to bring focus to the investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance. Steve believes that there exists a safety problem in Aruba for all Americans."

This reads like rear guard action. Alabama could be abandoning their boycott. The reference to a "formal" boycott being approved by the Alabama legislature in January 2006 implies that Governor Riley's earlier pronouncement was merely a photo-opportunity. As I recall, the Alabama legislature already approved a boycott a few months ago. This statement by Steve French of Alabama seems designed to elude the liability of taxpayers of the state of Alabama for the secondary boycott initiated by Governor Riley's staff. Governor Riley is falling on his sword.

Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 13, 2005 4:44 AM

Here is a June 29 article from COX News Service that references a Carol Standifer. Beth did say on this trip that Carol was a teacher friend, so this lady meets the description since it states that Carol hired Beth.

"We were stunned the first week," said Carol Standifer, who worked with Twitty at home and has spent several weeks in Aruba helping the family. "It was just surreal."

Holloway has remained remarkably balanced in the midst of her family's crisis and the media storm, even though friends say that like other typical Americans, there was no way she could have prepared for it or even imagined what it would be like.

"We had no plan for dealing with it," Standifer said. "Beth has just been herself, determined to find Natalee, to find an answer."

In the first weeks after Natalee's disappearance, a public relations specialist who works for the Aruban tourism office helped the family manage the media onslaught, a role that has since been taken up by family friends who carry several cell phones that ring constantly with requests for television appearances.

"Nobody advised her on how to deal with it," Standifer said. "But it's just the way Beth is. She has a sense of integrity about her. It's been easy for her to deal with because she tells the truth and is determined to find an answer."

Twitty grew up in Pine Bluff, Ark., and met her first husband, Dave Holloway, after college, family members said. The couple had two children, Natalee and Matt, 16. They eventually divorced and Twitty lived in Mississippi for several years.

In the late 1990s she married George "Jug" Twitty, who works for a metals company in the Birmingham area. She moved to Mountain Brook, a Birmingham suburb, and continued her career working with young children as a speech pathologist in the public schools, where she was hired by Standifer.

"I knew she was strong and smart," Standifer said. "That's why I hired her. But I've been surprised at how determined and strong she is."

Twitty and her daughter were extremely close – "buddies" – in Standifer's words. Natalee was sometimes called "Hootie" by friends, and Twitty at times took the moniker, "Big Hootie."

"Beth took the summer off to help Natalee get ready to go to college," Standifer said. "She was an honors student and got a full scholarship to the University of Alabama."
Natalee came to Aruba with more than 120 other freshly-minted graduates of Mountain Brook High School on a chaperoned trip. The upscale island is known for its gorgeous beaches, steady trade winds and relaxed atmosphere. It has a miniscule crime rate that is the envy of most other Caribbean islands.

Posted by: pathenry at November 13, 2005 5:22 AM

Dear pathenry:

Thank you for the clarification article on Beth Twitty's recent, traveling partner to Aruba.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 13, 2005 2:43 PM

"The students took a commercial flight, while the chaperones arrived on a private jet, said airport ground handler Albert Groeneveld."

Posted by: George at November 13, 2005 3:38 PM

about the commemnt that Beth made that she felt that it was too late for Natalee, but maybe they can save other girls from the incompetence of the Aruba authorities ,you know Harry this is all messed up ,its all wrong ....
Does this sound like Beth is sitting herself up for a job (paying her alot of money )concerning missing girls , playing the role of an consultant ? my god i hope not,but that comment seems to go in that direction
thanks Harry

Posted by: candy at November 14, 2005 1:55 PM

Dear candy:

When you read our post this evening, you will see where we are with this boycott. I believe Beth Twitty is just making the best of a bad situation. Clearly, with or without Beth's aspirations, the public may well adopt her as a spokesperson for missing children.

With Aloha,


Posted by: harry Author Profile Page at November 14, 2005 2:30 PM

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